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  1. bug in search option in zimbra mail client
  2. Debug message: cannot modify immutable object: 319
  3. RSS Feed Zimlet / Zimbra Desktop not happy
  4. Incorrect date listing of emails
  5. Error everytime the mailbox tries to sync
  6. Sync problem on client - Invalid sync format
  7. Multiple / SPAM emails
  8. Syncing Sent Folder: Debug message: Unexpected end of stream
  9. error message received while using yahoo zimbra.
  10. No sync readed and sent emails with zimbra server
  11. [SOLVED] Windows IE wants to download something, instead of showing the login-screen
  12. ServiceException
  13. impossible de communiquer avec le serveur distant
  14. [SOLVED] Sync with MS Echange issue
  15. Cannot Sync.
  16. Gmail IMAP Sync issues
  17. Yahoo address book synchronization failed...
  18. Fusemail Synch Fails
  19. Zimbra desktop no sync with an specific zimbra account
  20. Not syncing - Unexpected End of Stream
  21. Imap sync
  22. Error Communicating with Remote Server
  23. [SOLVED] zdesktop fails to sync large mailboxes after migration
  24. Error Occuring During Installation
  25. Reset yahoo password in web browser, now cannot login in with zimbra
  26. Sync failure
  27. can't open email "network service error"
  28. error connection zd
  29. zdesktop sync failure: duplicate key value ... SQL ... IMAP_FOLDER
  30. Desktop hanging on java futex_wait under Fedora linux
  31. Error message : "unable to parse the search query"
  32. Installation Issue
  33. Failure communicating with remote server.
  34. sync failure
  36. [SOLVED] permission denied: Only admins may listen to other account IDs
  37. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  38. 2 Trash folders and lots of errors
  39. Zimbra Desktop Sync fails at the very end with "cannot modify immutable object: 280"
  40. Zimbra desktop unable to fully synch with an IMAP server
  41. service.FAILURE: system failure: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
  42. desktop hangs while syncing if IMAP server error
  43. Latest update causes "Google address book synchronization failed"
  44. [SOLVED] Notebook and Briefcase contents do not sync with ZD 1.0.1 and Zimba Server 5
  45. Partial failure syncing IMAP folders
  46. Unable to delete folders
  47. calendar OfflineServiceException after upgrading
  48. Groups in Contacts are not there anymore with build 1593
  49. Difficulty in running upgraded version of Zimbra Desktop
  50. Build 1593 Broke My Linux Install
  51. Calendar Sync after AutoSync
  52. Gal Sync Issue
  53. Desktop Mailbox stop synching
  54. [SOLVED] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  55. Couldn't access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop served
  56. Failure to import Contacts
  57. Failure communicating with remote server
  58. Conflict with Yahoo Messenger
  59. [SOLVED] Save draft on shared folder gives permission denied
  60. Deleting email-folder not allowed
  61. service.FAILURE: system failure: Unable to connect to IMAP server:
  62. Spellcheck doesn't work (Intermittent)
  63. Zimbra Desktop won't start after fresh install
  64. After installation, Zimbra desktop can't access to server
  65. "yahoo.co.in" does not sync/download email, gmail working fine
  66. Search not working in contacts
  67. IMAP Errors Zimbra Client to MailEnable
  68. Debug message: Connection is closed
  69. Sync error with calendar
  70. {0} communication error. Please check port number
  71. Problem after adding long filename to briefcase
  72. Attachement Upload Failure
  73. aol.NL
  74. Desktop sync with Zimbra Server network edition
  75. Connection is closed
  76. Moving emails caused loss of email on Ymail
  77. CRLF expected at end of chunk
  78. cannot modify immutable object
  79. Unable to connect to remote server
  80. [SOLVED] Unable to connect to server - Connection refused by localhost:7633
  81. No sync with outgoing email with yahoo - Not sending outgoing emails
  82. Invalid Base64 character: 32
  83. Unable to Sync with Gmail
  84. Zimbra desktop GAL timed out.
  85. service.FAILURE: system failure
  86. SSL connection failure. Please check host and port settings.
  87. Unable to load a SugarCRM iCal Calendar
  88. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  89. Cannot Modify Immutable Object - issues syncing
  90. SOAP API error
  91. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  92. [SOLVED] Lightning won't read events modified by a Palm
  93. Refuses to synchronise either Yahoo calendar or Yahoo address book
  94. NO_SUCH_BLOB error report
  95. Failure communicating with remote server
  96. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  97. sync w/calendar and address book - yahoo
  98. "Failure communicating with remote server" - POP3
  99. Shared calendar error
  100. Calendar Events disappeared / gone missing
  101. Attachments do not display
  102. Synchronization of folder '/Inbox' disabled due to maximum number of per-item errors
  103. Cant uninstall Zimbra Desktop
  104. Also sync failure
  105. How desactivate SSL ?!
  106. [SOLVED] yahoo address book synchronization failed
  107. Parse Error
  108. Calendar Sync Failure
  109. sync failure
  110. [SOLVED] beta testin build 1537 install failure
  111. Zimbra Desktop UI partly freezes after sleep
  112. Zimbra Desktop won't resolve hostnames
  113. When the user fail to logon POP3, it will not recheck later
  114. Sync error, rebuild in 24hr again
  115. Error in Zimbra
  116. Unable to send Yahoo Small Business mail: SendMessage request failed: You are not ...
  117. From: field of Primary Account persona doesn't work
  118. Sent Mail/Trash
  119. Zimbra can't sync with All New Yahoo Calendar
  120. account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS: email address already exists:
  121. [SOLVED] Failed to Inject Zimlets
  122. [SOLVED] Derby crapped out... again
  123. Failed to inject zimlets
  124. Desktop will not run on Vista Home
  125. Failure to communicate to remote server (hotmail) - 404 error
  126. [SOLVED] Error in /tmp/install4jError61735.log
  127. Error unpacking jar files. Aborting...
  128. [SOLVED] Error unpacking jar files. Aborting.
  129. Incorrect dates on inbox emails
  130. [BUG] LC_PAPER environment ignored on Linux
  131. Briefcase problems
  132. Desktop desappears under my MS Vista on Dell studio 1735
  133. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  134. [SOLVED] Can't start Zimbra Desktop
  135. Calendar Sync Error Report
  136. [SOLVED] Couldn't Access Zimbra Desktop Server
  137. Failed to inject zimlets then Could't Access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop server fatal error
  138. imap service failure
  139. Sinc whit zimbra mail server
  140. YZD - 1513 Build - HTTP Request failed 999 failure to communicate with remote server
  141. Error(only on Gmail):Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later
  142. There's an error Synchronizing with Rocketmail account
  143. Failure Communicating with remote server
  144. Calendar sync/creation error report
  145. Upgrade problem with zdesktop_1_0_build_1482_win32
  146. ZD offline and no longer syncing after folder move
  147. Google Apps calendar sync not working tries to sync with gmail.com instead
  148. RC2 installation fails
  149. Need constant re-installation on OS X
  150. Agenda Sync error
  151. Can't connect to Zimbra server
  152. address book sync broken
  153. Mac "Couldn't access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop server" Error
  154. [SOLVED] Update fails - ZDesktop build 1510
  155. main Inbox shows no items (but it does in web UI)
  156. [SOLVED] Debug message: HTTP request failed: 999: null
  157. Error while i'm reading a mail
  158. Couldn't access Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop server..." on a Mac
  159. [SOLVED] ZDesktop remove account does not stop polling server
  160. DELETE failed: Unknown folder
  161. Mails not uploading to Zimbra Desktop
  162. Calender Sync Causes Zimbra not not sync
  163. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  164. Zimbra Desktop Wont Even Start
  165. Crash During Folder Move
  166. Zimbra crash/ Re-install doesn't work
  167. Desktop don't start - "segmentation fault"
  168. Zimbr desktop sync to zimbra server
  169. Unable to create IMAP account
  170. Delta sync error.
  171. INFO/ERROR - Upgrade from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny
  172. where is my message?
