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  1. Zimbra... Is there a plan to clean front end code?
  2. New Git repo zimbra-foss
  3. get color tags in API json
  4. Zimbra Webmail
  5. Zimbra NSF Migration Tool Source Code ?
  6. How to set auth token in header of soap message from wsdl generated java classes
  7. Asterix Integration
  8. how to use zmprov command from php ?
  9. Customize contact picker
  10. How to autentificate Zimbra user from C++ and get some user info?
  11. Zimbra Soap API SendMsgRequest with Attachment
  12. Any plans to integrate ZMPKG?
  13. SOAP request results in 'no valid authtoken present'
  14. zimlets on 8.5 touch client?
  15. zimbraCustomAuth
  16. Mod_Security successfully integrated within nginx zcs-8.0.7
  17. Zimbra API locations
  18. How to set auto-reply message using API
  19. Cliente java for API SOAP zimbra
  20. Implications Zimbra using CPAL-1.0 for web interface
  21. unable to load sources from GIT
  22. Is there a way to create domain administrator from soap ?
  23. Zimbra integrated with Java application
  24. REST method to load a location resource
  25. Zimbra 8.0.7 Soap api problem
  26. Zimbra Admin function
  27. Forum for Sitecore 7.*
  28. Zimbra SOAP Search Emails by Flag/Tags
  29. Integration with Angular.js via REST API
  30. Zimbra 7 compile error on CentOS
  31. Zimbra Windows 7 And Server 2003 hack protection + Encryption Services
  32. HOW TO make a DwtListView with header
  33. Open local eml files with Zimbra
  34. wsdl files change between version 8.0.6 - 8.0.7
  35. problem: adding my own taglib
  36. Build Zimbra: ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)
  37. Custom authentication, for freeRADIUS
  38. Modifyng tinymce to enable html code editing in signature
  39. Java program to connect mysql using socket=/opt/zimbra/db/mysql.sock
  40. Strange git repo
  41. Reply to an appointment invitation
  42. Rescheduling via REST -- what METHOD?
  43. Chrome in Zimbra 8 not repositioning on resize
  44. Authenticated users with zimbra server
  45. Create soap admin extension
  46. SendInviteReply not causing Event Status to be updated
  47. How to build 8.0.6 and Ironmaiden (8.0.7) in Ubuntu 12.04
  48. Get Date From ZmMailMsg
  49. Zimbra public code access now available
  50. Sending automatic abuse complaints
  51. Re-write Zimbra web front?
  52. How to open zimbra mail composer from external appliaction with attachments
  53. JavaDocs for Zimbra API
  54. SOAP: ModifyAppointmentRequest and rev/ms attributes
  55. customize attachment links
  56. When Zimbra finished migrating source to git
  57. Admin Extension with XForm
  58. is there a way to search a custom field?
  59. zimlet framework notification: onSendMsgSuccess
  60. Bugzilla: Where's the Voting feature?
  61. Problems getting hold of the Source Code
  62. Open email in mime format (.eml file) directly in compose window
  63. Password Authentication Fails with SHA1 Encryption - Works fine with SSHA and MD5
  64. PHP module for integration into the admin SOAP API
  65. Zimbra 8.0.5 - Accessing Zimbra through Java API and Java/JDK 1.6
  66. Faulty JSON response for SendMsgResponse
  67. strange JSON response for AuthRequest.
  68. SOAP response structure for GetContactsRequest
  69. ZmMsg.properties config
  70. Soap request header attribute
  71. Python-Library to access Zimbra SOAP API
  72. How to send emails with Zimbra Java API?
  73. Zimbra integration Sugar CRM
  74. Building Zimbra Desktop on Windows - versions-init.sql - The system can not find
  75. SOAP Pre-auth for zimbraAdmin
  76. zimlet - get message id in onSendMsgSuccess method
  77. Retrieve TZ settings for a given Timezone using SOAP / REST ?
  78. Inject javascript callback for new emails
  79. How to consume zimbra soap API ?
  80. Sub task list folder inside of Tasks not showing up
  81. Java - update message headers
  82. server codes.zimbra.com:2666 is not alive.
