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Thread: [SOLVED] Problems with ZimbraServer code in Subversion repository

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    Default [SOLVED] Problems with ZimbraServer code in Subversion repository


    I have been trying to check out the Zimbra code from the subversion repository (, because I would like to work on some extensions to the Zimbra code and noticed that I cannot compile the module ZimbraServer.

    I am using Eclipse and Java 1.6. And then I have checked out the projects ZimbraCommon and also ZimbraIM. The first project I could compile inside Eclipse and the second one two with some basic code modifications. Then I checked out also the ZimbraServer project and here I get lots of errors.

    Some of them are pretty obvious to me from the point of view of Java coding, like in class
    , where we have the constructor code:

    ImapLSubOperation(ImapSession session, OperationContext oc, Mailbox mbox, String pattern, boolean children) {
            super(session, oc, mbox, Requester.IMAP, Requester.IMAP.getPriority(), LOAD);
            mPattern = pattern;
            mCredentials = creds;
            mOutputChildInfo = children;
    The problem with this here is that
    is not declared.

    All in all I get 355 errors, but the library and project dependencies seem to be OK.

    Now my question is: am I doing something completely wrong ? Is this for external developers the wrong way to go - I mean - to access and try to build some extensions on the basis of this code?

    I would appreciate very much any help concerning this, because all in all I find Zimbra a very good product and would like to extend it.

    Kind regards,


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    don't use the sourceforge code, it's ancient. i do wish they would mark it as ancient/notobeused given the frequency of this response.

    download source tarballs from

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    Default Thank you - good to know

    Thank you - good to know



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