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Thread: iSync multiple addressbook update issue

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    Default iSync multiple addressbook update issue

    So I've got a bunch of shared addressbooks from one account out to many people. Let's say I've got 3 addressbooks, 1 of mine, and 2 shared. Let's say I want to add a contact to shared addressbook #2. How? It looks like the iSync connector syncs many to one, but you can't really go back to a specific one unless it's already there? Sort of forces you to use the web client for anything more than basic updating. Thoughts?


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    Was this resolved? I am experiencing something similar.

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    I'm pretty sure this is just the way it works. This is what the guide says:

    When new contacts are added to the Apple Address Book and synced back to the Zimbra server, the new contacts are added to the Zimbra Contacts address book.

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