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Thread: Adding external (Google) calendar via Caldav

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    Default Adding external (Google) calendar via Caldav

    hi All,

    I don't find any documentation on this. What settings should be used?

    According to this Mozzila blog post it's been changed recently, but I don't have much luck with it.

    Google is changing the Location URL of their CalDAV Calendars | Mozilla Calendar Project Blog

    Any idea much appreciated!

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    I'm able to read (just read) my GoogleCal in ZWC using the _private_ ICAL URL provided in Google Calendar -> Calendar Settings
    It's something like

    Is there a way to get bidirectional synchronization with GoogleCal in ZWC? I know it is a long time requested feature... any news about it?
    Once there was an easy to use "Add Google Calendar" option in ZWC, removed because of
    It is supposed (see ) that the optin will come back in next releases of Zimbra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giulia Bimbi View Post
    It is supposed (see ) that the optin will come back in next releases of Zimbra.
    The target for that bug is the next but one (major) release according to the bug report.


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