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  1. Change icons in zimbra.
  2. Need info about tags/attribues of XML returned by REST API
  3. [SOLVED] zimbra source download issue
  4. Zimbra Calendar Client using SOAP or zclient
  5. Updating contacts using REST
  6. Enable Upload File in HTML
  7. Zimbra Database
  8. Cannnot download source code
  9. reading the mails
  10. Zimbra
  11. WebClient sits at loading screen if AuthProvider throws AuthProviderException
  12. Calendar print details
  13. ChangePasswordRequest SOAP Problem
  14. Question about handle accounts
  15. Native Outlook support with OpenChange
  16. Connect to Zimbra database
  17. [SOLVED] Zimbra Perforce: perforce-zimbra.eng.vmware.com: host unknown
  18. SOAP auth against AuthProvider
  19. [SOLVED] Rest Get Calendar Authentication
  20. How Can I access to modify the contacts and filter from java?
  21. Help!I want to know how to add a button to the ZWC?
  22. [SOLVED] problems with REST API: Get Calendar
  23. Looking a developer for a custom zimbra solution.
  24. Error while proxying request to target server
  25. [SOLVED] Help!Where can I find the address book tags?
  26. Perforce - Evaluation client error
  27. authing against external system in all cases
  28. Check boxes
  29. REST api filter
  30. Urgent support request - Zimbra integration with Avaya PABX
  31. Cancel an instance of a meet SOAP
  32. Custom Authentication issue
  33. Zimbra Architecture
  34. access zimbra from java using soap
  35. Can we add/include groovy file in header.ftl
  36. Subscribing User to Calendar through SOAP Api
  37. Zimbra search function
  38. [SOLVED] The issuer of this certificate could not be found.
  39. access to zimbra without https
  40. Roadmap for Distribution Lists convert to Mailing list service?
  41. Pulling Information from Email for Reports.
  42. Zimbra Chat Client
  43. Some Help with ZMailbox
  44. Periodically verify login information w/ Custom Auth
  45. Put inline attachments into mail
  46. problems with certificates to access to Zimbra
  47. Preliminary Zimlet Design Question on Tabs and Configuration
  48. Zimbra Email and html tags
  49. how to login/gogout on zimbra from java application
  50. how to access RSS feed on zimbra?
  51. Chat with soap
  52. How to protect Send Folder
  53. add task through api?
  54. Unable To Build Perl in Zimbra
  55. Run external program on new mail
  56. How to use OSelect_XFormItem.js
  57. Tools for modifying mapi profile by scripts - CreateZimbraProfile.exe sources?
  58. How to inject mail into ZCS?
  59. Use Excel VB code to Send Attachment from Zimbra Desktop
  60. (How to) write zimlet for extending LDAP objects?
  61. Few changes in webpanel
  62. IM Server Features for external clients
  63. send mail with zimbra lib
  64. my help
  65. Parsing all email headers in /opt/zimbra/store ?
  66. Deploy MIDlet application in my mobile
  67. Extending SearchRequest to search other applications
  68. Preauth and folder forwarding
  69. upgrade zimbra to 6.x zimlet jsp problem
  70. New CheckBox
  71. C# client for Zimbra
  72. How to send standard share message or createMountPoint for other user by admin
  73. [SOLVED] Can't find nginx-0.8 source in Zimbra7
  74. uid from my account is changeable, is it rigth?
  75. Zimbra SOAP not returning sessionId
  76. Jabber
  77. Accessing Account Data from Admin Extension
  78. zimbra on AIX 5.3 with java 1.5, 1.6 (32 & 64 bit)
  79. [SOLVED] Zimlet for our internal software
  80. Can Zimbra Calendar act as a 3rd party's app's external schedule?
  81. refresh problem
  82. What am I missing here ??
  83. Enhance Zimbra search to search local files
  84. zimbra source code
  85. Extending LDAP database
  86. editing source code zimbra
  87. Providing Distribution Lists from external LDAP server
  88. java soap message for zimbra
  89. LDAP / GAL Additions .
  90. 7.0 and RFC2822
  91. LDAP Query from Zimlet
  92. ZCS Address book customization
  93. Push information from zimbra to third party apps??
  94. how to enable or disable zimlet with zmprov?
  95. Scan messages in store?
  96. Help with GetInfoRequest
  97. How can i get return value from AjxRpc.invoke function?
  98. how can i get account info from external zimbra server?
  99. [SOLVED] error on changing mini calendar
  100. Cookies usage
  101. error in compile HELIX
  102. Zimbra jar files
  103. Modify Zimbra accounts via LDAP
  104. Web Client Tasks & Nested Folders
  105. [SOLVED] how do i call the zmprov command in zimlet?
  106. Just use Webclient?
  107. Manual plugins
  108. Getting other user's calendars without mounting them
  109. API List
  110. Is there a way to link into an appointment?
  111. Help me about Zimbra IM code !!! Plz
  112. Email API
  113. Developers and contributors unable to see reviewboard links in bugs
  114. Searcheresponse
  115. Integration with PLEK VIA zervect.com
  116. zimbra preauth and saml issue
  117. how to find the propertyName list ?
