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  1. set MAILTO to Zimbra in IE and Word
  2. Set Attach File Upload Dialog default location during/ just after install
  3. Zimbra Desktop error 800A004C
  4. How to import Outlook Express 6 email to Zimbra
  5. Copy mail adresses from Excel to Zimbra
  6. Autocomplete FAIL v7.2.2
  7. new Zimbra problems
  8. Restore never completes
  9. Send Later Zimbra Desktop 7.2.2 GA (build 11951)
  10. New Message Counters on Folders
  11. Signature Formatting
  12. Not syncing at all :(
  13. installation issues
  14. Only one-way sync
  15. Problem with SMTP gmail connection when Avast SMTP scanning is active
  16. How can I disable spell check (german language)
  17. failure to sync (also avg repeatedly finding fakealert virus in inbox)
  18. Yahoo! account problems
  19. Turn off update notification
  20. Error 2203 Update/Install
  21. Gruppirovaka letters
  22. My yahoo is also in the error mode. But my Gmail is alway in online mode.
  23. MAC Downloads Pop up Window
  24. yet another unable to synch thread
  25. Contacts added do not show up in address book, zimbra desktop version 7.2.2GA
  26. Zimbra Desktop
  27. Need some help with search string
  28. ZImlet development problem on zimbra desktop
  29. Sending out of emails
  30. broken Error Reports, Yahoo Mail broken.
  31. Emails wont send
  32. Error - Cannot Connect to server.
  33. Sorry, uninstall because the lack of support
  34. Dismissing one appt dismisses all
  35. App problem solution needed
  36. How to access address book from various email addresses
  37. Names in header not associated with email
  38. Auto Complete Fails
  39. Anyone use Dragon NaturallySpeaking / Naturally Speaking or Dragon Dictate w/ Zimbra?
  40. Please finish Yahoo! OAuth process at account setup page.
  41. Guess what?
  42. Unable to install Zimbra Desktop client on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit OS
  43. Zimbra Desktop stuck at loading page
  44. Update gives override.ini issue
  45. Trying install update to Zimbra Desktop
  46. Removing Calendar Pane
  47. Update to Zimbra Desktop zdesktop_7_2_2_ga_b11951
  48. Zimbra stopped starting up, only after shutting down repeatedly starts again - maybe
  49. In of export email in ZD
  50. Facebook option does not work?
  51. Why does importing mail so long?
  52. Dutch spell checker?
  53. Won't Launch
  54. Can you set a defailt mail view when launching app?
  55. Contacts in Address Book VANISH!
  56. Build sqlite and index
  57. ActiveSync support in Zimbra Desktop Client
  58. JAVA security
  59. Rackspace; Delivery Failed: Invalid Address
  60. New Contact only in 1 address book, moving to another deletes others
  61. Delegation "send as" not available?
  62. problem with configuration
  63. Cannot see my replies in "Conversation View"
  64. Archiving mail on the google server
  65. Zdclient using 10% or more of CPU resources when nothing really happening
  66. zdesktop sync with google apps lack of speed
  67. Need help setting up Zimbra desktop.
  68. Viewing embedded content with SSL
  69. Gmail Contacts Not working on new installation, constant error reports
  70. Start up time?!
  71. larger lettertypes and icons
  72. copy and paste images
  73. Cannot launch ZD on windows xp sp 2
  74. "To" button is inactive to access contacts
  75. Error summary: missing msg ids
  76. Text from document ending up in Zimbra-mail by accident
  77. Period reminder
  78. HTML Signature - problem with links
  79. Hiding Desktop GUI
  80. Webmail Calendar as start page?
  81. Can't launch Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 on Mac OS 10.8.2 after installation
  82. Migrating from Sky webmail to Zimbra
  83. Annual view in the calendar?
  84. Contacts disappear (Zimbra loses focus)
  85. Install Certificate
  86. Can't get Zimbra Desktop (7.2.1) to Open on MAC OSX 10.8.2
  87. Free events hard to read
  88. Export an empty tree
  89. TLS 587 outgoing SMTP server?
  90. Zimbra desktop 7.2.1 auto archive mail
  91. Import Emails & Folders from Outlook Express
  92. Import multiple Yahoo accounts
  93. Error: Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later
  94. "Failure communicating with remote server. Please try again later."
