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  1. migrating from zcs server to zcs
  2. [SOLVED] Reset all user passwords to blank (null)?
  3. calendar migration failed with utf8 chars
  4. One account from Exchange 03
  5. Migrate from Google Apps to Zimbra?
  6. Moving from SBS 2003 / Active Directory Domain Environment
  7. CSV files and scripting...
  8. Single-Copy Message Store and imapsync
  9. Mail from AD/Exchange to Zimbra
  10. Migrationg from Exchange 2003
  11. ical4j.data.ParserException
  12. Multiple email forwards
  13. My Random Tips for Migration
  14. zmprov provisioning succeeds but exception on login.
  15. Postfix to Zimbra
  16. Migration from QMail to Zimbra
  17. Migrate 3.2.0 to 4.5.9
  18. Last hiccup to successfuly migrate to Zimbra
  19. Migration questions
  20. zmprov in perl script keeps "stopping"
  21. move users and messages to new server
  22. PST Import - 96 hours?!?
  23. Migrate users
  24. Zimbra Admin Level on Exchange Migration
  25. Transport
  26. [SOLVED] Zimbra with existing POP accounts
  27. convert an Open Source Edition to Network Edition???
  28. Migration
  29. Moving email from Outlook Express to Zimbra
  30. update from 4.5.6 to 4.5.9
  31. Outlook BCM - alternatives?
  32. Groupwise Migration problems
  33. [SOLVED] Half and Half Migration
  34. importing users from csv sheet?
  35. Archive&Discovery: importing old mails manually with original dates/times
  36. I can't upgrade version 4.5.9_GA to 5.0.0_RC1
  37. migration old zimbra to new version
  38. imail address books to Zimbra
  39. [HELP]: Public Folder equivalent, help needed
  40. unable to logon to profile when using PST importer
  41. Move data store.
  42. [SOLVED] Massive migration using imapsync, don't know users passwords
  43. GMail's IMAP Not Working
  44. Special characters are displayed as question mark (?)
  45. Zimbra with Exchange
  46. Migrating from PMDF (Unix)
  47. migration lotus notes to zimbra
  48. Outlook import wizard exceptions
  49. changing Ips
  50. Split domain migration with multiple domains on old server
  51. Price questions cheap?? missing something?
  52. Deleting migrated appointments without spamming
  53. Migrate from old Zimbra to new Zimbra
  54. REST Interface for Tasks
  55. Zimbra 5.0 release date?
  56. Imail Migration Tool & OSS Zimbra Admin
  57. Shared calendars in Outlook 2007
  58. Incorrect Date on newly imported messages
  59. [SOLVED] Cannot Login
  60. Partly migration
  61. Synchronise calendar with mobile phones
  62. Importing users with dots
  63. Multiple MTAs during migration
  64. Remove a server from a multiserver environment
  65. IMAPSYNC Error
  66. Ask About trial license
  67. What files to backup for full backup?
  68. IMAPSYNC purge destination folders
  69. Migrate from Multi-Server to Single Server
  70. Help for Migration
  71. migrating with perl script from openldap with zmprov
  72. [SOLVED] Import imap folder - no CRAM-MD5 error
  73. Importing VCF and ICS without shell access
  74. Import from OpenLDAP
  75. [SOLVED] imapsync invalid date format
  76. zmprov ca command returns NO_SUCH_DOMAIN
  77. imail to zimbra?
  78. Migration from Ubuntu 6.0.6 + zimbra 4.0.4 to SLES 10 + zimbra 5.0 beta
  79. UW IMAP + Procmail to Zimbra
  80. Groupwise 6.5.6 to Zimbra 4.5.7
  81. sharing a mailbox via IMAP - possible?
  82. [SOLVED] Migration from iMail
  83. [SOLVED] Options on moving from Exchange w/o access
  84. Groupwise Migration Tool: location??
  85. Moving an account to a new domain on a new server
  86. Migrating from a network edition to open source
  87. Migration from Groupwise 6
  88. Moving/ Migrating a calendar to a different user/ different domain
  89. Failed Migration: Rollback help?
  90. PST importer -- duplicated all imported emails
  91. libmail:imapclient rpm for imapsync?