  118. PHP SOAP Create Basic Appointment
  119. Integrate Zimbra with CRM
  120. Problems when building zimbra 6.0.7 GA in java 1.6
  121. Customizing webpanel interface
  122. Zimbra exchange
  123. Start zimbra Franklin
  124. Permission denied
  125. Ajax client customization of TO,CC fields
  126. [SOLVED] User Provisioning in Zimbra via SOAP using Perl
  127. new P4PORT
  128. Soap and Multiparts
  129. Problem with enviromental variable JAVA_HOME
  130. [SOLVED] SOAP CreateAppointmentRequest - Disable e-mail in inbox
  131. How to set external calendar sync period or force a sync?
  132. Zimbra's 6.0.7 building problem
  133. Directly open a message email from URL
  134. SOAP CreateAppointmentRequest no in default calendar
  135. zimbra webmail login form
  136. Bug in Class of Service
  137. [SOLVED] LDAP Auth to Zimbra from Different Server PHP
  138. Google Wave
  139. how to implementing builded project?
  140. attached file to Appointment
  141. Create administrator account using SOAP
  142. [SOLVED] Looking for sources of an zimlet GPL
  143. WSDL Url
  144. Exchange free-busy interoperation via SOAP
  145. Why doesn't Jetty recompile tags?
  146. zimbra calendar
  147. Contacts not deleted
  148. Immediately Consumable Web Services
  149. How to send Encrypted mail in the Zimbra
  150. Sending SOAP message and receiving JSON
  151. GAL per COS
  152. JSON Request format
  153. [SOLVED] Java SOAP Client exception
  154. custom email forwarding?
  155. LDAP user Info
  156. [SOLVED] Zimbra SOAP API
  157. Populate a selct in json in a Zimlet
  158. zimbra web client: open compose of a draft via url
  159. Cannot modify appointment
  160. Zimbra Mail idea for calendars
  161. Reusing a cancelled calendar event ID
  162. Help Needed for Outlook calendar Issue
  163. Making Time Zones Work
  164. Zimbra Server as Central Point in SSO infrastructure?
  165. [SOLVED] Export log to html
  166. Zimbra SOAP API: create calendar event
  167. New Install on Debian Lenny - Java problems when starting
  168. Is there any way to flush cache via SOAP request?
  169. removing the add image button from Address Book
  170. Zimbra: Add an appointment to calendar from php form
  171. Custom the creation of appointment
  172. help needed..
  173. Soap / attribute questions
  174. File upload problems (encoding type, properties)
  175. Oracle Beehive: Problem when the time zone without the "summer time"
  176. Install fails building perl:: buildmaster.lab.zimbra.com not found
  177. customize ajax mail compose interface?
  178. Zimbra customized event listeners
  179. Build zimbra on jdk 1.6
  180. SOAP getAppointments and sort by appt-start?
  181. Zimbra and Opensearch
  182. auto refresh for every 5 min in standard html
  183. Retrieving ZFolder contents
  184. [SOLVED] After request I get (500) Internal Server Error
  185. Sliding Panel over Mailbox
  186. SoapProvisioning for non-admin account
  187. Email to URL trigger
  188. SOAP AuthRequest Failure (account.INVALID_PASSWORD)
  189. [SOLVED] getting the emailid after logging in
  190. Postmaster replacement with zimbra
  191. Is it possible to hook the Home tab?
  192. remove zimbra accounts using the scripts
  193. How can I see the SOAP request
  194. removing Log out from zimbra
  195. Quickest way to access the ZCS datastore
  196. GetImportStatusResponse Messages for Multiple External Accouts
  197. Hardware token/2-factor authentication
  198. source for 6.0.7
  199. Push to Zimlet
  200. MAPI functionality for open source
  201. Webmail client direction right to left
  202. zmsoap IMSubScribeRequest requires active web client session
  203. BESx, openmapi.org and Other Thoughts
  204. OCS build issue. openldap- missing.
  205. help with buliding / compiling for a zimbra developer environment
  206. ZCS from perforce on OpenSuSE 11
  207. Field id calculation from mail_item
  208. Can i run a file in zimbra server ?
  209. Zimbra mail server..
  210. Modify contact information from de DB!
  211. mod_metadata & mod_content calculation??
  212. SOAP - Get TimeZone Info
  213. [SOLVED] Create signature with java (soap API)
  214. zimbra PHP-SOAP API (with GET Params)
  215. how to create protected global tags
  216. logout a user programatically???
  217. zimbra as a base line to do the second develop
  218. where is NoOpReponse processed?
  219. Zimbra skin
  220. Conversation View Add Class
  221. [SOLVED] how to customize zcs UI ??
  222. Removing address book button from user account?
  223. Upgrade from 5.0.18 to broke my custom authentication
  224. ZClient - ZMailbox.getAppointment - not working?
  225. Does developers' guide exists ?
  226. Twilight Theme Different Behavior between FF and IE8
  227. Zimbra Build can't see JDK 1.5
  228. [SOLVED] create a user programatically!!
  229. Zimlet PopUp Server Side
  230. Creating user by HRMS in zimbra
  231. OAuthIMAP
  232. Retrieving large calendar info
  233. Zimlet call via SOAP
  234. SOAP calls via Admin or standard URL
  235. [SOLVED] Problem downloading source code
  236. Zimbra Soap API for getting all free users for a specific time slot
  237. Direct URL edit contact
  238. [SOLVED] PHP SOAP XML Decode
  239. [SOLVED] SOAP EndSessionRequest
  240. What is the logical scheme of INVID ?
  241. What is the difference between calitemid and invId ?
  242. Why the CALITEMID is incrmented by 2 instead 1 ?
  243. In the doc soap.txt, what is the l attribut values ?
  244. How to get calendar folder only using
  245. What is the tag <su>{subject}</su> in CreateAppointmentRequest sentence ?
  246. [SOLVED] PHP PreAuth Help
  247. What is the SESSIOND parameter or TAG inside soap zimbra ?
  248. PHP Soap Tutorial
  249. birthday field
  250. Retrieving contact folders names using the REST API with ZCS 6.0