  83. Retrieve Recurrence rule in ICAL format
  84. AuthRequest not creating/returning session on most calls ???
  85. How i will read Zimbra mail and Attachement through Rest API ?
  86. Read email from zimbra account with attachment using C#
  87. Zimbra web-service for external application
  88. Public methods on com.zimbra.cs.account.auth.AuthMechanism
  89. Need guidance about writing an application that uses Zimbra.
  90. question about caldav server
  91. CSS attribute selectors problems in IE9
  92. need macros to send email from zimbra
  93. Batch Event changes Calendar?
  94. Disable Login page to allow PreAuth Only
  95. Mail DwtListView custom
  96. HTML Editor - "content initialized" callback (add content to messages when edited)
  97. Zimbra REST API & Pagination
  98. Where to put a properties file for custom JAR?
  99. shared tags or other kind of "marks"
  100. How do I get it ?
  101. readonly messages
  102. Zimbra SOAP API request appointments for a calendar including repeat time interval
  103. MS-WOPI to Office Web Apps for editing Zimbra Briefcase documents.
  104. New Font installation in zimbra web client
  105. saving drafts/messages in specific folders
  106. Help with AdminCreateWaitSet
  107. Custom authentication
  108. Some question about zimbra nginx internals
  109. Trying to send Access 2010 Database Object Via Zimbra
  110. Zimbra perforce server down
  111. Setting up Zimbra in netbeans or eclipse
  112. Problem with translated *.properties files
  113. Authenticate Zimbra through a session
  114. Obtaining unread message count
  115. soap sendmsgrequest question
  116. Live tile notifications
  117. How to Remove "Remove all attachments" in message zimbra 8.0
  118. Add Logo to WebClient Page Access
  119. Where do we download Zimbra Open source edition and modify its source codes?
  120. Zimbra 8 REST API
  121. How to schedule a long time operation in Zimbra 8
  122. Zimbra OSE 7 Adding university logo to the default login screen
  123. zimbraAutoProvListenerClass
  124. Zimbra 8 Chat history
  125. SOAP appointements request
  126. can't authenticate on soap
  127. GetShareInfoRequest fails with internal server error
  128. session id does not returned in AuthRequest
  129. UC for Mitel technology
  130. Where Zimbra tags are stored?
  131. Load all appointments including all attendees for user
  132. SOAP and zimbraAdmin namespace
  133. Missing source for ical4j-0.9.16-patched.jar in main
  134. SOAP API, how to manage out-of-office auto-reply, mail forwarding and local delivery
  135. Add popup while sending mail to external domain in Zimbra
  136. script for account reporting?
  137. Resource Calendar RSS/feed
  138. Zimbra 8.0.3 Preauth Briefcase Problem
  139. Portal hide left panel
  140. Zimbra Preauth not working on live server
  141. Get free/busy times with correct timezone
  142. Get auth_token / use REST API with just username and password
  143. cant login to zimbra using api SOAP
  144. ZImbra 8 UC and asterisk
  145. [memory the deletion of an attachment]
  146. Using SOAP API to retrieve message headers
  147. Detect Automatically the email account sender .
  148. Zimra Jar files
  149. Templates with DWT-Widgets
  150. List details of Filters
  151. Get trash of contacts with rest
  152. Porting 8.0.4 to a new architechture and other questions
  153. zimbra soap api change use password error
  154. how to get Attachment details,CC and BCC details of mail..
