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  1. Migration of qmail to zimbra whole domain
  2. Problem : Migration From DB Lotus Notes to ZImbra
  3. Change theme of the Login windows
  4. Zimbra not loading after move from Storage to Storage
  5. Migrate Zimbra from Mac to Linux
  6. How Do You Migrate Exchange Email Addresses
  7. Errors with imapsync Script
  8. Issue with duplicate emails
  9. Help needed to migrate from Exim
  10. [SOLVED] not allowed to import to root folder for this type
  11. Cyrus Migration Mailboxes Not Existing
  12. zmlmtpinject : a gift and a question
  13. Domino Migration X-Priority flags??
  14. "clean" migration from 5.0.18 to 6.0.x using imapsync
  15. Recovering qeued messages
  16. Import users from Exchange
  17. Migration from Sendmail
  18. Migrating between Zimbra servers
  19. ZCS Migration Wizard for Domino User Map
  20. [SOLVED] Help Migration from Openwebmail to Zimbra Open Source
  21. Split domain issue
  22. Zimbra community edition + VMware ESXi ?
  23. Help with Soft Migration from Postfix to Zimbra 6.x
  24. Migration of Qmail-ldap mails to zimbara Opensource
  25. Zimbra as secondary in split domain not accepting email to server hostname.
  26. [SOLVED] document in briefcase unable to view and download
  27. Calendar appointments from PST two hours late
  28. Migration related issues
  29. Migrate from The Bat! to Zimbra
  30. Moving from ISP hosted email to Zimbra
  31. Problem after upgrade zcs 5 to 6.0.6 OSE
  32. Importing contacts: Prefix not included?
  33. [SOLVED] Missing slapd.conf
  34. Migrate current emails to new installed ZCS
  35. Migrating From Ubuntu 32bit to 64bit - Release 6.0.6
  36. Missing users after migration
  37. Migrate from MailEnable to Zimbra
  38. Migrating from Zimbra 4.5 to Zimbra 6.0.6
  39. Dumping all mailboxes to individual ZDB's for archival?
  40. zmztozmig documentation and questions
  41. restore inbox and user to new installation in new version
  42. [SOLVED] Split Domain / Groupwise 7 to zimbra 6
  43. Experience migrating from Lotus Domino 6.5 using imapsync
  44. How to Migrate Large Files Using IMAPSYNC
  45. Zimbra to Microsoft Exchange 2007
  46. Cpanel maildir migration to Zimbra on Debian
  47. 32-bit to 64-bit FOSS Migration Failed
  48. Lotus to Zimbra with ZimbraProxy
  49. Migrating 6.0.6 32 bits to 6.0.6 64 bits : alternative way?
  50. Migration from ZCS Network edition 32 bit to ZCS Open source 64 bit
  51. Big outgoing attachment parted
  52. Migrate from Zimbra to Exchange
  53. [SOLVED] Lotus to Zimbra - forward from lotus to zimbra some users
  54. Migrating Meetings & Booking Rooms
  55. Migration from Domino 6 to Zimbra
  56. [ISSUE] Some Tasks imported from Exchange won't open
  57. Got error when migrating Exchange 5.5 to Zimbra 6.0.5
  58. Migrate Zimbra from CentOS to Zimbra on UBuntu
  59. sinlge node to multi node migration
  60. Migration from OX5 to Zimbra
  61. [SOLVED] Migration 6.04 32bit to 64bit step-by-step and cannot receive mails
  62. PST Importer - Date Issues?
  63. [SOLVED] Zimbra to Zimbra migration issue
  64. [SOLVED] Domino Migration - Forward Domino Users to Zimbra
  65. Migrating From Qmail to Zimbra
  66. IBM Lotus Domino LDAP Name in TO Field
  67. Migrating Domino 8.5.1 to ZCS 6.0.5 only fetch some mail
  68. Choosing Zimbra over gmail and google apps?
  69. Domino to ZCS: Unknown exception occured, skipping to next mailbox
  70. Migration ZCS v4.5 to 6.0.4
  71. Domino migration to Zimbra
  72. Migrating with Imapsync
  73. Migrating to ZCS 6.04 from SBS2003 - Exchange
  74. Calendar migration
  75. Migration to new server
  76. [SOLVED] Moving server: zmmailboxd won't start
  77. from fedora running citadel to ubunto running zimbra
  78. ZCS Migration Wizard for Domino problem
  79. ZCS 4.5.11 on unsupported CentOS to 6.0 with support
  80. [SOLVED] Problem Migrating mails using imapsync
  81. OSS 32-bit to 64-bit migration
  82. Migration from Physical 32-bit OS to Virtual 64-bit OS
  83. senders field's missing
  84. Migrate Exchange GAL
  85. cannot open admin console after upgrade 6.05
  86. can't see my domain after admin extensions
  87. Outlook Calendar Migration
  88. zimra on CenTOS domain name
  89. should samba and zimbra different servers?
