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Thread: using iCal for calendar, thunderbird for mail -- invite problems

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    Default using iCal for calendar, thunderbird for mail -- invite problems

    I can reproduce this on two machines - basically I'm not able to invite anyone via iCal when I'm using Thunderbird for mail.

    Here's what I've tried:

    I configured to use Thunderbird as the default mail client (Mail > Preferences > General > Default email reader (Thunderbird

    After that, I head into iCal, create the event, and add my attendee.

    I've also tried checking my iCal settings, the most relevant one I see is unchecked:
    iCal > Preferences > Advanced > Automatically retrieve invitations from Mail will iCal only work 100% with mac Mail? I'd hate to have to tell our Thunderbird users to "downgrade"

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    I seem to have come across a way to substitute Entourage for Mail, but I don't think I've been able to dig up the link to see if it would work with Thunderbird. I did find ZappTek :: iCal e-mail Notifications but that will not work for Thunderbird unless/until T-bird includes AppleScript support.

    However if you're willing to use Lightning or Thunderbird 3, that might do the trick.

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