  155. SPAM Button
  156. Zimbra server extensions
  157. UI Customization
  158. checkout specific branches
  159. How to remove some settings from Preferences page?
  160. SOAP api usage in JAVA
  161. Add attendee to appointment from java code
  162. Zimbra Web Client URL with angle bracket
  163. Zimbreasy - A RubyGem that wraps the Zimbra API
  164. PreAuth error in Zimbra 8
  165. Command line compose an e-mail with attachment and save in drafts
  166. Emails returned from Zimbra using API
  167. Assignin Calendars to a user's zimbra account using SOAP API
  168. Zimbra does not make entry in Sentbox while sending mail from back end.
  169. SOAP: For an appointment - is "compNum" / "comp" ever non-zero ?
  170. ParseXS not available while compiling Perl modules
  171. Zimbra 8 Community Edition source code
  172. Are there any Zimbra Java API that doesn't use Soap?
  173. Java Soap Search error: TOO_MANY_SEARCH_RESULTS
  174. How to find accounts which have zimbraNotes field with no value using Java Soap API?
  175. Product Information
  176. Zimbra holds BLOB message files open - how to solve?
  177. [REST API]:delete inbox messages
  178. IM for Zimbra 8.0
  179. Zimbra via REST: Update / Delete of changed Appointments not possible
  180. Many changes for Zimbra 7.2.0 (automatic updating, SPNEGO admin/user & etc)
  181. Extending com.zimbra.cs.account.ldap.LdapProvisioning in ZCS 8.x
  182. ZCS 8 soap api error using LmcAdminAuthRequest
  183. SOAP CreateAccountRequest
  184. adPassword extension for ZCS 7/8
  185. Zimbra UC Provider documentation
  186. How to use javascript to call Zimbra SOAP
  187. Add CheckBox to the Compose Mail Panel
  188. SearchDocument returns unkown Document error
  189. Two JSESSIONID on response.sendRedirect()
  190. piwik and zimbra
  191. Listening an appointment delete action.
  192. can't generate Java SOAP stubs with wsimport
  193. Code example request : ZmBatchCommand
  194. [solved] ZmBatchCommand's own response
  195. Update Wiki Documents
  196. Importing appointments from SugarCRM
  197. REST API - Limit The Number of Results Returned
  198. WebODF and ZimbraDocs
  199. Any way to develop Home tab (portal page) on Zimbra Desktop?
  200. Home tab (portal page) - how to include custom CSS stylesheet
  201. REST API: get email in eml format
  202. How to debug SOAP ?
  203. Create an appointment via Javascript + SOAP
  204. Any preg_match experts out there ?
  205. zmprov and dumping soap - not always possible?
  206. overriding javascript functions
  207. Plugin
  208. Add Time to Date display in Serenity Skin
  209. Unified Communications SDK
  210. Reload tree display
  211. Get list of Aliases via SOAP.
  212. Cannot connect to codes.zimbra.com
  213. Get attachment via SOAP
  214. Zimbra - Event Handling Question
  215. How to do background under the menu on the left panel?
  216. Remove Move Mailbox button from admin interface?
  217. Canceling appointment via SOAP
  218. Zimbra and OAuth
  219. Couple of more TABs beside Mail, Calendar, Contact, Preference
  220. Auto-resize Out Of Alignment - Help?
  221. Refresh tab with soap response
  222. How do I get appointments from a user Calendar using java soap?
  223. C# Client
  224. How to add background color under the menu at left area within zimlet?
  225. How to add img html include zimlet?
  226. Slave stop before stopping mysql.server ? Why?
  227. Generic approach for storing credentials
  228. Can Zimbra run a script or program on incoming email?
  229. Zimbra DwtButtons are not displaying second time dialog popup.
  230. Remote contacts
  231. How to modify Preferences tab and add new tab on the web UI?
  232. Zimbra Database
  233. Is there a SOAP call to decode ms-tnef attachment ?
  234. modify zimbraAccountStatus via SOAP
  235. Help. Create Contacts
  236. Create E-Mail Form & Host on Zimbra Jetty
  237. Any API to create event on user's calendar without authentication?
  238. Populate more than one calendar tab
  239. Obtaining email messages through Rest API
  240. Sharing notification via command line
  241. REST API and ics files
  242. Zimbra <-> Sugar Integration
  243. Why Zimbra, when you have gmail?
  244. Creating password protected folders
  245. Phone Apps
  246. Extend search toolbar functionality to search custom items
  247. Using REST API to get specific user emails by date.
  248. Using REST API to get specific user emails by date.
  249. How to set an account password using SoapProvisioning (Java Soap API)?
  250. Custom content types