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  1. [Admin Extension] Adding new attribute to domains.
  2. Zimlet API enhancement for OAuth
  3. Drag and Drop Zimlet DND Fix for Firefox 7 and Zimbra 6.x Systems
  4. accessing left nav items
  5. Developer Directory
  6. Zimlets don't get installed
  7. Help creating a zimlet
  8. Developing with Zimbra Desktop
  9. ZmAutocompleteListView list value
  10. Modifiy interface of appointment edition
  11. Trouble extending domain functionality in admin UI
  12. Getting Started w/ Zimlets development in less than 30 minutes (using Zimbra Desktop)
  13. Zimlet to get and parse XML file from HTTP server?
  14. ZCS7 Webclient not showing zimlets
  15. Email-2-Doc
  16. Dynamic URL with Tool Tip
  17. Zimlet for connect to Cisco Call Manager
  18. webex speaker and microphone support
  19. Toolbar Buttons not clickable when several msg selected
  20. Simple Question Salesforce
  21. Tasks Reminder and Nordic Locales, Possible Bug
  22. Salesforce Zimlet and attachment in mails
  23. "e.getTreeItemById is not a function" error with Salesforce Zimlet
  24. Admin extention:Textfield and all elements in form view not mapped with attributes.
  25. Templates Refreshing
  26. Admin extention zimlet not initialize properly
  27. Error deploying and adding zimlet to COS
  28. YFinance template missing
  29. Trigger appointment reminder zimlet from outlook?
  30. Globally change default preferences for Social
  31. byEmail cache
  32. How to programatically create a tab
  33. Salesforce Zimlet - Notes Not Posting
  34. Prioritizing zimlets
  35. Colored Emails Zimlet and wildcards
  36. Contact Organizer Zimlet not working in IE
  37. Is there any zimlet for gforge?
  38. Blackboard on Zimbra?
  39. Social Zimlet HTTP ERROR 403
  40. zimbra social zimlet java certificate exception XHR
  41. Hiding search bar
  42. contact cleaner Zimlet
  43. How to get all ZmMailMsg contain in ZmConv
  44. adding contacts to the address book
  45. install save alfreso and asterisk
  46. Email downloader for Zimbra 7
  47. Zimlet social Twitter problem
  48. Send & Archive
  49. Access Briefcase files from Zimlet
  50. REST API over https?
  51. I need some info on using Zimbra and Salesforce in a mixed OS environment
  52. Tag emails while composing
  53. Getting username in panel from zimlet
  54. User zimlet functionality broken
  55. Asterisk PBX Integration Zimlet 0.71 brings ZCS 7.1 compatibilty
  56. Composing messages from a different application
  57. [SOLVED] Modify the mail list
  58. Filtering addresses on outgoing messages
  59. Displaying admin extension in Admin UI
  60. Zimlet to show presence from XMPP server
  61. [SOLVED] [Admin Extension] UI doesn't displayed.
  62. [SOLVED] SalesForce zimlet not seeing Send & Add button
  63. Forward Mail Problem
  64. Attach Email Zim Problem
  65. [SOLVED] Display disclaimer based on user's COS
  66. Wallpaper
  67. sendRequest with self-signed certs
  68. Drag & Drop inline images
  69. [SOLVED] Run search method
  70. zimlet for decoding base64-encoded attachments
  71. release 7.1.0._GA not support Bulk provisioning extension?
  72. Calendar Template Zimlet zc7
  73. Zimbra-7 Save in Alfresco
  74. [SOLVED] Auto-send before appointement
  75. Alfresco Zimlet Cannot Communicate
  76. Detect browser and OS in zimlet ...
  77. Changes in zimbra
  78. New appointement
  79. [SOLVED] DWT form elements in a template
  80. working on a new zimlet
  81. Zimlet for vTiger CRM
  82. create Appt
  83. Automated appointment reminder?
  84. ZIMBRA + Asterisk
  85. Forgotten Attachment Detector
  86. How to install Zimlets on Zimbra Desktop
  87. WebEx meeting not in sync after a zimbra calendar update
  88. Zimlet installation.
  89. zimlet search error help please.
