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  1. possibility of allocating disk quota for briefcase
  2. testzimbra - outlook client
  3. [SOLVED] Constantly active filter?
  4. mobile web client. Delete Calendar Appointment
  5. how to make the "TV_highlightObjects" link ?
  6. Urgent - Please Help
  7. how to do that feature in zimbra ?
  8. Invalid 7bit DATA
  9. spam
  10. Mac mail.app: don't work outside the company
  11. Mac Mail.app No red new mail notification in dock icon
  12. HTML Signature using HTML Web Client
  13. bad week number in calendar (left panel) in webmail
  14. ZCS web client mail filters
  15. Only display subject of the message on ZWC!
  16. Can not add external account
  17. Saving attachment in shared folder to briefcase
  18. [SOLVED] External IMAP account updating in ZCS webclient
  19. Inbox Issue
  20. Curious behavior with IME users
  21. iOS devices and Zimbra powered comcast.net email
  22. [SOLVED] Zimbra Share Notification
  23. Advanced Filter
  24. Push and webmail
  25. Latest outlook update breaks SPA with IMAP/POP.
  26. Cannot save the setting for 'Access from Other Mail Clients'
  27. i need help pls :(
  28. Images with url in
  29. Editing shortcuts
  30. Accessing other sections without closing Document
  31. Can't add Zimbra account on Iphone
  32. Changing the sent folder
  33. HTTP Headers
  34. [SOLVED] Apple Mail.app mailbox behaviours configuration
  35. Sharing via Standard ZWC?
  36. [SOLVED] How to create persona in HTML client
  37. Enduser needs help
  38. Text selection problem in Safari
  39. How do I change my password?
  40. Outgoing mail server / Sage Act! wZimbra
  41. Problem in sharing briefcase
  42. Thunderbird does not recieve emails on IMAP port 993 for SSL
  43. [SOLVED] location occupation?
  44. Sharing a link from briefcase
  45. Thunderbird 3.1.6 + Lightning 1.0b2
  46. FOSS 6.0.9-FOSS Lost Emails
  47. Rebranding Desktop product and Outlook connector
  48. Problems with meeting response Iphone
  49. Cannot view or download .txt attachments within the Zimbra Webui (Ajax) version
  50. character encoding problem in mail body
  51. Jabber Interface
  52. Multiple file Uploads displayed wrong
  53. Edits to Calendar Series not behaving as expected
  54. [Address Book Error]
  55. Selecting multiple tasks in calendar
  56. Migrating a non-active pop3 email account with mails to Zimbra
  57. Disable Calendar event email notification by default
  58. Reply error
  59. "Expand All" folders by default
  60. Searching mail with partial words
  61. interfacer zimbra avec ses messagerie dans un projet
  62. Zimbra Email Reply Strangeness
  63. Comcast SmartZone Problem - HTML to Text Issue
  64. [SOLVED] How to send from a different email address using WEB UI
  65. Alias Vs Personas
  66. ZWC (&ZD) Calendar, small issue, big problem
  67. [SOLVED] Attempting to use personas
  68. [SOLVED] Calendar Sharing Issues
  69. Zimbra support for mailto links and Send as Attachment
  70. Task Share Issue
  71. Search for no tag?
  72. suggestion
  73. Calendar Search Issue
  74. [SOLVED] Questions on Briefcase and Documents...
  75. I have problem with import user
  76. exclude adresses in autoreply/away messages
  77. Block IMAP External Account but still available
  78. Desktop Proxy (SOAP<->IMAP,iCAL,SMTP)
  79. Zimbra Web Client calendar compatibility with other calendars
  80. ZCS Shared Calendar - Outlook Local Failure Notices
  81. swap space in openvz
  82. [SOLVED] Another day, another unhappy user
  83. Forward e-mail with inline images, inline images no longer attached
  84. blank emails
  85. displays Date and time
  86. Small error found on message list GUI
  87. [SOLVED] Email notifications upon calendar changes?
  88. Auto complete ignores GAL if an "emailed contact" matches
  89. [SOLVED] External IMAP account with self signed cert?
  90. The server appears to be slow to respond, and may be unavailable.
  91. Place sent emails in the current folder instead of Sent
  92. ical calendar invites showing annormal aliases as organiser/owner/inviter
  93. Hitting enter in the to field complete every word as email address
  94. Checking appointment notifications
  95. [SOLVED] [Solved] webclient email window unresponsive after window switch
  96. Plain text "Note" documents in briefcase
  97. Add Group as Attendee to Calendar Appointment
  98. Sending message
  99. Web client uses Pop acct as from when replying
  100. Cannot open ics file(tasks) when using Outlook 2003
  101. Documents save changes lost when internet connect lost.
  102. Cant turn off spam engine.
  103. how do I switch the spell check dictionary from british to american english?
  104. How to add ics file to calendar?
  105. Money management
  106. manage appointments with outlook
  107. iCal refresh
  108. Import/Export contact lists from Outlook is disabled
  109. Bulk Contact Change
  110. Content Filter - Virus
  111. Contacts
  112. HTML Client : HTTP ERROR: 403 in Notebook application
  113. Network service error window should allow select, copy and paste
  114. Compose window with less than full width of screen
  115. Deleted Mail to didnt go to Trash Folder
  116. Visually differentiate quoted parts of emails
  117. Problem with right-click in Firefox
  118. [webmail] how to edit/open document in new tab ?
  119. Google shared calednar not updating in Zimbra
  120. delegate acces to Out of Office settings?
