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  1. Zimbra Desktop fails to install on Ubuntu 8.04
  2. Intalled but wrong language displayed
  3. Error sending email
  4. Desktop does not display Schedule
  5. synch seems to break constantly and not restart
  6. Connection error
  7. Installed fine but then the confusion began...
  8. java.net.SocketException when setting up email account
  9. after installation
  10. Migrating Outlook Calender to Z-Desktop
  11. No PPC support????
  12. POP3 setup
  13. ZD working...almost
  14. Installation directory
  15. Error - 550 must be authenticated
  16. Unable to type in setup configuration fields on Mac OSX
  17. Not able to configure Gmail account on Zimbra desktop
  18. Zymbra Desktop (no Zimbra server): how to sync with mobile phone
  19. Installation - Zimbra Service Stops on Windows
  20. Java Install Error
  21. [SOLVED] Can't start Zimbra Desktop service...
  22. Subfolders sync, but root does not.
  23. Intalation Zdesktop 0.84 build 1119 Linux Ubuntu
  24. Foresight Linux Install
  25. xp sp3 java install error
  26. Yahoo! Mail Plus access must use IMAP
  27. "Connection reset by peer: connect" when using public access
  28. how to import pst files?
  29. Trouble installing on Windows XP machine
  30. IMAP authentication error
  31. Zmibra will not get any messages
  32. java error
  33. OS X - copy already open
  34. Installing Zimbra desktop on Mac OS X
  35. SMTP connect failure with SSL client connections
  36. Initial Account Setup Errors
  37. Desktop Custom Installer
  38. Nothing happens
  39. Install of Toaster with ZD?
  40. [Installation] Zimbra Desktop - Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy
  41. Error with zimbra desktop installation
  42. Asus eeepc/Mandriva 2008.1/Zdesktop
  43. [SOLVED] CPU usage issue with beta2
  44. [SOLVED] Email Acct Setup
  45. ZD Beta 2 on OSX uninstall not apparent
  46. [SOLVED] ZD Beta 2 Linux doesn't log in to my Zimbra account
  47. ZD Beta 2 for Windows crashes
  48. Zimbra Desktop Beta2 is Out!
  49. Install Desktop Client on Fedora 8
  50. Install Desktop Client on Fedora 8
  51. Zimbra desktop on Asus EEE
  52. ZD daemon auto start.
  53. Three Error Message When installing Zimbra
  54. can't install or run
  55. [SOLVED] An easy way to start Zdesktop in Linux
  56. install and uninstall issues eeeXubuntu
  57. install error on ubuntu hardy heron alpha 5
  58. Connection refused
  59. connection refused when connecting to localhost:7633
  60. Zimbra desktop won't install on Mac as non-admin user
  61. Error when i'm setting up my ZD
  62. zdesktop_windows_beta1 MSI
  63. Perfect Install Beta 1
  64. connection refused
  65. Install folder defaults to c:\zimbra\
  66. Zimbra Desktop Problem
  67. Problems installing desktop on Fedora
  68. Various errors during install and initial startup
  69. Cannot connect to "localhost: 7633"
  70. Zimbra Account Setup
  71. Upgrade to zdesktop 0.58 : Failed to inject zimlets
  72. zdesktop backend doesn't run on Suse10.2
  73. Zimbra Windows download not working
  74. Install yields "Failed to inject zimlets" error message; ZDesktop doesn't run
  75. .53 Will Not "Launch" in FF
  76. Dekstop download for Linux
  77. Zimbra Desktop install on Chinese Windows
  78. got this error while trying to install on ubuntu 7.04
  79. Zimbra desktop install
  80. Problem installing Desktop on Ubuntu
  81. [SOLVED] Installing ZDesktop on terminal server
  82. Installation Problem
  83. Windows Installer should install to Program Files