  90. configure nss_ldap and pam_ldap on centos zimbra
  91. Migration to Zimbra Server, Hardware specs reqd. for >13000 user accounts
  92. After Domain Rename, Intermittent Toggling of Account Names Between Old and New
  93. migrating distribution lists from zimbra 2 zimbra
  94. Using Domino Migration wizard (error)
  95. Integration of ZCS into existing network
  96. Exchange public folders migrate to Zimbra
  97. [SOLVED] How to "duplicate" a mail
  98. imap folder structure
  99. Shared Calendars/Contacts Migration
  100. ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)
  101. DBX archives migration to Zimbra
  102. [SOLVED] Renaming server/domain name.. need to use complete email from for auth.
  103. From Postfix and dovecot to ZCS 6
  104. Raj eu preciso da sua ajuda para migrar postfix com mysql para zimbra
  105. Migrating from Zimbra Desktop to ZCS
  106. exchange migrate
  107. Zimbra VM Migration
  108. [SOLVED] Exchange Migration Woes (HTML)
  109. Successful Migration from IMail to Zimbra - Thanks to RAJ!
  110. Problems with migration
  111. [SOLVED] Calendar Exchange 'categories' vs Zimbra tags
  112. zmmailbox error
  113. USER MIGRATION from active directory to LDAP on zimbra
  114. Migration to new Server ZCS 6.0.5 GA
  115. 6.0.1 FOSS Data Recovery
  116. [SOLVED] DNS Migration from Google Apps to Zimbra
  117. [SOLVED] Problem during imapsync
  118. Migrating 'TO' exchange
  119. status=413 Request Entity Too Large
  120. 5.0.19 <-> 5.0.19 Migration
  121. Exchange 2000 mailbox migration
  122. Transfering Sent Mail files to Zimbra
  123. Migrating cyrus to zimbra open source with more 20 thounsands mailbox
  124. ZCS 6.0.4 migrated from 5.0.0 crash everyday
  125. ZCS Import Wizard for outlook does not work
  126. Accounts creation in batch mode
  127. zmldapapplyldif...failed
  128. Debian4-Zimbra5 to Debian5-Zimbra6
  129. [SOLVED] Migrate from postfix/Maildir/OpenBSD to Zimbra 5.0.21/CentOS5 - no passwords
  130. SmarterMail 6.0 to Zimbra
  131. [SOLVED] Moving zimbra 64bits to a more spacious server
  132. Move from version 5 (domain admin access only) to 6 with full access
  133. [SOLVED] Migrate from MS Office Live Small Business
  134. zmmailboxmove for Zimbra 6 OS?
  135. Exchange Migration Wizard failing
  136. Import contacts from Thunderbird in french
  137. Zimbra NE small deployment questions
  138. [SOLVED] qmail (vpopmail) accounts to zimbra
  139. [SOLVED] forward mails from exchange to zimbra for accounts hosted on zimbra
  140. Absolutely stuck on Exchange migration
  141. Multi-server setup: migrate account between servers
  142. Keep Old Zimbra to migrate New One..
  143. Questions email migration
  144. Bynari to Zimbra migration
  145. Little Script for parallel imapsync .. test it..
  146. [SOLVED] Problem with importing Zimbra tgz files
  147. [SOLVED] Migration Postifix+OpenWebmail+Mailbox to Zimbra
  148. [SOLVED] What Need to be done to migrate from 32bit to 64bit?
  149. Migrate alias and cname
  150. [SOLVED] testing zimbra with two mailboxes servers.
  151. Migrating with zmztozmig 5.0.18 > 6.0.4
  152. Retrieving Email Account
  153. Imapsync syncing only inbox folder not "SENT" folder
  154. Date and Time Offset Issue in Migration
  155. Migrate contacts from exchange to zimbra
  156. ".saveconfig" seems to be empty!
  157. Upgrading OS from Debian 4 to Debian 5
  158. how to use imapsync for bulk account transfer?