  92. Domino Migration of encrypted mails
  93. Importing .csv address book from Thunderbird into Zimbra
  94. Backgrading the NetworkEdition to the OSS version
  95. Importing contact tags
  96. Amavisd going crazy - best way to restart it?
  97. No mail imported by Groupwise Migration Wizard?
  98. Where do we get the latest pst importer?
  99. Is Zimbra right for us?
  100. [SOLVED] PST root Folder
  101. adding a domain ? (new email address)
  102. RPC Error using Domino Migration Wizard
  103. [SOLVED] Server migration/move for OS steps I used
  104. Groupwise Migration Problems.
  105. Migrating Multiple-Attendee Calendar Entries...
  106. Character codification creating accounts
  107. Domain pass-through
  108. Export from lotus notes to zimbra mail book
  109. Fetchmail and Zimbra - I know its been covered but I'm lost
  110. Zimbra suitable for a mobile single user?
  111. Migrating from Zimbra to Exchange
  112. [SOLVED] zmprov force user to change password
  113. Can Zimbra clients run with Exchange Server
  114. Migration zimbra to zimbra
  115. [SOLVED] Script for migration from Openwebmail to Zimbra 4.5.6
  116. Backing up expired Network Edition
  117. Thinking of starting to test Zimbra... a few questions
  118. Outlook PST Import - Sent Messages not migrated
  119. remote location relaying denied...
  120. export zimbra data to another system
  121. migration from lotus notes 6 to zimbra
  122. imapsync: 'excess characters at end of command'?
