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Thread: After Lion upgrade the address book is loosing Phone Numbers

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    Angry After Lion upgrade the address book is loosing Phone Numbers

    i noticed that now i have some address book entries without any phone numbers which where available before and unassigned phone numbers in my recent calls tab on my iPhone :-(
    this also includes email addresses i suspect :-(

    ideas anyone?
    beside immediately disabling address book sync?

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    same problem without Lion.
    My account is fine which I'm using since almost a year. (OS X 10.6.8 + iPhone 4)
    But added a new account on a different machine with OS X 10.6.8 + iPhone 3GS, contacts are all ok and after a couple of days phone numbers start disappearing and all other contact details as well. The contacts remain in the addressbook.

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    I would check to see if there are any duplicate contacts in the affected account.

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    I had the same problem.. Really scary bug! Now downgraded to Snow Leopard and hoping for a better world

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