  159. [SOLVED] ZCSPSTImportWizard-6.0.4 Max message size setting
  160. [SOLVED] migrate mailbox from server 2 server opensource
  161. [SOLVED] Google Apps Backend
  162. deeproot mail server to zimbra migration
  163. Migrating 32-bit 64-bit and new version.
  164. configure exchange to be Primary with Zimbra
  165. [SOLVED] XMPP does not working
  166. Can I use Zimbra proxy with another mail solution while transitioning to Zimbra?
  167. Migration 32 to 64 wiki page seems not to be correct
  168. Building index manually
  169. Migration from zimbra 4.5.7 OS to latest NE on new hardware and platform
  170. [SOLVED] imapsync for date wise
  171. migration plan
  172. [SOLVED] How to manually create a Zimbra profile
  173. Changing Samba version, not zimbra
  174. Alternative to ipamsync or how did I get tired of migration.
  175. Migrating from Open Source to Network Edition?
  176. Migrate mailbox between domains on the same server
  177. mail transfer from ZCS 5.0 to ZCS 6.0
  178. [SOLVED] Very few items imported
  179. Migration from sendmail to ZCS
  180. imapsync - BAD parse error: invalid digit in date string
  181. mbox to imap
  182. Importing from Outlook Business Contact Manager
  183. Help us to migrate certificate to new server
  184. imapsync No Header or user found
  185. ZCSExchangeMigration stuck
  186. [SOLVED] all emails received date change after imapsync,
  187. [SOLVED] imapsync Cleartext error
  188. Plesk to Zimbra migration
  189. Migration mail accounts
  190. Cannot migrate certificate to new server
  191. [SOLVED] imapsync give error
  192. mailbox service not running after upgrade from 5.x to 6.x
  193. running exchange migration wizard?
  194. [SOLVED] Incomplete migration
  195. [SOLVED] slapadd import failed - upgrade fr. 5.0.20 to 6.0.2 oss
  196. [SOLVED] imapproxy asks for sudo password on startup
  197. [SOLVED] Still no fix ... &quot; is only avaliable with the XS version at&quot; issue
  198. Download emails using Zimbra Server from Google Apps Backup Mx
  199. [SOLVED] Google apps to Zimbra imapsync 1.286
  200. Seperate out one FULL backup to copy and restore?
  201. Moving zimbra debian etch instalation to new centos 5.4 server.
  202. Export user passwords
  203. [SOLVED] Zimbra 5.0.19 FOSS (Fedora core7) can not change password via web GUI.
  204. zimbraMailTransport plus keep local copy
  205. Upgrading Zimbra 5 to 6 on Mac OS X?
  206. Problem importing .CSV into Zimbra Web...
  207. [SOLVED] Problem migrating v5 -&gt; v6.02
  208. Migrate Mailboxes Dovecot/Mysql/Maildir to Zimbra
  209. Some troubles after migration from 5.0.18 to 6.0.2
  210. ZCS 6.0 OS to ZCS 6.0.2 NE
  211. ZCO could not connect to server after migration
  212. contact show as dublicates
  213. Groupwise migration problem
  214. Migration to new server with updating to latest ZCS version
  215. [SOLVED] imapsync error on zimbra
  216. Upgrading zimbra 5.0.9_Ubuntu_64bit foss to latest foss version
  217. Upgrade Fail from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2
  218. ldap export/import?
  219. One account will not restore after ZNE 6.02 upgrade
  220. Personas (external accounts) and envelope-from problems
  221. Exporting Local Folder to other computer.
  222. [SOLVED] All mail deferred after upgrade
  223. [SOLVED] How can I delete a folder in all accounts?
  224. Migration strategies from 5.0 to 6.0
  225. [SOLVED] Return-Path changed after upgrade
  226. Storage of External Accounts information
  227. Upgrading from 6.0.1_GA_1817 to 6.0.2_GA_1912 on RHEL 32bit
  228. Exchange migration wizard problem! sent items skipped!
  229. ZCS 5.18 to 6.0 upgrade - mail missing
  230. Exchange Migration core dumping
  231. How to save user pass.
  232. [SOLVED] Upgrade 5.16 to 6.00
  233. Migration from zcs5 to zcs 6
  234. Upgrade zimbra 5.0.18 to 6.0.1
  235. account migration from active ZCS to a backup ZCS?
  236. postRestURL read timed out with zimbra proxy
  237. Migration Wizard for Exchange
  238. Oracle Calendar sync to zimbra
  239. Restore Backup of Mail - Old Postfix Maldir to New Zimbra Postfix Store
  240. Migrating from SBS 2003 Exchange to Zimbra
  241. Migrate ZCS to a new server
  242. getResturl skips mails without any warnings!
  243. Exchange Migration tool Error - Could not open IPM subtree
  244. Question regarding server migration
  245. ZCS 5.0.18 to ZCS 6.0.1 migration
  246. imapsync from postfix-dovecot to ZCS 5
  247. renaming.. not good at all
  248. Odd extra field in some contacts post 5.0.18 -> 6.0.1 migration
  249. [SOLVED] New to Zimbra - Master Address Books ?
  250. [SOLVED] OpenLDAP Migration to Zimbra's LDAP Version