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  1. more frequent releases
  2. BUG: right click on email address doesn't work
  3. [SOLVED] where's the smileys?
  4. No automatic updates
  5. Email Signature Standard'izer for Zimbra
  6. email list is limited to max 100
  7. Moving from Gmail and Outlook
  8. Viewing Free/Busy data?
  9. [SOLVED] how to stop an account to sync'
  10. [SOLVED] Can't setup Zimbra account
  11. Threaded Display is Wrong
  12. How to import mails into zimbra desktop!
  13. Deleting junk folder mail
  14. ZDesktop regularly "forgets" my signature
  15. compose email in a new window is SO SLOOWWW
  16. default mail application
  17. some mail filter definition - how to
  18. @yahoo.co.uk login problem
  19. Zimbra Desktop with local calender?
  20. supporting local folders
  21. Single file patch for 1278 users
  22. Won't download Yahoo Premium emails
  23. "Check for new mail in Inbox" vs "Send/Receive"
  24. Zimbra Desktop Source Code
  25. [SOLVED] Yahoo with no emails
  26. Using Zimbra on Ubuntu and Vista
  27. Wife's Computer: Yahoo Synch Problem?
  28. shortcuts in xubuntu
  29. Backup Confusion
  30. [SOLVED] Auto complete names in Calendar
  31. Unread Messages
  32. LDAP directory access
  33. New email notification
  34. Import from Yahoo
  35. undo functionality
  36. Tasks in ZD Beta 3
  37. open attachments read-only
  38. Sent Folder
  39. [SOLVED] [ASK] Zimbra And Yahoo Premium Account
  40. Mails moved in Zimbra desktop to folders do not appear in Yahoo web mail
  41. [SOLVED] Import/Export first pass (build1278).
  42. Zimbra Desktop Build 1278
  43. Are there changelogs?
  44. forum search is actin' weird
  45. contact not available through search
  46. contacts alphabet bar not available
  47. [SOLVED] Sound notifications
  48. Backup pop mail
  49. Fail to set up a new account (yahoo mail)
  50. Share mail folders between different accounts on Zimbra Desktop
  51. [SOLVED] Multiple accounts issue
  52. Zimbra Desktop and Syncing HTC Wizard
  53. Roadmap?
  54. 2 Way Sync with Yahoo Web Services
  55. Zimbra Desktop to Webmail Sync
  56. Sync between Zimbra desktop on multiple computers
  57. External Addressbook and Freebusy
  58. Desktop feature request
  59. Drafts(1) when I have no drafts
  60. Contacts & Speed
  61. Offline and synchronization
  62. Zimbra Desktop .9 still does not have GAL capability
  63. Sharing Over Domains Help
  64. [SOLVED] ipsCA SSL Certificate Install Problems (Zimbra 5.0.7)
  65. How do I copy/move messages or folders between accounts ?
  66. about grop mail box
  67. pup up in ubuntu
  68. Yahoo branding: please keep it simple...
  69. Sent mail missing
  70. How to set default font size for Zimbra Desktop
  71. Zimbra desktop and Comodo Securemail
  72. Zimbra Desktop to save HTML images for offline viewing
  73. Outlook 2003 imap problem
  74. [SOLVED] Gal on Zdesktop
  75. IM port?
  76. Windows Desktop Build Questions
  77. Mail viewing options
  78. Prism.exe in Zimbra using too many GDI objects
  79. "Total" message counts not visible
  80. Deleted mail reappear on the latested sync
  81. [SOLVED] Deleting messages on pop3 account
  82. [SOLVED] How to archive GMail messages?
  83. how do i edit server settings?
  84. Distribution List / Categories in Yahoo Mail
  85. Zimbra Slow With Exchange and Other Questions
  86. Attendee Showing as Always Busy
  87. [SOLVED] Signatures not syncing correctly between online and Desktop
  88. Norton AntiBot V 1.1.838
  89. Yahoo Small Business SMTP Server
  90. simple question
  91. Zimbra do not copy sended email to the send folder
  92. [SOLVED] Huge mailbox sizes
  93. Zimbra and ATT mail
  94. A few feature suggestions
  95. [SOLVED] How to add new email accounts
  96. Backup account configuration?
  97. Deleting emails from server upon download??
  98. Settings for Windows Live Mail
  99. [SOLVED] Query on Sync between Zimbra desktop / Yahoo servers
  100. Configuring different emails using different Windows login id
  101. Configuring Microsoft Windows Live Mail
  102. Need some input..?
  103. howto import filters from thunderbird
  104. Incorporate Emoticons
  105. Migrating offline emails to Microsoft Outlook
  106. [SOLVED] Persona in Zimbra desktop
  107. [SOLVED] Migrating offline files to another PC
  108. Prompt for password while opening the Zimbra desktop
  109. [SOLVED] Virus check in attachments before bringing offline
  110. [SOLVED] Address Guard From address
  111. [SOLVED] old mails from yahoomail not downloaded
  112. Spellcheck only works in new window and offers no suggestions
  113. [SOLVED] multiple messages viewable at once
  114. Installation Problem
  115. a question about multi-domain option in zimbra
  116. Closing the window vs. quitting on Zimbra Desktop for Mac
  117. how do i make this my default e-mail?
  118. Zimbra Desktop Beta 3 - first impressions
  119. Sent Messages arent showing up in sent foler...
  120. Zdesktop ports
  121. Antivirus and Default Email Program
  122. Zimbra Desktop attached to Active Directory Login.
  123. Subscribe Folders
  124. tooltips for keyboard shortcuts?