  95. Sage 50 integration
  96. Help with Font Problem once a message has been sent
  97. Zimbra Desktop fails to attach image files using Send To Option
  98. Twitter zimlet error (maformed URI): how can I fix it?
  99. Zimbra icon launches... Prism?
  100. Error - Cannot connect to server
  101. Disappearing Message Preview
  102. zimbra Desktop and web client displaying different emails
  103. No Junk/Spam Folder
  104. Advanced Search button missing, Send/Receive button doesn't (but refresh will)...
  105. Can't move emails to created folders
  106. Bounce management solution?
  107. Work exclusively from server?
  108. Zimbra Desktop causes Java to hog CPU (Mac OS 10.6.8)
  109. VBScript "missing" zdrun.vbs can't open Zimbra Desktop
  110. Can't send messages with attachments
  111. Zimbra Desktop script issue causes Zimbra to never load
  112. Zimbra resource and equipment
  113. Where is ZD signatures stored so the html code can be edited?
  114. Zimbra desktop Task´s History
  115. Zimbra Chat
  116. Can't drag & drop all-day events
  117. Zimbra desktop briefcase
  118. Duplicate / custom fields not sync'd from Google Contacts to Zdesktop Address Book
  119. Zimbra Desktop and Copying from Excel/Word/Etc.
  120. Cannot Access Facebook and LinkedIn from Zimbra Desktop
  121. POP Account not syncing was syncing earlier
  122. Border is missing when paste Excel spread sheet
  123. Add multiple addresses to an email via web link
  124. Designating Zimbra Desktop as the default mail program in Windows 8
  125. Auto Send/Receive
  126. thousands of duplicates in hotmail account
  127. Connect Zimbra Desktop use POP and IMAP have Share Calendar or not have
  128. Can’t find script engine “VBScript” for script “C:\Program Files (x86)\Zimbra\Zimbra
  129. ZD 7.2.1 import user preferences from ZCS 6.x
  130. Cannot Share Calendar by Zimbra Desktop
  131. need help with contacts
  132. Is There Any Way To Do This Search Query?
  133. Mail will not load any help available would be apprecitated
  134. ZD 7.2.1 Cannot connect to server
  135. german spell check in Zimbra desktop
  136. Zimbra desktop not syncing shared calendar
  137. Can receive email but can't send any.
  138. Printing Zimbra Calender with Colors for folders
  139. Want to stop auto open email!
  140. Zimlet: Email Reminder compatible for version 7?
  141. Z desktop will not execute
  142. How do I add my Hotmail account to Zimbra?
  143. Reminder value in appointment task (Dektop release 7.2.1)
  144. Filters not processing
  145. upgrade from version 7.1 to 7.2.1 and delete the local folder
  146. Crash problem Zimbra Desktop
  147. one addres book for multiple externals accounts
  148. Great Idea
  149. Is it me, or does this SUCK!
  150. How to set a login password on Zimbra Desktop App
  151. zimbra for windows
  152. where can i find zimbra open source
  153. caldav with apple ical server
  154. need help with contact groups
  155. Delete emailed contacts
  156. Zimbra Desktop doesn't start
  157. Zimbra desktop instalation fails, cannot read file override.ini
  158. after the upgrade of zimbra desktop automaticly i cant access
  159. account deleted
  160. unable to login to my postmaster.co.uk account
  161. Help with Extracting email from Zimbra Desktop
  162. Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream
  163. Problem accessing my email account as a breatheworld customer
  164. ZD Causes System Freezes And A Flickering Cursor
  165. Zimbra 7.1.4 >> password failure from time to time
  166. Help needed setting up accounts from hosted server
  167. Conversion Of Mail
  168. Server Settings For Yahoomail OR Rocketmail
  169. Error
  170. Local Folder location change
  171. Zimbra Desktop wont start
  172. 1 of 5 accounts suddenly have problem with synching
  173. Zimbra Desktop - do they actually care about it? Facebook still not working?
  174. Zimlet Name and Description not displayed
  175. migrating back to Thunderbird
  176. Yahoo Mail Small Business Setup - 5 Accounts Not Working
  177. POP folder syncing
  178. Love ZD! Just one lil odd thing....
  179. Remove iCal data feed from stuartf (main account) calendar
  180. Continuous requests re-authenticate Yahoo email accounts
  181. Zimbra Desktop not opening to full screen
  182. Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 shows hyperlinnk for days to calendar. How to disable it?