  90. How use ZmAddressInputField
  91. Add to preferences w/ Zimlet?
  92. Zimlet or something to fill personal details
  93. [SOLVED] Is Soap faster than zmmailbox?
  94. Yahoo Map Zimlet vs Google Map Zimlet
  95. [SOLVED] Reinstalling Yahoo Emoticons?
  96. Drag and Drop zimlet - problem with Russian Language
  97. Zimlet errors after upgrade to 7.0.1
  98. Alfresco Zimlet Cannot Communicate
  99. Social zimlet some links don't work
  100. Zimlets' icons not working neither smileys from ymemoticons zimlet
  101. Zimlet Google Translator
  102. BulkProvision download & deploy
  103. Server -> Client Message push
  104. Problem with linkedin Zimlet: Invalid property name: headers
  105. Zimlet Emoticons for 6.0.12
  106. Zimlets problem with ZCS7.0
  107. Zimlet Idea - CAN-SPAM
  108. Multi Drag to zimlet under 7.0 seems disabled.
  109. [SOLVED] Read body from html message
  110. dimdim zimlet
  111. Zimlet Yemoticons
  112. Linkedin error
  113. i cant get my zimlet to connect into Mysql database
  114. Zimlet "Email Reminder" not working in Zimbra 7
  115. Two suggestions for the Social Zimlet
  116. can't get Google Docs zimlet to work
  117. zimlets access ALL mail headers?
  118. [SOLVED] LinkedIn
  119. [SOLVED] Tasks Reminder does not work
  120. Zimlet jsp/jar one account cant load class, one can ... ?
  121. zimlet trigger
  122. how to: custom contextmenu on selected text inside Message/Mail Body
  123. Zimlet to add custom header
  124. Google Apps as Zimbra Zimlets possible?
  125. Adding custom attachment link handler?
  126. Tab key handler in ZmDialog
  127. Accessing Zimlet config properties from Java/Jar?
  128. Can't load Zimlets anymore. How to reset?
  129. JSP - Accessing ZMailbox - broken in Zimbra 6.x
  130. Downloader error
  131. [SOLVED] Problem with social zimlet and twitter
  132. Problem with preferences after dwploy zimlet
  133. Zimlet match order
  134. asterisk zimlet compatiblity
  135. Problem getActiveApp()
  136. Zimlet read receipt
  137. Zimlet to one user
  138. Get contacts
  139. Registering shortcuts/hotkeys for zimlets
  140. ZImlets for address book ?
  141. [SOLVED] Sticky Tooltip - howto?
  142. Asterisk Integration - Multiple PBX's
  143. zimlet with jars not deploying on Windows 7 64-bit
  144. Problem encounter while creating a meeting in WebEx Through Zimbra
  145. dynamicaly changing zimlet
  146. Problem encounter which using Social Zimlet
  147. zimlet developing
  148. Deploy zimlet centrally for zimbra desktop
  149. Problem encounter while flushing Zimlet Cache
  150. Xmpp(openfire IM) zimlet
  151. Email Address Autocomplete
  152. BASIC: how to 'install'
  153. html zimlet tab intrAnet
  154. [SOLVED] Tab Zimlet connecting phpBB & Zimbra
  155. Driving me absolutely nuts
  156. Zimlet developer needed
  157. Sticky notes zimlet 1.5 doesn't leave screen and stays open
  158. [SOLVED] WebEx Zimlet stopped working after upgrade
  159. DwtMenu with hundreds of DwtMenuItem's
  160. request.getSession()