  125. improving folder shortcuts
  126. Error registering account
  127. Zimbra Desktop proxy support
  128. Is there a way to download mail without attachments?
  129. printing address book only prints displayed names
  130. Does this thing work offine on standard Yahoo mail acct?
  131. POP3 question
  132. seeing all messages in a thread
  133. Holy batman, lookit the RAM
  134. Encoding link
  135. Error - 'Couldn't read override.ini'
  136. "Trashed" messages are included in unread/total message count for other folders
  137. Portable Version?
  138. Shortcut for Sending Email
  139. Linking Yahoo main in Zimbra Desktop
  140. Mailto Link Handling
  141. Folder syncing between Zimbra desktop and Yahoo Mail
  142. Zimbra Desktop Font size
  143. Add Color & Address Book to Filter Options
  144. No Contact Categories?
  145. [SOLVED] Feature Request
  146. opening multiple items in the account list
  147. [SOLVED] multiple addresses on one account?
  148. ERROR ERROR error
  149. Instant Messaging
  150. How to import a .pst file into a Mac OSX Zimbra Desktop Client
  151. zdesktop beta3 - spellcheck, busy-search
  152. Asking for advice-Zimbra Desktop Mac installation.
  153. Uninstall in Mac OS X?
  154. beta3 imap changes not committed
  155. Connecting to MS Exchange Server using Zimbra desktop
  156. Where does Zimbra store user profiles
  157. Drafts
  158. Now yahoo..
  159. How to specify Root Folder in Zimbra3 Desktop ?
  160. MS Word & Adobe Acrobat Attach to Email
  161. Sharing in Zimbra Desktop
  162. Any faster way...?
  163. Is Zimbra a full offline Yahoo Mail client?
  164. [SOLVED] Need help with Gmail account for Zimbra Desktop
  165. Support for PGP encryption
  166. mailto: links in Beta3 ?
  167. UI Doc for Zimbra Desktop & Zimbra for Blackberry
  168. Can I do this?
  169. [SOLVED] download limit in sync?
  170. Zimbra Desktop POP Account Issue
  171. Change 2 things
  172. Zimbra Toaster on Mac Notifications Broken
  173. backup email on local Hard disk.
  174. Zimbra toaster?
  175. Just installed Zimbra with Outlook Connector
  176. To change the logo
  177. Encryption support?
  178. Account setup
  179. Account display
  180. Server checking
  181. Filters
  182. Error messages
  183. password Protect zimbra desktop
  184. Attachment Blocking
  185. Failed Login to Exchange
  186. Save copy when sending mail
  187. MI [beta] is supported in the zdesktop?
  188. Incoming mail configuration with Remedy and Zmail
  189. zdesktop.exe taking twice as much RAM as Outlook
  190. Return receipt option
  191. Zimbra Desktop Email Alerts
  192. Zimbra Desktop and GAL
  193. Saved Contact Weirdness
  194. [SOLVED] Change store directory ?
  195. Zimbra Desktop and Contacts/Calender/etc...
  196. Questions regarding clustering.
  197. How stable is ZCS?
  198. Unable to Compose, Reply or Forward Emails
  199. lack luster features
  200. [SOLVED] imapsync error
  201. Zimbra Desktop and Kaspersky
  202. Migrating from MS/Outlook to Zimbra and Desktop
  203. Save all emails locally instead of Server
  204. "All Mail" sync with gmail?
  205. [SOLVED] GUI Client
  206. memory Usage
  207. Exchange Calendar Synchronisation (+users?) from Zimbra Desktop ?
  208. signature problem
  209. Default sending account
  210. How to copy a e-mail message to another folder
  211. Zimbra Desktop Font Size Very Small
  212. Toaster not working?
  213. Queue management issues
  214. Mail Alert Minimized Program
  215. Sort by from
  216. Mutiple ZCS 5.0 accounts in one desktop
  217. Z.Desktop on Mac - Prism & Hyperlinks
  218. Launching standalone UI for Zimbra Desktop on Solaris/x86
  219. [SOLVED] Is there a .pst like function available?
  220. Callto handler in Zimbra Desktop
  221. new message window is completely blank after clicking mailto links.
  222. Which Zimbra files contain the information I need?
  223. [SOLVED] Erase mails from server
  224. Zimbra Desktop chat Issue
  225. [SOLVED] Change default language?
  226. YahooMail
  227. Yahoo folder won't sync.
  228. New Messages no appearing in Inbox
  229. How to export distribution list to .csv?
  230. [SOLVED] How to Download a mailbox???
  231. Desktop not displaying emails properly
  232. Zimbra desktop on Mac wont sync - where are error details
  233. move ALL dates from one calendar to other
  234. [SOLVED] Mising functionality?
  235. SSL or not SSL?
  236. Documents & Briefcase in Zimbra Desktop???
  237. Delete mail forwarding
  238. Help With Zimbra Desktop
  239. Local database on Zdesktop
  240. [SOLVED] Zimbra Toast The expected token is 'WHITESPACE'. Line 1, position 50.
  241. com_zimbra_url zimlet not previewing?
  242. [SOLVED] All emails show up as plain text
  243. HTML default compose instead of text?
  244. Modify columns displayed
  245. Zimbra Desktop Spanish version
  246. Zimbra Desktop for the Mac
  247. wishlist items...
  248. Zdesktop issues/possible bugs
  249. where can i find zimbra API
  250. Automatically send copy to second address