  121. [SOLVED] spec of &quot;request responses&quot; for invite
  122. Can't edit email address of "From" in setting up a persona
  123. Moving Files From Shared Briefcase Disabled
  124. [SOLVED] Accessing Outlook 2010 calendar *without* connector
  125. Original email address after mail forward missing
  126. Filters not working
  127. Briefcase: File copy?
  128. [SOLVED] Outlook 2007 Account Setup
  129. problem: HTML view calendar with URL
  130. Help
  131. Changing shortcut keys
  132. POP3 configuration in Outlook and etc.
  133. Attachment from briefcase for a meeting (Calendar)
  134. Calendar - On cancel appointment can't send with the set account
  135. POP account cant automatically sync in webclients
  136. [SOLVED] Thunderbird and CardDav
  137. [SOLVED] Advanced search options available to end-users?
  138. webclient - pop can´t sort by date.
  139. Cannot subscribe to Zimbra Calendar from Google Calendar
  140. Auto-Reply not working?
  141. Funny Zimbra Documents Behaviours
  142. Web interface screwed up in ie8, ok in FF
  143. Moving Objects
  144. Unable to send email to Group
  145. [SOLVED] Hosted Demo Doesn't work
  146. online zimbra live demo account
  147. Change Subject Of An Email
  148. Notes
  149. [SOLVED] Share my dary
  150. How to show the Addressee when someone send me an email in bcc?
  151. Accidentaly deleted backup data - way to restore calendar items in trash ?
  152. Scheduling email
  153. Recover mail for individual users from .ibd file.
  154. large message 1Mb + no body
  155. Calendar stuck in 24 hour time format
  156. Is there a way to disable anti-spam feature?
  157. AJAX UI notification sound requires quicktime/WM plugin
  158. Shared Briefcase subfolder's files cannot be access
  159. New address book entries
  160. download all mails
  161. Problem rendering 'decline' message from outside user
  162. Multi-shared calendar URL?
  163. [SOLVED] Webdav client?
  164. Zimbra calendar printing font size
  165. Multiple replies received to appointment invitations sent from shared calendar
  166. Uploading emails form other offline email client
  167. Why can't I share my Junk Folder?
  168. Can I use Outlook 2003 to access zimbra email?
  169. How to fix links and padding in e-mail templates?
  170. Draft, permission denied
  171. show date AND time in Mail-preview
  172. Mail Merge functionality?
  173. Tag E-Mail with Contact's tags?
  174. What must I do if I forgot my webmail password?
  175. Cannot Receive Email
  176. Subscribe / Unsubscribe IMAP folders
  177. Apple Mail can't accept invitation
  178. False positive spam problem
  179. inbound mail not going to inbox
  180. lycos email powered by zimbra network service error
  181. [SOLVED] Disable Tag-Filter in Webclient?
  182. Cannot make DnD work on 6.0.7
  183. Attachment will not open automatically
  184. Sending from external account has the accounts descriptive name in "from"
  185. Send update to attendees not always working
  186. Can I create a 'NoSelect' folder?
  187. Ok, this has really bothered me. Selecting an addressbook
  188. Zimbra For Bis
  189. save button in calender dont work after upgrade
  190. Strange characters in webmail or zdesktop
  191. Paste screenshot/insert pic into webmail body text
  192. is it possible to prevent users from deleting tasks
  193. Zimbra on iPad question
  194. What app do you use?
  195. Bulk load contacts list?
  196. [SOLVED] Auto complete addresses
  197. Zimbra email sucks
  198. Sync Zimbra with Windows Mobile
  199. Users cant see pictures in email at work
  200. Zimbra to Outlook
  201. Sorting of Contact Group
  202. Access Restriction
  203. ZCS with Safari 5
  204. Adding an account in Zimbra
  205. Problem in Google Chrome reply message
  206. Advanced Mode not working with Chrome
  207. Using OE via IMAP marking delete only,But Webmail inbox removed.
  208. How to export a single mail
  209. Filter for "real" address (bcc)
  210. moving to JUNK
  211. LDAP client shows Contacts Folder
  212. Select all contact in a folder
  213. [SOLVED] list doubtful distribution ?
  214. Changes Needed To Zimbra Now!!!
  215. Zimbra Calendar/Tasks reminders, more specific time/date options
  216. [SOLVED] Zimbra Webmail - DELETED mail from INBOX
  217. Sort personas per name
  218. Folder frame size and expand folders
  219. How to copy folders esp Tasks?
  220. Signature Issue
  221. Autocomplete from address book is only based on text before @ symbol?
  222. Ext. account: Connection successfull, but nothing fetched?!
  223. Updating many contact details
  224. mark spam as read
  225. Lock distribution list from outside mail
  226. Calendar entry changed ownership after editing by another authorized user.
  227. [SOLVED] image in the email body?
  228. Searching HowTo for akonadi !!Newbie question!!
  229. Leave Junkmail in Inbox
  230. [SOLVED] Relay Access Denied Problem
  231. [SOLVED] Junk Mail Options - Tuning for single user
  232. logmysql.server and mysql.server is not running
  233. [SOLVED] Which attachment types types that can be converted and viewed as HTML?
  234. How to view email address in emails list
  235. Sync 2 calendars within the same account
  236. Setting up zmdailyreport
  237. Web UI - Permanently delete mail
  238. change all user to other class of Service COS
  239. Journal
  240. Font size
  241. [SOLVED] Instant messaging window loses focus
  242. Zimbra signing out...randomly
  243. disposing of released resources
  244. Calendar, meeting request, no accept/deny/tentative
  245. "smoke" Theme not supporting windows os
  246. Calendar Fish-Eye Disable and List View auto-load on scroll
  247. [SOLVED] 502 bad gateway!How to modify the request address?
  248. Firefox distorts zimbra webclient
  249. [SOLVED] Launch in a Separate Window - Not Working
  250. imap folders in outlook