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  1. Calendar Sync Issue
  2. zimbradesktop sync niet
  3. Unexpected tag in response(expected C79 but got C78)
  4. Email Sync Issues
  5. Can't get new emails
  6. can't read SMFIC_BODYEOB reply packet head
  7. Zimbra desktop does not synchroniza with an account
  8. Desktop Sync Error
  9. com.zimbra.common.service.ServiceException: system failure: Unable to read/write
  10. Web interface exploit all versions
  11. Cant add zimbra email account - account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS: email address already exists
  12. Failure communicating
  13. Zimbra 5.0.2 not delivering mail - Antivirus is DOWN
  14. Error Reports when syncing
  15. Syncing Google Calendar with ZD
  16. Latest Zdesktop Not Syncing
  17. Yahoo Mail was working last nigh, today failed
  18. decode error: org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["tags"] not found.
  19. Error: This message could not be sent
  20. Will not sync Yahoo account
  21. Failure communicating with remote server.
  22. service.FAILURE: system failure: error while proxying request to target server: HTTP/
  23. Mail delivery failure, message returned to sender
  24. APPEND failed : Message Contains bare newlines
  25. Can't open some emails, please help!
  26. Can't access my account
  27. Sync Error keeps repeating
  28. Hundreds of Errors
  29. cant sync google contacts
  30. Error Zimbra in Zimbra Desktop
  31. sync from Zimbra to Yahoo calendar not working
  32. Failure communicating with remote server.
  33. Constant Error connecting to Yahoo with Zimbra Desktop 7.2.2 GA
  34. CONSTANT Failure communicating with remote server! NO changes made on my end
  35. Failure Communicating with Remote Server
  36. shared address book auto-complete and order
  37. wrong quota alert
  38. zimbra Desktop
  39. Failure communicating with remote server
  40. Emails not sending after upgrade
  41. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  42. Post-server failure
  43. Failure communicating with remote server
  44. zimbra google apps error
  45. Zimbra Desktop is unable to synchronize data...
  46. [SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] Abort due to constraint violation (column id is not unique)
  47. Zimbra 8: query param disp doesn't work
  48. A "Space" is Showing in the Top Page
  49. IMAP Folder Errors -- Error type: RENAME failed: RENAME failed: Invalid argument
  50. Google synch failure
  51. Connection is closed
  52. Folder sync failed for Zimbra
  53. Opening PDF files cause Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 to crash
  54. No such folder exists
  55. Error popup during appointment creation after 7.2.1 upgrade
  56. Zimbra Desktop out of sync
  57. PDF Browser Plugin
  58. Client Event notify request
  59. No longer able to launch Zimbra Desktop
  60. Zimbra Desktop + IMAP (Synology NAS) => duplicate folders & mails
  61. ZD will not sync Gmail address book
  62. ZD stops connecting to POP3 server
  63. Ubuntu 12.4 / zdesktop_7_1_2_ga_b10978 OK / zdesktop_7_1_4_ga_b11299 error
  64. Zimbra Desktop Crashes Everytime I Open It
  65. Zimbra Desktop does not sync Kalendar
  66. Connection Closed/Cannot Sync error - Netscape (AOL) mail
  67. Can not sync addresses after reset
  68. Connection is Closed - Folder Sync Failed
  69. Seeing out of memory error and I am unable to connect to server to get any new emails
  70. Error while accesiing Free Busy lookup in zimbra calendar with Lotus Notes
  71. ZD7 changes Received Date during sync.
  72. Unable to open altered meeting requests in Firefox 12 and IE 8
  73. try again: Unable to connect to the MTA
  74. When create reminder in calendar apear the time in thousands (1,000)
  75. impossible de recevoir es mails depuis quelques jours et rapport d'erreur
  76. Reply/forward buttons quit working
  77. Yahoo address book synchronization failed
  78. zdesktop error .. please help
  79. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 not showing IMAP messages (INTERNALDATE problem)
  80. Syn to yahoo account failed
  81. issues for download - connection is closed
  82. attachments problems
  83. Debug message: Java heap space
  84. fail to sync sent folder
  85. "zimbra.imap.mail.yahoo.com:993" nicht gefunden ( not found)
  86. Address book sync problem
  87. Sync Deleted My Inbox
  88. Zimbra Desktop won't start
  89. lost my zimbra desktop
  90. UID STORE failed: mailbox selected READ-ONLY
  91. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  92. Failure communicating with remote server.
  93. Won't connect to addresses for new email
  94. Error while deploying zimlet
  95. Cannot send mail (although can receive) - via Yahoo account
  96. Cannot access zimbra server
  97. Debug message: no such folder id: 23925
  98. contacts not syncing with yahoo
  99. cannot print forwarded mail
  100. JavaScript error
  101. Does the developer care about errors?
  102. Invalid end of line character. Sync failed due to IOException for the following items
  103. Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2 - Free/busy view error
