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  1. Continuous Integration
  2. Changing language pref using soap
  3. [SOLVED] Tigase code used in Zimbra project
  4. FRANKLIN Branch Broken in public view
  5. Not close ie, the second time open the url , it login automatic.
  6. Sleepycat build issue with FRANKLIN branch.
  7. How to retrieve only Email Headers Information
  8. Right click and send by email
  9. How to expand font size ?
  10. OpenLDAP patch ITS5728.patch
  11. How to build Zimbra from source?
  12. [SOLVED] How to import contact through cli ?
  13. [SOLVED] Is there a way to Avoid all Folder Data that comes as part of soap:Header
  14. GetMsgRequest and GetItemRequest to get EMail Msgs
  15. How to Get inviteId's of all attendees of an event given a single inviteID ?
  16. Adding exclusions in a recurrence rule
  17. Automatic login
  18. [SOLVED] How to get received Date of an Email Msg?
  19. How to extends specified module into the zimbra?
  20. [SOLVED] aspell hang on dict-install
  21. [SOLVED] soap request header elements to force response header to contain notify/refr
  22. Zimbra Plugin
  23. [SOLVED] [JAVA] SOAP request over http-proxy
  24. [SOLVED] Postfix build error
  25. Applying spam filters for external POP3 Email.
  26. Perforce borked?
  27. direct link to a mail folder (aka DataSource folder)
  28. mobile Standard HTML Client - JS support & related folders
  29. Zimbra Font
  30. where is the lightning logfile?
  31. [JAVA] as an admin connect to someone mailbox
  32. how to set listeners on zimbra objects
  33. zimbra chat
  34. Error A969 and A8 when appending messages
  35. GetApptSummariesRequest/SearchRequest
  36. Mutators and Converters
  37. [SOLVED] Get list of users from distribution list using SOAP
  38. Extra user's info
  39. How I change time format
  40. the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty
  41. Getting Source Code
  42. How can i delete my event from my calendar in Zimbra from java??
  43. Where is the SSL certificate credentials or details stored
  44. NullPointerException when creating Event
  45. LDAP problem
  46. Change Zimbra account attributes
  47. curl build fails
  48. Adding PHP zlib function
  49. source code of Zimbra Release 6.0 (GunsNRoses)
  50. HSM Feature in Zimbra - open source Edition
  51. Can log in , but the page show nothing ?
  52. $ cd ~/zcs-src/ZimbraBuild make dev-install in ZimbraBuild seems out-dated
  53. build of nginx fails
  54. How to get createTimeStamp ?
  55. How can Zimbra be extended?
  56. [SOLVED] source code p4v workspace
  57. Performing a Logout with Soap or REST
  58. P3P Headers
  59. Zimbra API for Flash Platform
  60. [SOLVED] Java Soap Client
  61. [SOLVED] Update Zimbra Users via LDAP
  62. Search Email via SOAP message
  63. Modify ActioMenu
  64. Scan/Filter Incoming/Outgoing Mail
  65. Error 400 using Preauth
  66. zimbra contacts in php
  67. Has anyone customized a skin for Zimbra Desktop?
  68. Accessing unread messages via REST
  69. Improved Atom Feed Formatter
  70. Exception while creating user in Zimbra from java web application
  71. FRANKLIN-5011 Branched
  72. [SOLVED] Redirect to Advanced Calendar
  73. How to build Zimbra from source?
  74. Skin Development with Zimbra Desktop.
  75. [SOLVED] Extension logging to alternate files
  76. Restricted resources
  77. Zimbra structure
  78. Zimbra data exposition through DB
  79. Query string parameters -- documentation?
  80. Outlook / Comcast Today Page
  81. [SOLVED] How to locate mails by pages !!
  82. Two errors about auto-reply!!!
  83. External users Briefcase problem.
  84. Authentication using Zend Framework
  85. How to specify current volume by cli ?
  86. Upload Problem 204, NULL
  87. auto-reply can only use once ?
  88. Reinstall the operate system but keep /opt .
  89. Need an environment to create skins in ZWC
  90. [SOLVED] Adding, configuring and deleting users via PHP
  91. Feature Request: 'To' column for all mail folders
  92. Best way to track changes?
  93. [SOLVED] How to modify user defined ldap attributes in jsp?
  94. Transmit Cookie??
  95. Max message size
  96. [SOLVED] Send mail to 50000 users once, ERROR...
  97. Port Zimbra Calendar/Mail Client to .Net
  98. error building zimbra desktop on windows
  99. PHP Soap -> SearchRequest -> Appointment Problem
  100. [SOLVED] java soap problem
  101. where are the tags stored?
  102. [SOLVED] How to optimizing mailbox(make mailbox more powerful)?
  103. [SOLVED] How to delete data after a spcific data in inbox ?
  104. Anyway to collect and categorize bounced email?
  105. Retrieving sessionId at runtime.
  106. MAPI Plugin
  107. [SOLVED] Some problem on attachments!
  108. Outlook/Apple connector licence
  109. Zimbra Web Client search tips modseq:
  110. single-click to add a calendar subscription?