  183. Read flags not syncronised between ZD and ZCS
  184. Digital Signature - Webmail
  185. Proxy Configuration
  186. Increasing the mailbox storage capacity
  187. Zimbra Desktop 7.2.1 released. In Sep. No announcement? Incompatible with Zimbra 7?
  188. "Couldn't access Zimbra Desktop server..." / OS X 10.8.2 / zdesktop_7_2_1...dmg
  189. Run time problem
  190. Display Issue
  191. Scrolling problem while viewing multiple calendars in web client
  192. Accounts Backup not Working -Zimbra Desktop V7.2.1 GA
  193. Loss of some e-mail moving entire Server Side Folders to Local Folders
  194. Zdesktop 7.x and Anvtirius/firewall suite
  195. search within attachments in Latest Zimbra Desktop Edition
  196. how to change Zimbra Desktop default "local folder" from C:\ to E:\ Drive
  197. Feature Setup
  198. How do you manage with hot desks etc....
  199. Importing Address book from old Zimbra?
  200. Mail delivering Late
  201. Opening ZDB file - Have only Zimbra Desktop at my disposal
  202. log-in/ account authentication error
  203. CPU I/O resource useage by zdesktop.exe
  204. zdesktop_7_2_1_ga_b11637_20120906070328_macos_inte l intallation sorunu
  205. Accessing older emails
  206. folder access issue ..need help
  207. Zimbra Desktop: Always open in the browser
  208. Printing from Mac using ZD
  209. Memory Usage!
  210. Zimbra as fully functional MS Exchange Client?
  211. Synchronisation of Zimbra Desktop and Zimbra webmail
  212. [Windows] Local folder disappeared.. (again)
  213. Auto set from address based on account
  214. Duplicate Messages with GMail - Imap
  215. How do we move ZimbraDesktop local folders from one CPU to another?
  216. Calendar
  217. ZDesktop Signature...
  218. service.PROXY_ERROR (frequent problem)
  219. Import/Export, ZD to ZD - not all emails imported
  220. How to Syncing with Gmail... What Am I missing
  221. Export from local folder show name "No data to export.tgz"
  222. Disappearing contacts??
  223. unable to start desktop
  224. Shared Zimbra Desktop
  225. Cache removed after upgrade to 7.2?
  226. Cannot send email between users.
  227. Zimbra Desktop Change Font Size/Weight HOW TO
  228. Wanted to try Zimbra vs windows live mail....read that it does NOT support XP HomeSP#
  229. Is it possible to View/sort by company name?
  230. Zimbra desktop login
  231. Header Fields restricted
  232. Local folder Backup destination not functioning
  233. [Mac] Local folder disappeared, can't find it anymore
  234. desktop zimbra pop3 account data folder location change
  235. Custom Recurring Appointments
  236. Moving local data to remote server
  237. Ongoing frustration with options sticking
  238. Authentication problems with first time installation/setup
  239. Zimbra Desktop + Mountain Lion Notification Center Integration
  240. Restore deleted folder in Yahoo mail account
  241. Has anyone been able to add their Cox POP mail account?
  242. Do not upgrade to 7.2!!!
  243. update zinmbra I need Help
  244. Zimbra Desktop 8
  245. Cannot change defaults in ZD 7.1
  246. Uploading Zimbra archive file (.tgz), bigger than 2Go, in ZD
  247. Multiple Email Addresses Can't Send From Two
  248. Spotlight and Symantec Antivirus stuck on Zimbra?
  249. Yahoo Mail Configuration.....
  250. Zimbra import .ics file Parse Error