  123. sync issues when migrating thousands of contacts and appointments
  124. Zimbra as primary - forwarding mail for an account with aliases?
  125. Groupwise migration tool fails with CONNECT_ERROR
  126. Zimbra as primary - do the forwarded mails go through antispam?
  127. Small test case in large Notes environment...
  128. MIGRATION FROM 3.1.4 to 4.5.6
  129. hsphere to zimbra
  130. pst migration and un-editable appointments
  131. zcsImportWiz
  132. Communigate to Zimbra - 10 Servers
  133. Migration from Exchange to Zimbra
  134. Migration from Scalix
  135. Disable attachment indexing for imapsync
  136. [SOLVED] No Upload Token Found Error - .pst migration
  137. Problems with a backup and restore
  138. Outlook Connector - no notifications?
  139. Migration from Lotus Notes
  140. Migrating from Zimbra to Zimbra
  141. Calendar Migration (read Seventh Level of Hell)
  142. .pst migration issues
  143. Mass-deleting emails & IMAPSync duplicates
  144. IMAP Migration - "Answered Flag"
  145. Very Slow speed of migration - GroupWiseMigration Wizard
  146. Thunderbird non-IMAP migration
  147. Hardware Specs, Zimbra Features
  148. IMAP Migration
  149. Questions about PST Import
  150. migration without passwords
  151. Setting Up Shared Domain with Exchange
  152. migration opensource network edition
  153. Exchange Migration Wizard: RPC Error: The server name could not be resolved.
  154. Exchange Migration Crashing
  155. Migration Wizard for Exchange 2007 ?
  156. Ignoring certain folders when migrating
  157. Failure importing .PST (Stops Import Dead)
  158. Sync Zimbra GAL and Exchange GAL
  159. Help configuring Exchange MAPI
  160. PST Import accents problem
  161. Support of Office XP for .pst import
  162. Can I import PST's from outlook?
  163. Errors importing messages during migration
  164. Migration wizard for excahnge under Zimbra 4.5.6 for ubuntu 6
  165. From Hula to Zimbra
  166. Merging Zimbra with other web apps
  167. Zimbra Version 4.0.4 to Zimbra 4.5.6_GA Migration
  168. SOAP API docs
  169. Migration from small business server to OS X Server
  170. PKI certificate
  171. Migrating Horde/INGO filters to Zimbra
  172. Address Book Sync
  173. Outlook / Exchance calendar
  174. mail migration usermail size
  175. Complete Migration Script
  176. revert the Trial to the Open Source Edition
  177. Problem migrating from Sun iPlanet to Zimbra
  178. Sendmail split domain/lmtp hack
  179. Migration from Exchange to Zimbra question
  180. KMS to Zimbra
  181. GroupWise migration help
  182. Zimbra Trial to Zimbra Network
  183. Migration of Qmail mails to zimbara
  184. Host to host migration
  185. Migrating Shared Calendars: Resources vs. Fake Users
  186. Send Meeting Request only to Delegate
  187. Domino Migration Wizard fails because of SSL problem...
  188. Entourage/Apple Mail - How do they connect?
  189. Zimbra to Zimbra (or restore)
  190. Split Domain Resources
  191. Inviting Feedback: Exchange 2007 to Zimbra Head to Head Comparision
  192. Migrating from RHEL to Ubuntu
  193. GroupWise Migration stops on message ten
  194. View exchange GAL in address book tab
  195. Reply on imported mails from exchange does not work
  196. Sharing Calendars
  197. network edition does not have capability LOGIN??
  198. Where is imapsync-ssl?
  199. migration TO exchange
  200. Distribution Group
  201. How can I import Outlook pst users into ZimbraLDAP ?
  202. Groupwise migration wizard problems
  203. Complete Guide for migration
  204. Importing personal calender from outlook and others
  205. Exchange to Zimbra->Out of memory
  206. My migration from GroupWise - any suggestions?
  207. Mail Groups are not groupOfUniqueNames in LDAP
  208. Migration from one PC to another
  209. help-qmail pop to zimbra
  210. Importing mailboxes from Apple Mail
  211. Split domains and qmail
  212. Thunderbird Email -> Zimbra
  213. Migrate Zimbra data to another host
  214. Migration Wizard Crashes When Importing Resource
  215. mass forking mails to Archiving & Discovery after migration to ZCS
  216. Read status not preserved when migrating from Domino to Zimbra
  217. Please don't shoot me: How do I migrate FROM Zimbra TO Exchange?
  218. Migrating from Zimbra 4.1 FC5 to Zimbra 4.5 OSX
  219. Domino Migration LDAP log in problems
  220. Migration from Debian to Ubuntu
  221. Licence troubles
  222. List shows incorrect recipient in sent items after imap transfer
  223. Message store hard links
  224. HTML Email Migration from Exchange to Zimbra
  225. PalmDesktop export tip
  226. Migration from Sun Java Calendar System
  227. Import Wizard for Outlook - remove 10mb Size Limitation?
  228. Attachment munging when importing from exchange or pst
  229. Migration from Exchange 2000
  230. Migration from sendmail dovecot on Redhat ES4
  231. multi mailbox migration
  232. Where do I start?
  233. where zimbra's mailbox?
  234. migration from postfix
  235. Integrating Zimbra into our current POP3 solution
  236. Outlook Migration Wizard + Contact Groups
  237. connecting to zimbra server from evolution gives error
  238. Samba + Zimbra to Zimbra's Samba migration
  239. Zimbra + Treo + Blackberry + Cingular Wm5 device.
  240. Moving Mac Users from Exchange/Entourage...
  241. Migrating from Exchange/AD to Zimbra and Samba
  242. Exchange 2003 Migration Issues
  243. Exchange to Zimbra Calendaring
  244. Exchange resources to Zimbra resources?
  245. How to migrate from Ensim to Zimbra?
  246. Calendar from OSS to NE on new server
  247. Imporing birthdays and spouse info using PST Import Wizard?
  248. two-way icalendar sync with open source edition?
  249. User Migration from /etc/passwd to Zimbra LDAP
  250. HowTo Restore from /opt/zimbra files?