  111. alter zimbrNotes
  112. UTF8 subjects
  113. Is there a way to tell which message was moved from a folder?
  114. Trigger action - Web Services
  115. How to find out current preauthkey?
  116. Extending the phone_dial Zimlet for Broadsoft
  117. Hello World zimlet in windows zdesktop not working
  118. Zimbra VS ACT?
  119. SOAP request format, help needed
  120. Implement zimbra connection timeout in java
  121. zimbra setup step-by-step, Help
  122. Message/Tip of the Day in Zimbra Web Client -- What to Modify?
  123. Z on /., again
  124. SOAP application causing Alarm/Reminder not to pop up
  125. Retriveing messages since date time
  126. REST interface stripping off extra attributes
  127. How does Zimbra manage updated Appointment?
  128. Retrieve appointments by timestamp with Caldav
  129. Zimbra and caldav4j java library
  130. [SOLVED] sigmature format
  131. Insert events via SOAP instead of Caldav
  132. Deleted Contacts
  133. Mod Date of Contacts
  134. SOAP: SearchDirectoryRequest: "attrs" not being honored
  135. Preauth: Block cookie?
  136. Modify Contacts with SOAP
  137. building common and im on debian
  138. P4 access to 5.0.10 Source
  139. Creating an 'add to zimbra calendar' link without preauth?
  140. Zimbra mail development questions
  141. jquery
  142. localconfig.xml not readable
  143. Can't execute Tester.java
  144. Connecting to an external LDAP server using from a Zimlet
  145. Insert Contacts in Zimbra
  146. Java server-side Zimlets
  147. Template file documentation
  148. Where to find Zimbra source?
  149. soap answer and error 500
  150. Customized MailDocumentHandlers
  151. How to empty store folder safely?
  152. Unable to get all emails of Zimbra User
  153. .NET and SOAP consumption from Zimbra
  154. View User's Mail
  155. zimbra on slackware 12.1
  156. Wildfire Version
  157. FOSS developer interfacing
  158. Sieve Filter Rule
  159. getDataSources and email
  160. Use command "s -t message admin" get mail subject in mess code !
  161. Events
  162. FRANKLIN-5010 Branched
  163. [SOLVED] What files modify the standard html client's layout?
  164. [SOLVED] php soap to add appointment in calendar
  165. zimbra, java and cron
  166. Jetty JSP servlet code
  167. vTiger?
  168. Domain catchall query
  169. set zimbraAllowFromAddress via Zimlet
  170. Pre-deployed folders
  171. [SOLVED] Message files; multilingual skins
  172. [SOLVED] GetMessagesRequest(x)? (Another SOAP Question...)
  173. FEECH: Shared Bookmarks
  174. Help me
  175. How to send email using zimbra client?
  176. [SOLVED] Trouble with PREAUTH...
  177. Documents and Search engine
  178. any reason why zimbra not using cyrus or dovecot as IMAP/POP/LMTP server
  179. Cannot modify domain COS via SOAP
  180. Who will solve my development related queries
  181. setting jsp session attributes in Zimbra 5
  182. Redo Log
  183. Google Analytics, Woopra, tracking in Zimbra Web Client
  184. System arch check on Debian/Ubuntu
  185. CalDAV call not working 100%
  186. How to implement external stats / js
  187. Query for Message
  188. Does ZCS webclient support RFC 2369?
  189. [SOLVED] How to access to briefcase page directly?
  190. About Zmsoap
  191. Test Delete Zimbra account coding
  192. Request attachments for a message
  193. A simple Zimbra client support sent email
  194. FLASH: Here's your next target
  195. Build zimbra desktop error!
  196. [SOLVED] Does zimbra has command line tools to send mail?
  197. How does this perl packaging bug affect Z?
  198. Skins – are you serious?
  199. Email viewing limit
  200. Does contasts list can sort by chinese?
  201. How to locate the source code from the problem?
  202. What SOAP function/API I should use to query the MTA?
  203. RFC: Install script/DNAT
  204. FEECH: ZME notification/BlackBerry
  205. Which table is use for tracing message?
  206. How to switch Mail Received time to 24 Hour Format?
  207. Does Z support the plus-hack?
  208. Theme for Print View
  209. Suggestion for source availability
  210. depot server cannot connect!
  211. Can not download zimbra Source code!
  212. "Hello world" zimlet showing up?
  213. attach function name
  214. depot problem?
  215. Contacts View
  216. Modifying Zimbra Calendar view for integration with third party application
  217. [SOLVED] repo down?
  218. FEECH (maybe :-) - Phishing Warning
  219. FEECH: Forward with Full Headers
  220. zimbracommon and zimbrastore jars download
  221. Command-line IM Client
  222. Using tags in mail-workflow
  223. Extension do "Direct Links"
  224. The concept of a company/organization
  225. Getting started with Zimbra development
  226. May I know Zimbra got provide any JAVA API for development purpose?
  227. Strange thing on calendar sharing notification
  228. How to define different Skins for Domain Administrators?
  229. Configuring search in AutoCompletGAL in Zimbra
  230. How to print COS (Class of Service) out on the frontend of Zimbra Desktop
  231. Where is the Zimbra source code located?
  232. [SOLVED] Authentication token
  233. Add New Attachment
  234. Ubuntu Repositeries
  235. PreAuth URL times out
  236. [SOLVED] How to retrieve a single appointment java
  237. [SOLVED] How to remove Yahoo search & Run Yahoo local button
  238. Searches not returning what they should
  239. QuickAdd Ajax Problem
  240. Simplest Zimlet…
  241. url for uploaded images
  242. Does mailpickup folder exist?
  243. NavToolBar
  244. [SOLVED] Calendar data transfer throught http ?
  245. Cache size maintained at ZimbraWeb Client during GAL Search
  246. Email file attachments from Briefcase
  247. User Attributes (SOAP)
  248. dwtTree
  249. Looking for Zimbra Developers - FT or Consulting
  250. Calendar Sharing - List of who has been invited.