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  1. Auto-Fill in Zimlets
  2. How can I test Zimbra's CardDAV feature
  3. I need help, ZimbraOffline ant build problem
  4. How to start to study zimbrawebClient
  5. User Activity Counter
  6. CalDAV problems - Locking and copying events
  7. OpenOffice.org Integration With Google Docs and Zoho
  8. Outlook connector
  9. How to get the aliases of a specific account holder
  10. [SOLVED] Global Address List and Sync Access (very Importand!)
  11. Help to develop IM in zimbra
  12. java: attrs directory does not exists (zcs 5.x -> 6.x)
  13. Hide Admin's "View Mail" button
  14. Accessing Zimbra SOAP API from different machine
  15. trying to create zimbra desktop mapi.dll
  16. Falling at the first hurdle - is codes.zimbra.com available?
  17. Overriding ZmContact.prototype.create function
  18. Zimbra + Thunderbird + Lightning improvements
  19. zmObject.workEmail is missing
  20. Can't connect to Perforce depot
  21. sharing Global contact list: issue
  22. zmmailbox getAppointmentSummaries has changed behavior in 6.0.4
  23. [SOLVED] Controlling tab positions
  24. Wiki Integration
  25. [Inprogress and currently stuck] Mac OS Build Thread
  26. Using SoapProvisioning:system failure: attrs directory does not exists
  27. ZCS 6.0 Alert
  28. LDAP Search to return hidden in GAL accounts
  29. [SOLVED] Perforce depot down
  30. Zimbra, SOAP vb .net examples
  31. API or the like for C#
  32. Creating an Appointment Request with SOAP
  33. Editing template
  34. Zimbra API's/Web service
  35. Smtp Zimbra Server and Java
  36. [SOLVED] How to retrieve/save an attachment file in a mail with SaveDocumentRequest ?
  37. Zimlet javascript document for developer who doesn't have internet connection
  38. API get header information Help
  39. ZWC refactor
  40. Just Curious, Anyone building Zimbra interface with Python yet?
  41. Soap API get header refrences
  42. Voicemail with Zimbra
  43. Creating Account from PHP
  44. Need help with theme
  45. user mailbox restore problem?
  46. Message Filter Action - Scripting
  47. Etherpad Zimbra integration
  48. Accessing to mailbox with ZMailbox.java
  49. fetching zimbra source code from perforce server
  50. External E-Mail Account Polling
  51. persian calendar
  52. ZCS version for code available in SVN?
  53. PHP SOAP email search API
  54. How can override Documents(Pages,Notebook) CSS?
  55. help find opensource for windows platform
  56. Skinning the public calendar page
  57. Subscribe to external IMAP folders
  58. users name with email address list script
  59. [SOLVED] Making REST calls as an admin user?
  60. Displaying calendar info on Intranet home page
  61. Right Click Search
  62. XML problems
  63. How to set zimbra ldap bind login using mail attribute
  64. Zimbra tabs
  65. zmPublish - Publish Zimbra Addressbook in a public LDAP-server
  66. POP3 server
  67. unable to connect to perforce server
  68. Perforce stuck
  69. PreAuth Problem
  70. Help: Changing user password...
  71. OAuth Provider Extension for ZCS6.0
  72. [SOLVED] Building Zimbra using Perforce - FAIL!
  73. Script started when account created
  74. to remove some settings from Preferences page?
