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Thread: Zimbra 7.2.1 carddav + mac 10.8 mountain lion contacts

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    Angry Zimbra 7.2.1 carddav + mac 10.8 mountain lion contacts

    I recently updated my server to 7.2.1, and it looks like calendar seems to be working for me without having to perform contortions.

    I am also able to add the carddav account, but when I open up Contacts and try to sync, I get "Some server contacts could not be copied to this address book.". If I look at the console logs, I see a multitude of:

    2012-12-11 2:59:43.706 PM Contacts[21435]: [CardDAVPlugin-ERROR] CardInfoFromVCardData(): Ignored vCard /dav/MY_ACCOUNT/Contacts/ because vCard is empty
    2012-12-11 2:59:43.707 PM Contacts[21435]: [CardDAVPlugin-ERROR] -_handleAddsOrModifies: could not parse vCard in /dav/MY_ACCOUNT/Contacts/

    Has anyone run into this before? I don't know where to even begin with this.

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    Yupp, same here. Happened exactly the moment I upgraded to 10.8 "Mountain Lion".

    Working fine:
    OSX 10.7 <-> Zimbra 6.x
    OSX 10.7 <-> Zimbra 7.2.1

    Throwing exceptions:
    OSX 10.8 <-> Zimbra 6.x
    OSX 10.8 <-> Zimbra 7.2.1
    (imports 329 of 394 cards, then runs into trouble)

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