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Thread: Compatibility of Open Source Web Mail Client and Professional Edition Mail Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kant Krishna Bansal View Post
    Dear Moderator
    1. We have a plan to use the Zimbra Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks facility and add some additional custom functions like User Management, Financial Accounting, System Administration etc. and make our custom web based Application.
    2. We wish to change the Skin to include a header part on all screens with our logo, name and logo of our client who logs in.
    3. We wish to add certain data items to the appointments screen to add a pop-up page to add information that can be used by our application.
    4. We wish to add many extra data items to the Contacts screen.
    5. We would like to store the additional data for each client in a separate MySQL database and should be able to link it with the Zimbra’s data.
    6. The Security requirements for emails are such that every email account will have two Users. One will have full rights. The other user can view a specified folder.
    7. Our clients would like to use Outlook and Mobile Sync facility.

    1. Okay. You can add additional functionality using Zimlets.
    2. Skins are customizable. The Zimbra folks have been working on a rewrite for 5.0.
    3. Possible via Zimlets and Dwt.
    4. Also possible via Zimlets and Dwt.
    5. A Custom JSP makes this possible.
    6. You can cross mount folders with permission restrictions in Zimbra.
    7. That's a different system altogether. You would have to write a seperate applciation for that.

    For 1,3,4,5, you don't need to rewrite anything, you can just add functionality to existing dialog boxes. 2 should be possible. The only one that looks really scary is number 7.

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    6. /blog/archives/2007/08/shared_folders.html
    7. Some are working on FOSS MobileSync: /forums/zimbra-mobile/8924-zimbra-funambol-sync4j-code.html
    -But ya just go Network Edition, as that's ^ not gonna be done anytime soon and you also want an outlook connector
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    Hi Bill

    Are you telling that the Network edition has an Open Source Part and we can modify that part?

    KK Bansal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kant Krishna Bansal View Post
    Are you telling that the Network edition has an Open Source Part and we can modify that part?
    Yes, of course it has. As I've already said, it's the same parts as the Open Source version of Zimbra. There are a few proprietary components that you may not modify.


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