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  1. How to move Gmail to Zimbra using Zimbra Desktop ?
  2. How To Uninstall Zimbra Desktop Client - Mac OS X 10.9
  3. Starting ZD when XP loads
  4. Where did my Zimlets go?
  5. 2 errors at launch
  6. How to get rid of download popup / dialog?
  7. Outgoing Mail Filter Not Working
  8. installation of the dictionaries
  9. Agregar una libreta de contactos tipo LDAP
  10. Zimbra Address "Tags" sync to Yahoo "List"
  11. Sending email
  12. Sub Folders under Local folders disappear
  13. Offline Access without a Zimbra Server mailbox account
  14. ZD 7.2.5 drag and drop picture attachments
  15. PLEASE help me to recover emails deleted from trash bin.
  16. Zimbra Desktop - Signature greater than 1024 characters
  17. Going to spam and junk
  18. One of my email accounts within Zimbra is Paused and it would not be Online again
  19. inbox not up to date
  20. Sync not completing (two Yahoo Mail boxes)
  21. emails from MailChimp do not display
  22. Imported address book not visible
  23. SMTP relay issues
  24. Red X next to yahoo accounts
  25. calendar
  26. ZDesktop in Windows 7 hangs at launch because "a script on this page may be busy..."
  27. invisible email contents
  28. Count of Emails in folder
  29. Re-authenticate
  30. Issue Importing local Folders.
  31. Can't run ZD 7.2.5 on Win7-64
  32. How to open attachments in their native program
  33. Zmprov
  34. Retrieving emails etc. from Zimbra Desktop after WIN 8.1 refresh
  35. Rich Text editor buttons missing (ie: find/replace)
  36. Conversation view message view gone
  37. Zimbra changed email address
  38. Help. I deleted my Inbox !
  39. mail list view does not refresh properly
  40. Zimbra Desktop Client 7.2.5 - Enable duplicate email account to be configure
  41. I need to add a signature HTML and I get an error
  42. How to install spell checker dictionaries in Zimbra 7.2.5 GA ( build 12038) ?
  43. mirroring zimbra
  44. ZD 7.2.5 on my OSX 10.9 won't open new, reply or forward window after gimlet install
  45. ZD won't open at all after upgrade
  46. Can't send attachments
  47. Tags are not syncing to desktop on emails in Shared folders
  48. Send e-mail to an internal Antispam antvirus
  49. Email body empty when printing from ZD
  50. Error in theme "Wave" in Zimbra
  51. ANNOUNCEMENT: Zimbra Desktop 7.2.5 Now Available!
  52. [SOLVED] For anyone who can't get Zimbra Desktop to copy sent messages to Gmail Sent folder...
  53. TOO_MANY_CONTACTS error being falsely reported and causing issues in Desktop client
  54. [ZD 7.25 GA] - ZD displaying tags from wrong email box when multiple accounts loaded
  55. How to remove Outlook 2013 troubleshoot issues ?
  56. Change Zimbra Login Screen Colors
  57. Excessive CPU Usage
  58. Error Message..Yahoo mail
  59. Minimized Desktop View size memory lost - For Zimbra Desktop
  60. Change Order Of Email Accounts In List
  61. IMAP or POP accounts
  62. Zimbra Desktop Update to 7.2.5
  63. Mac OS X 10.9.X ZD 7.2.5 Dock Icon Changes to EXEC Icon When Running
  64. Outgoing Message Filtering Not Working
  65. Where are my local folders (after update to ZD 7.2.5) ?
  66. Mac OS X "Exec' icon on dock
  67. Contact with Multiple Email Addresses Issue and Bug Fix - ZD 7.2.5
  68. Removed Twilight Theme - Why?
  69. Suggestion thread
  70. Zimbra Desktop 7.2.5 GA (build 1238)
  71. Paste images while composing emails in Zimbra Desktop doesn´t work
  72. bounce mail issue.