  75. Change Base dn of zimbra ldap hieracrhy
  76. Zimbra calendar SOAP interface
  77. zimbra notify_classes
  78. ICS File via Caldav Error
  79. Error installing Zimbra Desktop from source
  80. Different languages display in the same page?
  81. Does Zimbra have development specifications?
  82. source code
  83. Add info to Calendar column view Appt.
  84. How to get only the latest messages
  85. Missing ZimbraAdminVersionCheck directory in ZCS 6.0.2 sources
  86. zimbra moodle single sign on
  87. Get List of Folders via REST
  88. REST Api
  89. How to search for many messages at once (logical OR)?
  90. Iframe Zimbra?
  91. [SOLVED] Want to change logo in opensource edition
  92. Hide the Search toolbar & Status widget
  93. v6 breaks pop, simple bug still not fixed
  94. Calendar scheduling module.
  95. Unable to connect using p4
  96. zimbraSOAPresponse
  97. Pull Email Out Of Zimbra
  98. Bug in Zimbra 6.0.1 - Reminder at 2 hours before
  99. Mozilla Prism Scripting ZWC
  100. zimbra with ROR
  101. How to integrate zimbra calendar in my own system
  102. Authenticating with ZMailbox
  103. [SOLVED] Building Zimbra from Source using Eclipse
  104. How modify a selected Appointment with MODIFY_APPOINTMENT_REQUEST
  105. How to create message with attachments.
  106. Authenticate with CAS & Mysql DB
  107. Skin not applied to email message view
  108. centos5.3 curl biuld fail
  109. Add this calendar to my Zimbra??
  110. get a random sample of user account growth by month
  111. How to refresh the number in () next from inbox
  112. creating script to manage zmprov commands from remote server using ssh.
  113. [SOLVED] Query Zimbra db for messages matching criteria
  114. social zimlet in zdesktop
  115. zmskindeploy in zdesktop
  116. Authenticate against zimbra
  117. [SOLVED] Anyone have a database schema handy?
  118. Suggestions for Briefcase enhancements
  119. Required features for HSP
  120. Authentication Response does not contain SessionId. Why?
  121. Is there a way to have a zimlet working for both email and phone?
  122. Fix for missing output in /etc/init.d/zimbra
  123. How to get a contact via Phone number in Zimlet?
  124. Header of zimbraPasswordHistory
  125. Zimbra 6 SOAP response changes ?
  126. Where to add some .jar file for JSP?
  127. Zimbra 'Live Workspace'
  128. Developer Build for zcs/zimbra
  129. mailboxd is not running.
  130. How to retrieve quota limit of a user via SOAP?
  131. Zimbra SOAP client jar
  132. E-Mail calendar reminder
  133. Please help. CreateAppointmentRequest do not send email invitations to atten
  134. what's the property name for ZmContact IM address?
  135. [SOLVED] Manage Address Book by SOAP
  136. a tool to add user to a distribution list
  137. [SOLVED] Zimbra send back the who .jsp file???
  138. SOAP API to add RSS folder to an Account
  139. CreateAccount - SOAP vs SoapProvisioning
  140. ZCS 6 not allowing POST to Zimlet's jsp?
  141. ZCS for Windows 2008 server? is it true?
  142. Zimbra Taglib support missing for Zimlets in ZCS 6?
  143. zimbra account creation using java
  144. OpenID support still missing
  145. build failed from eclipse
  146. Zimbra Toaster Problems
  147. Bad "MAIL FROM" using External MTA
  148. How to syncronize with Zimbra?
  149. Links to Zimbra.com site from "zimbra app" site
  150. back-sql - SQLConnect() failed
  151. Operate Desktop Zimbra options from outside
  152. ZCS 6 GA (1805) - Ubuntu Server 9.04 (32 and 64 bits) - Downloadable package !
  153. Chaining authentication modules
  154. Get GunsNRoses source with P4
  155. Integrating Zimbra with a web portal
  156. Zimbra integration with JWChat
  157. How to use http digest instead of basic authentication in Zimlet AjxRpc
  158. limit on shared calendars?
  159. [SOLVED] ZCS 6.0 support for Debian 5.0 lenny
  160. Modified window title
  161. Zimlet JSP using Zimbra's API
  162. Thunderbird contacts imports suggestion
  163. Manage Contacs from external software
  164. Message ID IMAP mapping to Message ID in Store
  165. Is there a way to add button to ZmMail or ZmAppointment or ZmContct context menu?
  166. All I want is a way to export inactive accounts to a file?
  167. Integration between Zimbra and ERP
  168. Failed to add a button to mail tool bar
  169. using /service/proxy, get SSL close_notify handshake error
  170. Some translation in french missing in Calendar
  171. Using CreateAccountRequest command
  172. how to make zimlet change into effictive quickly?