  173. Rename Error
  174. [SOLVED] Sudden problem synching with gmail
  175. Sync error with Yahoo Calendar after successful install
  176. ZD fails to push changes to Zimbra Server
  177. Couldn't store message tracker for uid
  178. Sync error messages
  179. POP3 server without UIDL extension
  180. Problem with sync
  181. IMAP failing for no apparent reason
  182. Little Perhaps a clerical error :)
  183. error on zimbra desktop on mac os 10.5.6
  184. Fetch Failed Error Message
  185. Free/Busy of non-Zimbra users appears "oddly" in schedule tab of appointment
  186. domain mismatch
  187. Google Address Book Sync Error
  188. GMail sync works but not the calendar
  189. Mobile Phone Field not Synching with Gmail contacts
  190. Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later.
  191. Unable to sync with yahoo.co.uk account
  192. Unable to start Zimbra Desktop on OSX 10.4.11
  193. [SOLVED] Sync error but seems to work
  194. [SOLVED] Shared Calendar isn't shown
  195. Http Error: 500
  196. ZD RC1 Shared Document Notebooks Not Sync'd For Offline Viewing?
  197. [SOLVED] Error when trying to deploy a zimlet with 1482
  198. IndexOutOfBounds Error (Just sent an error report)
  199. ZD RC1 Tasklist shows UID in left pane
  200. Compose Mail in new window slooooow
  201. ZD RC1 Calendar overlapping
  202. Briefcase double folder
  203. [SOLVED] Restarted ZD always defaults to English
  204. [SOLVED] Fonts in displaying text mail message under Linux
  205. Unauthorized access - can't open zimbra, at all
  206. Error while 1st sync (build1842)
  207. [SOLVED] ZD 1482 rejects browser access
  208. email not syncing with 1482
  209. Yahoo Biz Mail - Calendar Sync
  210. Sent folder date sorting is ignoring the Year
  211. [SOLVED] Compose won't work at all
  212. [SOLVED] mail in shared folders not visible on ZD Mac 0.92 (1433)
  213. 0.92 build 1433 (windows) offline function issue when accessing shared folders
  214. Fail to set up pop account: SSL connection failure.
  215. Sharing documents and briefcases on .92
  216. Sync error with Zimbra server
  217. Zdesktop stopped synching after adding a calendar appointment
  218. [SOLVED] Search Index Corrupted
  219. Error using Zimbra Desktop with all folders
  220. Sync error
  221. Font and Lists in a Page
  222. Zimbra Desktop Stopped Syncing with Zimbra Online
  223. Zimbra mail sending error
  224. zdesktop.exe crashes
  225. Zimbra Desktop complaining about server version
  226. Zimbra desktop not getting email from server
  227. last name changes in the from field in the inbox
  228. [SOLVED] Saving window size state / small app window
  229. Local Folders: "Create a new folder here" link not working
  230. [SOLVED] Yahoo mail won't go online now...
  231. zimbra 0.92 build 1433: append message errors
  232. Problem with Sync of Send Email with yahoo
  233. Zimbra hanging up at splash screen
  234. emails not available in the Server
  235. Error Sync - UID FETCH failed UID Fetch error; Can't fetch that data
  236. Copy and Paste not working in body of email.
  237. Calendar sync error
  238. Can not add any more mail filters
  239. Trouble connecting to POP3 server
  240. Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop not start
  241. [SOLVED] Desktop goes dead. (Linux)
  242. Cannot Send Mail Offline
  243. Zimbra desktop sync failure
  244. attachment zero kilobyte
  245. Status: Error Yahoo email
  246. zimbra 0.92 not syncing folder inside inbox which inturn has another folder
  247. ZD to Exchange IMAP - SSL Connection Failure
  248. Zimbra Desktop : problem accessing Yahoo Mail
  249. Calendar Error
  250. "Share properties" dialog generates incorrect URL (v0.92 build 1433 / linux)