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Thread: [SOLVED] iCal + shared calendar (internal)

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    Default [SOLVED] iCal + shared calendar (internal)


    Our company need to use shared calendars, but we can't sync it with iCal... it is no problem to sync PUBLIC shared calendar but we have problems with:
    "Internal users or groups" and "External guests (view only)" how this calendars add to iCal? what url use...

    user1 share calendar busy (for internal users only), so what should user2 to do to see this calendar in iCal

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    There's probably a better way, but I know that one works.

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    OK, thanks, I try many different combinations but I always use that was incorrect I should use only user=username

    For those who want to use iCal with shared calendars:
    user1 - Your user name (person who add shared calendar)
    password - Your password - domain name plus path to your company calendars
    user2 - person who create shared calendar
    calendar_name.ics - calendar name

    For me second problem was to add https path to iCal...
    If You want to do that, you must prepare a file on your mac.
    ~/Sites/somefile.php (with this inside)
    <?php readfile(""); ?>
    next You open iCal -> Subscribe and you add
    this should works

    once more, if you want use https with this php file you should start web server (on your mac) and you should install php (if you don't know how to, easiest way is to download this package and install)

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    Post No https

    Just wanted to point out that on our server here I didn't need to use https:// to get to the file. And totally avoided having to create the php file. I'm not exactly sure why, but it worked. Quite a lot of work for the typical end user. I'm going to have to streamline that. Or wait for the beta connector. Is there anyway to get a copy of it?

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    Default Connect Zimbra iCal without password ?


    Zimbra user1 need to connect Zimbra user2 calendar with iCal.
    I can't user "Mount a shared calendar" function, because I ma not able to tell that shared calendar is "busy" for user1. So I have to use iCal function as a workaround.
    (Unless someone know how I can connect a shared calendar and specify it as busy, but I read it is not possible).

    So :
    - user2 share "calendar_name" to user1
    - user1 can connect this calendar with iCal URL :
    => That is OK.

    My question : Is there a way not to use password in iCal URL, as user1 is already connected with its username/password ?
    (I d'ont want to share the calendar to all public, but only to some users)

    I read this in Zimbra Wiki :
    "If you are linking your Zimbra calendar to a remote Zimbra calendar where the users share the same LDAP server, you can simply share to their email address, and it should work."

    => Is it possible for "iCal connection" or only for "mount shared calendar" function ?
    If possible with iCal, which URL should I use ?

    I tried these one, but it doesn't work :

    [edit]Oupss !! I just saw I am not in right forum. My question is not related to Apple iSync ![/edit]
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