  73. Development of Zimbra Desktop after ZCS 8.5 Has Arrived
  74. Help...I just ran some update on ZD and now....
  75. Where did all the themes go in New Update Zimbra 7.25
  76. New version Desktop released 7.2.5
  77. Zimbra Desktop on Win 7 - everything is bold-italic
  78. yahoo accounts not working
  79. Zimbra Desktop non-Sync access to GMAIL ALL MAIL folder
  80. Can't Find Location of E-Mails after Moving E-Mails to Local Folder
  81. Problem after Editing E-Mails
  82. Can Email with attachment automatically saved to server?
  83. Address Book
  84. Gmail sent folder is empty
  85. port number is changing randomly while opening in browser
  86. SSL connection failure. Please check host and port settings.
  87. No sync in Address Book
  88. Can't connect to MS Exchange
  89. Automatic Refresh
  90. Critical Error deploying zimlet in Windows 7
  91. Zimbra will not load
  92. Marking messages to be sent to "All Mail" instead of deleting them -- gmail
  93. IMAP Connection Error
  94. Grrr... I tried and couldn't find it. "Multiple Identities or Profiles"
  95. ZD - cannot connect to server
  96. Gmail data storage?
  97. Zimbra Desktop notifications for email and calendar don't work with Growl
  98. Just lost ability to edit calendar events
  99. Out of office auto reply message
  100. Is Zimbra Desktop DEAD ?
  101. Facebook Set Up Error
  102. Account authentication
  103. Editing
  104. Error Reports
  105. "Invalid Addresses" When I Reply to an Email
  106. Mails sent through Zimbra Desktop blacklisted due to Spam
  107. Need Help Please
  108. BST delays by 1 hr incoming appointment times in calendar from Lotus Notes sender
  109. Account Setup - Cannot connect to gmail
  110. Program font has changed and hard to read
  111. unable to drag mail to folder
  112. View in Content Pane
  113. Syncing emails between computer
  114. Yahoo mail not sending
  115. Zimbra desktop stops receiving mail
  116. Gmail Contacts Sync
  117. Not receiving mails
  118. Edit contacts in contact group
  119. Zimbra Desktop problem with HTML support
  120. Zimbra Desktop/Yahoo Mail - suddenly stopped synching
  121. The management of the personality does not work
  122. Issue Syncing with Gmail accounts
  123. I an not able to search lots of my e-mail?
  124. Yahoo oauth
  125. Remove the briefcase tab
  126. Cannot connect to imap.gmail.com:993 error
  127. How to set inZimbraDesktop default email sorting
  128. Can I check M$ Exchange accounts with Zimbra Desktop?
  129. zimbra mail web client sign in
  130. does zimbra support local pst's?
  131. Configure Zimbra Desktop client to access mail served by Office365
  132. Couldn't access Zimbra Desktop Server
  133. Preferences -> Sharing doesn't exist
  134. Default settings for attachment on Zimbra Desktop for Mac
  135. Attach a file that is located in the folder containing Russian characters
  136. Synchronizing Adressbook between ZD users
  137. Stop marking emails as "read" when applying filter
  138. [SOLVED] Zimbra desktop 7.2.3 will fail to start correctly on Mac OS X after upgrading java
  139. Advanced Search Button Missing
  140. A couple of sniglet questions.
  141. How to add find emails
  142. How to Stop Zimbra Desktop from Automatically Putting E-Mails into Junk Folder
  143. Zimbra Desktop next Version
  144. Cant see anything!
  145. Emails Disappeared
  146. Cannot sync desktop calendar with remote server
  147. Doc22222
  148. Using Zimbra Desktop in a domain on multiple computers
  149. Syncing Google Mail Via Mac Mail With Zimbra Server
  150. ZImbra Desktop fails to send email from my yahoo account
  151. Linking to files on a shared LAN
  152. How to restore cache contacts from Outlook?
  153. Can't get folder to sync
  154. Cant send mail...."No Such Account Exists"
  155. Issue with mail sending and receiving undelivered mail returned to sender
  156. safeguarding mails on Zimbra Desktop after I move jobs and lose zimbra ?
  157. Setting up yahoo mail & live accounts
  158. Problem with address book sync
  159. Zimbra Desktop Running Perfectly on lan. but not working fine over internet
  160. java.io.IOException: Missing magic bytes in redolog header mailbox is not running
  161. Word 2013 Attachments open read only mode
  162. How to enable the read receipt feature by default
  163. Unable to connect to "SMTP server". Check the host, ports and network connectivity.
  164. autocomplete and links stopped working.