  161. Logged in session name thr zimlet
  162. Auto reminder generator zimlet for Documents
  163. Login to Salesforce failed
  164. Zimlet Help - emailtemplates
  165. Admin Extension + Resources
  166. Cannot deploy simple tab zimlet
  167. Allow text selection/right-click inside a zimlet
  168. Two Zimlets same match on
  169. Smartsheet Not Visible
  170. Server Data Retrieval
  171. Registering a hotkey
  172. WebEx Zimlet
  173. DnD zimlet not working on linux with files in network shares
  174. View an appt
  175. iframe integration of a local webserver
  176. New Item In Search Dropdown
  177. Zimlet for Docushare?
  178. Add buttons in toolbar Web Tab
  179. [SOLVED] Email Attacher Broken in 6.0.8
  180. Where is zimbra_xmbxsearch.zip?
  181. Calling a API
  182. Zimlet Hooks
  183. Routing Slip in Zimbra
  184. Zimlet hook on deep linking to specific message
  185. How to capture save appointment event from zimlet
  186. Network Edition License
  187. Checkbox in appointment ui
  188. How to identitfy which field has been selected
  189. [SOLVED] Help with Zimlet to compose email and set subject
  190. Add mandatory/optional attendee in scheduler zimlet
  191. How do I add custom headers to the new mail ?
  192. _dev zimlets show to all users
  193. disable zimlet JSP caching
  194. [SOLVED] Concerning com_zimbra_date
  195. Index Searching for Sensitive Data via a Zimlet
  196. Problems with Google Translate zimlet
  197. Holiday Calendars Zimlet
  198. Zimlet to add header
  199. Zimlet hook for viewing calendar appointment item
  200. Problem with Google Translate zimlet
  201. Zimlet Social - Fan Pages
  202. Upload files from local disk to briefcase from Zimlet
  203. Undo Send zimlet errors
  204. Download Version 1.6 of Sticky Notes
  205. Rogue zimlets stuck in LDAP and can't be undeployed
  206. Desperately in need of DWT-Documentation!
  207. Sending emails from zimlets
  208. Problem about ZmPreferencesPage
  209. Tips and alerts zimlet
  210. Change path to Email Template with zmprov
  211. Date Zimlet Problems
  212. Zimlet works on ZDesktop but not on ZCS
  213. Read zimlet config in zdesktop using jsp
  214. [SOLVED] My own Icon in Tab-Zimlet?
  215. [SOLVED] Accessing zimbra MySQL from other zimbra servers
  216. how to get account settings
  217. Refreshing the GUI
  218. Tab zimlet in ZD
  219. quick question about phone Zimlet & callto: addresses
  220. [SOLVED] connected user ID / password
  221. Send Mail without Compose Window Interface
  222. how to load a html by app.setContent
  223. JAR file location for ZDesktop zimlet
  224. template zimlet
  225. Error in new WebEx Zimlet
  226. apply zimlet to all accounts
  227. [SOLVED] Get base64-encoded Attachment file using Javascript?
  228. DwtSelect with many options is very slow
  229. get to cc bcc message and atach on send
  230. First time Zimlet creation...Proxy
  231. Lightbulb [YouTube] of upcoming "Salesforce + Chatter" Zimlet & Chatter Challenge
  232. Add another send button on the mail toolbar
  233. [SOLVED] "HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL"
  234. [SAMPLE ZIMLET] Creating a tab zimlet overview tree programaticaly
  235. Hook on account edit/create
  236. Launch action on mail sent
  237. need help writing first zimlet
  238. Zimlet not working with zimbra 6.0.6 network edition.
  239. [SOLVED] Deep Linking to New Tab Application
  240. Problem: Zimlet Communication with Jetty
  241. Create Admin Extensions for Beginners
  242. (ask) How To Develop VoIP In Zimbra??
  243. [SOLVED] Problems with com_zimlet_social
  244. apptsummary Zimlet wont install?
  245. Using Zimlet to open mail message window in text mode
  246. ServletProxy CircularRedirectException
  247. Is there a way to bring other zimbra components into a zimlet
  248. Logout notification for tabbed zimlet
  249. Access to a notebook.
  250. Add items in an existing context menu.