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Thread: Info required Regarding Content Servlet

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    Default Info required Regarding Content Servlet

    HI All,

    i am evaluating zimbra feature send mail with attachment.while uploading attachment FileUploadServlet called.and for downloading a attachment as per zimbra soap.txt file /service/content/get?id={message-id}[&fmt={fmt-type}][&part={part-name}][&subId={subId}
    URL is invoked.which will invoke ContentServlet.but when i tried to download attachment URL
    is invoked which is mapped with userservlet.
    i counld not found use case where ContentServlet is invoked.When the ContentServlet is invoked and what is it's utility ?

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    The ContentServlet is in the process of being deprecated. The only piece of functionality in ContentServlet but not UserServlet that I can think of is the ability to fetch a remote FileUpload.

    Unless you're doing this, please use UserServlet instead.
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