  165. email data store on Mac OSX
  166. Unable To Unistall
  167. How to filter email based on Name not address
  168. Global Tags
  169. Archiving Mails
  170. Cannot send emails, delivery failure with "invalid email addresses" message
  171. Spell check in Web Zimbra and Zimbra Desktop version
  172. Zimbra 8 Pricing
  173. Zimbra Desktop can't do basic things. Multi-account user-experience all wrong for me!
  174. Problem set up Yahoo account
  175. How to sync Exchange GAL with Zimbra desktop
  176. How to remove my duplicates emails from Outlook PST files?
  177. Zimbra & OpenOffice
  178. Missing "Run Filter" button
  179. Problem with Gmail validation
  180. Zimbra 8.5 Offline HTML5 CLient
  181. Message: No such account exists
  182. local mail folder synchronization
  183. Is there a way to use the calendar without setting up a email account
  184. Backing Up Emails and Personal Folders
  185. Email Composing Word Wrap
  186. Email Search
  187. Sent folder shows sender instead of recipient
  188. Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  189. problem with image in HTML format
  190. How to stop Email Grouping?
  191. Sort by Date
  192. ZDesktop 7.2.2 Will Not Open
  193. Email Recovery
  194. Microsoft Hotmail/Live/Outlookl IMAP SMTP issues
  195. Attachments & Zimlets
  196. Account Authentication
  197. zdesktop and apache reverse proxy
  198. Zimbra Desktop will not open - Prism screen opens instead
  199. I can't access to my mail
  200. Self-signed certificate: sec_error_untrusted_issuer
  201. Downloading Yahoo attachments
  202. Inbox View Question
  203. Zimbra Desktop
  204. Security & password re-transmission
  205. Repeating out of office message
  206. Zimbra 7.1.4 won't import email from inactive email account.
  207. Google Apps for Business and Corporate IMAP with same email
  208. Move junk folder to inbox
  209. Cant print email on macosx 10.7.5
  210. No fix for autocomplete!
  211. Emails have been deleted off my live account and moved into Zimbra!
  212. First impresion, coming from opera, thunderbird, some complains about view and panes
  213. Zimbra Desktop Client modify Text_unread in skin.properties
  214. Zimbra Desktop Mailto Registry Entries
  215. Sending Bulk Email
  216. "New Contact Group" not available in the Desktop Client?
  217. Are the moderators paying attention to forum???
  218. Yahoo Japan Accounts not supported?
  219. The font of the interface is very poor
  220. finding local folders after crash and reinstallation
  221. Error on Ubuntu 13.10
  222. Outlook 2003 export to Zimbra
  223. zimbra desktop not connecting on start up
  224. HTML Signatures in Zimbra Desktop
  225. How do I delete messages from Gmail server using zimbra Desktop?
  226. How to configure smpt to send emails from a web application
  227. Lost Folders from Yahoo account????
  228. Adding Avast (or other) SSL CA to ZD keystore
  229. Would like to exclude [Gmail] "All Mail" folder from Export
  230. Repair Installation Fails
  231. When click on Zimbra icon opens a windows Prism Moziila Labs
  232. Zimbra Favorites
  233. Cannot connect to any of my email accounts
  234. Zimbra Desktop Has a major breakdown
  235. Zimbra Desktop and Sync Calendar
  236. Downloading my private Yahoo mails into desktop
  237. Email Signature
  238. Visual Settings Like Column Width Won't Hold Or "Save"?
  239. Zimbra desktop keeps showing deleted accounts on "To" field camp
  240. All text in ZDesktop is bold
  241. ZD first post install start runs in error: Couldn't read override.ini
  242. Sent mail and multiple accounts
  243. Reading pane
  244. Shared folder notifications
  245. Free desktop Version:Broken link when attempting to add FB account in Social section
  246. Error report zdclient.exe
  247. Emails not transported and folder deleted
  248. Does Z.Desktop Search use Windows OS Search, or its own?
  249. Re-importing Local Folders
  250. is Zimbra desktop a close replacement for Outlook Express?