  173. Is there a way to fill the "location" field of a new ZmAppointment when being created
  174. How to add button into context menu of ZmMessage, ZmAppointment and ZmContacts
  175. IS there a way to query all the ZmContacts objects from zimlet?
  176. How to add a button in ZmAppointment
  177. Adding functionality to the "New Account"
  178. how to write a zimlet JSP
  179. Question about handlerObject and ContentObject in Zimlet spec
  180. Modifying Zimbra Mail Menu
  181. iCalendar Format question
  182. code for marking email as "Junk" or "not Junk"
  183. Zimbra Tray notification application
  184. changing zimbra calendar size on a website
  185. Problems downloading files
  186. Possible to customize "Password" section?
  187. [SOLVED] Need to open Zimbra in Preferences view
  188. Help with SOAP/XML appointment or event on the calendar.
  189. MySQL root password (2 different ones?)
  190. unknown document: CreateFolderRequest ???
  191. [SOLVED] What branch do I need to checkout for 6.0 RC1?
  192. Problems with zmmailbox and inconsistencies in how it handles CSV imports and exports
  193. zimbra 4.5.10 GA sources
  194. Intranet Inbox View
  195. 'rev' attribut in CreateAppointmentResponse or ModifyAppointmentResponse
  196. JMX capability of Jetty
  197. Integrate Zimbra Calendar notifications with Spark
  198. enable archive via soap?
  199. Agenda question
  200. Missing file zcs-5.0.6_GA_2314.UBUNTU8.diff
  201. Changes in Zimbra Help Pages
  202. Email a Calendar
  203. GetServerAggregateStatsRequest Soap Admin Method
  204. Why zimbra extends enum?
  205. SOAP for generating Preauth key??
  206. Getting started with Java
  207. Make appointment with java
  208. Mailto:
  209. Soap session destroy
  210. Publishing a publicly shared calendar
  211. Zimbra on Hadoop
  212. not getting timestamp in syslog
  213. PHP + Soap GetFolderRequest
  214. Perforce stall when downloading Zimbra source code
  215. Search Lucene index from a script
  216. SearchDirectoryRequest don't return anything
  217. [SOLVED] Cannot obtain source code from perforce
  218. Sync User's Calendars
  219. Sending mail using SOAP API
  220. Problem with New Zimbra Account Password (New Account with Zimbra SOAP service)
  221. Code source zimbra webmail or web client
  222. [Plain Text of message body]
  223. Customise AJAX interface... changing yahoo search box
  224. Modify optGeneral.tag
  225. Possible to save replies in same folder as original message?
  226. [SOLVED] missing zdesktop*.sh files
  227. Zimbra Toaster Modification
  228. Help with Java and MacOSX
  229. ZCS 6 RC1 - Ubuntu Server 9.04
  230. Background Images
  231. Colors in calendar
  232. Web help pages - need sources and project files
  233. New idea for "public folder" function
  234. setter in myXModel
  235. [SOLVED] Templates not loading for skin
  236. com.zimbra.cs.client.soap.LmcCreateAccountRequest
  237. [SOLVED] Deleting recurrent instances
  238. [SOLVED] Fetchmail using LDAP
  239. Sample code to create email
  240. Extending Zimbra
  241. Direct links to Zimbra Web Client pages
  242. Zimlet how to get attachment out of zimbra
  243. Webmail - HTML-Emails with background-color
  244. Creating recurring appointment
  245. Problem Building From Source Problem
  246. Build Zimbra 5.0 on Ubuntu 8.04
  247. Multiple mailbox servers admin WaitSet
  248. Auto mount a folder
  249. [SOLVED] how to create new Operation?
  250. [SOLVED] Zimbra Desktop and Browser Plugins