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  1. block attacchment per user
  2. InitNotebookRequest error: sent to wrong host
  3. Spell check for multiple languages
  4. Soap search admin mode
  5. Alfresco integration
  6. Problem about new messages...
  7. [SOLVED] Zimbra Help
  8. Onclick on message Event
  9. Basic SOAP Questions
  10. Zimbra Branding
  11. Oh, I hope zimbra will soon have this features (deepofix)
  12. [SOLVED] Simple SOAP Admin Example In PHP
  13. confirmExitMethod
  14. How to handle SOAP body response in PHP
  15. SOAP API / errors more specific than 500?
  16. Catch event show detail mail
  17. Zimbra book--Need Your Help!
  18. PHP SOAP create appointment example
  19. Resources Management
  20. DwtDialog
  21. Change Zimbra Logo Network Edition
  22. ZCS v.5 Documentation
  23. zimlet inclusion
  24. JavaScript Modifications
  25. Busy/Free notice board
  26. Changing the default loading page advance client to basic client
  27. Add more menu(function) in tabbar
  28. Reading messages using soap
  29. Extending Web Client UI
  30. Preauth into simple client
  31. libexec/zmmtaconfig not reaping children, bug?
  32. PHP Soap change password
  33. Importing Drupal ical format data
  34. Question regarding modified pages
  35. Shared Calendar User Name
  36. Building Zimbra
  37. ICal - delete event
  38. CalDAV support in Zimbra 5
  39. Custom LDAP Server
  40. Spam Filter in Zimbra 5
  41. Compilation and Building of Source Code
  42. ZmOrganizer ??
  43. REST query should work, but doesn't
  44. Subscribing via IMAP ?
  45. Which elements make Zimbra to a Rich Internet Application?
  46. Calendar Add & Edit Own events
  47. 5.0beta for debian?
  48. Up to date source ?
  49. backup strategy
  50. build procedure for zimbra mail server on fedora core 4(open source)
  51. SQL backend details
  52. Binary attribute with (Ldap)Provisioning
  53. Working with Zimbra Code
  54. Zimbra Encryption Services
  55. Scheduled Sending
  56. App or Zimlet for Phone Messages?
  57. Get new mail subject using SOAP?
  58. [SOLVED] contact syncing
  59. Calendar features for Education?
  60. LDAP fields
  61. OpenID
  62. PL/SQL SOAP msgs to Zimbra
  63. Get All Accounts by domain
  64. Developing against Zimbra - Which JARs?
  65. SOAP Authentication Error
  66. Zimbra Book Technical Reviewing
  67. Regarding the Integration of Zimbra & Php
  68. Need more powerfull message editing
  69. Silly idea, need help (verbal announcement of inbound emails)
  70. Uploading files to Zimbra Documents
  71. Direct browser URL to calendar day, contact
  72. Deleting items to server calendar from remote calendar
  73. How To Change The First Page
  74. BUILD FAILED error is killing me
  75. SOAP calendar access
  76. Custom fields in Web UI
  77. [SOLVED] help about SoapProvisioning
  78. Zimbra developers required for Sydney, Australia
  79. Add account using SOAP
  80. Changing zimbra's login page logo
  81. Get Pop Mail with Thunderbird
  82. How can i ise preauth on Liferay
  83. .net
  84. Problem with preauth
  85. Toaster
  86. PHP create context header
  87. php CreateAccountRequest via SOAP
  88. can't get shared contacts or appointments
  89. Integration with RUNA WFE Question
  90. How to generate/import CAS certificate for zimbra
  91. how to use the openldap in zimbra?
  92. how to connect to database
  93. SVN tree freeze and Server Extension Methods
  94. Adding/Searching Contact Fields
  95. Open the clicked unread mail message from the portal
  96. deep links in web client
  97. problem : connection reset
  98. FTP for Zimbra users ??
  99. Preauth Failing (Invalid Timestamp)
  100. How can I added appoitment to the calendar?
  101. zimbra portlet for liferay
  102. Solaris SPARC straw poll
  103. Problems with zimbra external authentification
  104. Solaris10 TEST3 Build
  105. create a new data in the Contacts from a portal
  106. How to call a CLI command?
  107. Help with first Zimlet
  108. Modify Not Junk behavior
  109. Zimbra as a Portal...
  110. Skin layout control
  111. Couple of small questions!
  112. set up an external LDAP for zimbra
  113. How to write formatter?
  114. WebService Invocation on Calendar Events Notification and Reminders
  115. Email Expiary Zimlet
  116. session timeout
  117. I need to access to zimbra LDAP
  118. Windows XP and Toaster
  119. SVN Build error
  120. Darwin Calendar Server
  121. Sever based message signing and encryption
  122. CentricCRM Intergration
  123. Send Credentials instead of challenging?
  124. Looking up COS via LDAP
  125. Zimlets integration
  126. Outlook/Evolution Clone
  127. Trouble Ticket System ?
  128. Retreiving free/busy data for a given timeframe
  129. Calendar Printing
  130. Technology behind Zimbra Desktop
  131. Skins and the HTML interface
  132. query regarding memory where the mails are stored
  133. Outlook 2007 iCal format
  134. where is the code for checking the receiver memory
  135. Challenge/Response authentication with one-time passwords(OPIE) for (remote users)
  136. AddAccountAliasRequest
  137. SOAP access without user/password
  138. where to change the code if i want to block the mail
  139. NetBeans (6.0 - Developer) and Eclipse
  140. Cascading Events / Gantt
  141. Authenticating against Zimbra's LDAP Server
  142. get/set email headers w/SOAP?