  104. One email not syncing
  105. GMAIL: SSL Connection Failure. Check host & port settings?
  106. ZIMBRA Dsktop Unable To Sync
  107. Cannot Connect to Email: Error Message
  108. "Ghost" unread emails problem
  109. Unable to communicate with a remote server. Please try again later.
  110. where are my received emails
  111. comm failure to yahoo server after dwnlding 870 mails
  112. Zimbra Address Book shows repeating contacts
  113. Debug message: Invalid end of line character
  114. Zimbra desktop pdf printing
  115. zclient.IO_ERROR
  116. Error 1480 Calendar will not save anything
  117. Help! Gmail Error Reports Gone Wild!
  118. Clearing calendars?
  119. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  120. ZD 7.1.2 build 10978 Service.failure error
  121. smtp connect failure - trying to setup gmail
  122. Thunderbird import contact with birthday
  123. IO_Error Pushchanges.sync
  124. Help! Can not connect to server/ No se puede conectar con el servidor
  125. Zimbra Client MAPI anomalies
  126. Zimbra will not reload and must be reinstalled each time it is used
  127. Unable to sync IMAP folder with space in name
  128. Sync faliure: Message data cannot be null or empty.
  129. During SMTP send, ZD loses count of responses...
  130. Google address book and calendar sync failure
  131. Syncing stops and I get a red circle with a white "x" in it
  132. Outgoing SMTP STARTTLS?
  133. Invalid end of line character
  134. ZD synchoronization failure for yahoo mail
  135. failure communicating remote server
  136. Zimbra Desktop sync failure - What to do?
  137. Error report help
  138. Sync error: No such file or directory
  139. Invisible Folder - Zimbra Desktop 7.1.2
  140. Error when sending email with attachement
  142. bad gateway/internal server error
  143. New users calendar status "unknown"
  144. Remote host closed connection during handshake
  145. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  146. LinkedIn Issue, Java Security Cert
  147. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later
  148. connection is closed
  149. Cannot access zimbra server
  150. A network service error has occurred
  151. "{0}" communication error. Please check port number.
  152. UID SEARCH failed: The specified charset is not supported.
  153. SendMessage request failed: Method context doesn't exist
  154. Couldn't access Zimbra Desktop server. If issue persists after reinstall
  155. APPEND failed: APPEND Command exceeds the maximum allowed size
  156. Delivery failed: SendMessage request failed: Method context doesn't exist
  157. Error in Sync'ing Yahoo! Mail
  158. YMail no longer can connect
  159. Service Failure
  160. Zimbra fails to sort by folders
  161. Filter On Outgoing Mail Not Working
  162. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  163. Zimlet com_zimbra_email
  164. Zimbra Desktop Doesn't Start - Mac OSX 10.6.8
  165. IMAP to Lotus Domino error
  166. Zimbra desktop and Lotus Domino IMAP
  167. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  168. An error occurred while initializing the zimlet
  169. Zimbra Desktop 7.01 sync error, under Linux Mint
  170. Sync Error
  171. Error type: mail.ALREADY_EXISTS
  172. same error message every 2-3 minutes
  173. Here is the error I'm getting
  175. Outlook zimbra stuck at loading multiple pcs
  176. [SOLVED] Convert slave ldap to master ldap
  177. Failure communicating with remote server. Caused by invalid folder name characters
  178. Zimbra file upload timeout
  179. Advance Search Time search error "Unable to parse the search query "
  180. No Downloads from YAHOO
  181. Gmail sync error
  182. Yahoo address book synchronization failed
  183. Error on print email located on sharing folders - ZDC 7.0.1
  184. Repeatedly getting same (old) message
  185. Auto Sync Not Working
  186. Yahoo Emails do not sync
  187. error: Access is denied
  188. Zimbra broken again- Another connection problem!
  189. error
  190. Zimbra Desktop 7.0.1 - Cannot Forward Attachments from Local Folders
  191. Failure communicating with remote server
  192. Yahoo Address Book Sync problem
  193. Yahoo address book synchronization has been temporarily blocked
  194. Cannot edit a table format.
  195. zdesktop error report: service.FAILURE
  196. Incoming mail duplicated many times
  197. Is there any point in posting error reports?
  198. Well after months of using Zimbra this is new
  199. Couldn't access Zimbra Desktop server
  200. Miisng features with latest update
  201. Help! Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  202. Problem when using user created contact groups
  203. Service Failure after update
  204. ZD Unverified SSL Certificates
  205. How can you get a "network error" accessing the local folders?
  206. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  207. service.FAILURE
  208. Failure communicating with remote server. try again
  209. Failure Communicating with Remote Server Error
  210. Exclamation Point for Yahoo Mail
  211. Unable to open my Zimbra Desktop
  212. 7 on Linux Mint 10 64bit
  213. zdesktop java.lang.StackOverflowError : can't sync anymore
  214. Gmail sync failure due to virus in inbox
  215. Certificate Error/SSL Error When Attempting to Log In
  216. unable to connect to my zimbra server
  217. [SOLVED] Error After Comodo Antivirus Was Set To Paranoid Mode
  218. Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 2 and Documents
  219. Yahoo
  220. ERROR : calendar sync failed
  221. E-Mail Templates not selected
  222. Duplicate emails appearing in Inbox
  223. Address Book Views
  224. Error report
  225. endless error reports
  226. Error en the Global Address List
  227. Desktop 7 beta suddenly won't start
  228. Zdesktop 7beta1 Briefcase error
  229. Error: The operation failed (-17012)
  230. ???remote.CONNECT_FAILURE???
  231. Zimbra Desktop 2.0.1
  232. [SOLVED] ZD 7 beta 1 resyncing and failing over and over
  233. ZD 7 beta 1 error when switching from Calendar tab to any other tab
  234. Sync Failure
  235. Failure communicating with remote server - due to Proxy Authentication Required
  236. [SOLVED] Desktop stopped working
  237. Desktp 2.0.1 (build 10659) fails in sharing local folder
  238. Empty Trash Errors
  239. Too_many_contacts
  240. Failure communicating with remote server
  241. Synch / Network Error
  242. Sync Issues
  243. Yahoo account paused
  244. Multiple Error Reports
  245. failed to "send/receive" on Unbuntu
  246. Zimbra Desktop Error (Frensh Version)
  247. after upgrade from 1.04 to 2.01 it does not work anymore
  248. Error Report - failure fetching search metadata
  249. A network service error has ocurred.
  250. Sync Failure