  143. Xen-support (under Debain) for Network-Edition customers available?
  144. Import Eudora Addressbook
  145. Looking for ideas
  146. preauth
  147. Adding a button to UI
  148. Sendto Handler
  149. Email Message History/Return Receipt?
  150. Calendar Views
  151. Some questions...
  152. postinig to calendar with curl fails
  153. Sample SOAP provisioning Script
  154. taglibs in /service webapp
  155. Changes to SOAP in 4.5?
  156. PKI Encryption
  157. ZmAppCtxt.getUsername() and ls_last_username cookie
  158. rest url and accents
  159. Integrating with Portal Application
  160. Accessing account information with SOAP or Zimlet
  161. Include contacts from a file
  162. Server restart and own themes
  163. Calendar Times
  164. Problem building Ajax
  165. Receving Mail
  166. message properties
  167. Archiving emails by moth function
  168. timezones, a default value, and how to import?
  169. Build from sources on FreeBSD
  170. Appointment colors?
  171. Get inbox count via rest or soap interface
  172. mailbox in zimbra
  173. Calendar Object Update Via Soap? Or ICS Somehow?
  174. Three pane view
  175. There are something like Task, To Do or notes in client?
  176. Sending Mail Not Working
  177. What are the page names
  178. Calendar Item that is Read Only
  179. Zimbra client with another server
  180. Zimbra Jar Caching...
  181. Save attachements to Documents
  182. How to make a zimbra developer build?
  183. Zimbra Documents Import / Export
  184. Need guidance for developing zimlets
  185. It is possible to have two domains with the same catch-all account?
  186. Additional Directory Information
  187. Date type !
  188. Accessing mail attachments via SOAP?
  189. zimbra remote calendar modify support
  190. How to get message with HTTP port and Save to Local ?
  191. Integrate Zimbra into 3rd-party portal
  192. <used> unit: Byte, KBytes or Mbytes?
  193. Single Sign On (SSO) and Passwords
  194. Can't modify appointment via SOAP
  195. SOAP request for SetAccountCOS?
  196. IDLE-like support for web client
  197. catch-all to a non Zimbra email account
  198. Why not a Windows port for Zimbra server?
  199. Setting up Eclipse for Subversion development
  200. developer builds
  201. set up a catch-all account to a domain name
  202. Does Zimbra support log file ?
  203. calendar module
  204. Data Paging Suggestion
  205. Mail Identity Enhancements on 4.5
  206. disable the spam filter for a particular email account
  207. Delete an Appointment via SOAP ?
  208. Problems with preauth in IE
  209. How to programmatically create User in Zimbra?
  210. Get Zimbra ID through Name
  211. Release tarballs.
  212. Reports
  213. Jump to appointment or dates in calendar?
  214. SOAP exposure of zmbackup
  215. Automaticaly deleting messages?
  216. Debug window nolonger works
  217. ajax alive after server restart
  218. Flash IM Client
  219. View Attachment in Compose Window
  220. Similar 'Microsoft Outlook Today' view in Zimbra
  221. Deleting messages via SOAP
  222. Do you plan to use Lucene 2 in near future
  223. Google Translator
  224. Project Management, Testing and basic Javascript questions
  225. Is is possible to use wild cards like * in GetDomainRequest
  226. Great antispam idea
  227. Company Directory
  228. Network security :S
  229. problem executing zmlocalconfig command through cron
  230. v4.5RC1 Network??
  231. I'm trying to use SearchAccountsRequest SOAP call
  232. API and JSON responses, How to read it in Java not JavaScript
  233. MySQL structure
  234. please fix TEXTREL
  235. error compiling snv w/ DbPop3Message.storeUid
  236. our users would like to be able to drag&drop of files e.g. from the desktop
  237. how many votes are normally required that a RFE is beeing realized?
  238. ZimbraTagLib does not exist
  239. Call for status of freebsd/solaris ports
  240. Compiling Zimbra from source
  241. Refresh view
  242. Read/Write Access Control
  243. Adding additional attributes to accounts
  244. Several Issues/QUestions
  245. Rich media sharing?
  246. Building SVN for CentOS 4.4 (mysql)
  247. Building SVN for CentOS 4.4 (jakarta-tomcat)
  248. Building SVN for CentOS 4.4 (Perl/amavisd)
  249. Provisioning in .net
  250. Problem to sync EXDATE in iCal with SOAP request