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  1. Performance issue
  2. Speeding up the webUI
  3. OK/Cancel Buttons display incorrectly in Zimbra 4.03
  4. zimbra-generated .ics files truncate event descriptions
  5. Re: Additional Font Choices (Bugzilla ID 6463 - WONTFIX)
  6. Remote ical UTF8
  7. POP3 Outlook 2002 and Zimbra Open Source
  8. keyboard shortcut in mail composer
  9. Shared email box using web interface?
  10. Integration and use of Writely Word Processor
  11. Is zimbra for me?
  12. Pls vote to fix bug: Users cannot move existing appt to another user's calendar
  13. WikiWords in Documents
  14. Tag Shared Contacts
  15. Auto Read 1st message
  16. Using saved searches in Select Addresses dialog
  17. Time stamps for contact list notes
  18. Tip: Get a Optimized Version of Firefox makes Zimbra Faster
  19. SMTP Relay to a SMTP server that requires authentication
  20. REST upload behaves abnormally...
  21. GAL entry doesn't turn up in options
  22. To-->Select Addresses
  23. Spamassassin settings
  24. Domain Admins
  25. Sharing tags for address book
  26. Per folder message count
  27. Zimbra Webmail
  28. Calendar Reminders per Entry
  29. create address book
  30. To-Do List and Shared Email Folders
  31. keyboard navigation
  32. 2 problems with 4.0.2
  33. Identity switch feature request
  34. Select a big number of mail messages
  35. Calendar appointment Reminder
  36. Client gets stuck downloading images...
  37. Evolution Calendar sync
  38. Firefox rightclick problem
  39. Next/Pervious conversation button missing
  40. Personal Email Groups
  41. Search problem for ZCS documents
  42. User management
  43. External mail server
  44. lots of questions...
  45. How do you charge for Zimbra?
  46. Could somebody reboot the wiki server?
  47. outlook 2003 0x80070057 error
  48. Branding themes - some observations on logos
  49. Zimbra on a Mac Mini, OSX binary or Linux install?
  50. outlook and multiple calendars
  51. Calendar
  52. [SOLVED] Mass delete calendar entries
  53. Using an alias address as a sender address
  54. wrap text in compose widget
  55. Importing squirrelmail abook files
  56. Can't display images
  57. Highlight of web browser in task bar
  58. saveMail_as: naming conventions
  59. fail to send more than 100 mail or got @ names
  60. Domain name rather than IP address
  61. Mobil mail still not visible in ZCS 4
  62. Documents - moving them
  63. Sorting in webmail client
  64. Firefox (french) crashes
  65. Integration with Liferay Portal
  66. Free/busy support for leopard ical?
  67. Attachment appears in overview but not in message view
  68. Problem with IE 7 for the Zimbra 4.0.1 network edition
  69. Batch Delete
  70. outlook imap folder
  71. Zimbra Documents: Send document by e-mail
  72. Help: Need a REST URL to return all emails (all folders) matching search criteria
  73. Is it kosher to share calendars from Resources (or Locations)?
  74. Tag calendar events
  75. Tag colors
  76. ZCS Outlook connector
  77. Newbie: How handles Zimbra time accuracy?
  78. Sending HTML email with images
  79. Bugs and other confusing stuff
  80. Default font type, color and size
  81. Having Problems configuring Zimbra settings into Sugar Mail Client
  82. Could not search the chinese characters in the attachment.
  83. Games! ( question about modifying the arcade zimlet )
  84. Cannot configure RSS zimlet
  85. Information needed
  86. Loss - One bad experience: Always backup your e-mail
  87. xserver
  88. Printing contact list
  89. Moving saved mail to Zimbra
  90. Feat. Req. Don't show taken resources
  91. Zimbra demo doesn't work with incoming mail?
  92. Autocomplete problem
  93. Weird Autocompletion error
  94. Subscribing to an external calendar, not working as expected
  95. Using IMAP and the Zimbra Interface
  96. feature request - persist 'by message', 'by conv' view per folder
  97. Does Zimbra's hosted demo actually work?
  98. Link to shared calendar
  99. Tasks list
  100. Can I GET a Zimbra URL to compose and send a Zimbra email?
  101. one user mutiple "Profiles" & other questions..
  102. Shared Calendar/Contacts - Question
  103. Documents don't print
  104. I could not delete the document.
  105. a way to clean /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data
  106. Auto-complete for compose window
  107. webmail green bubble
  108. Changing domains and username
  109. Saving your view
  110. Could not create documents.
  111. [SOLVED] Thunderbird problems
  112. 4.0 RC1, comments after an hours use
  113. Zcs 4.0 Rc1
  114. Creating mail in HTML mode activates FF's Find as you type
  115. Resend email from Web UI / Sent folder not syncing w/ IMAP?
  116. Personal Distribution Lists - please vote for this feature
  117. Email Notification and going BACK
  118. Disable images only in HTML message view
  119. PHP and Email
  120. Seeing Cursor and Highlighting Text
  121. Migrating Emails to Zimbra
  122. About the reminder.
  123. Client memory consumption
  124. Instant messaging
  125. cannot receive mails to outlook
  126. Cannot send any attachments, get error Attachment error: 413
  127. Filters auto turned off?
  128. extra modules loaded: Net/LDAP/Bind.pm
  129. Specs on the addressbook
  130. Changes to some UI settings not consistent between sessions
  131. What are the "direct Member Of" and the "Indirect Member Of"
  132. Why does the URL hover Zimlet show 4 small images of the target website?
  133. External images not displayed - can this be an option?
  134. REMINDERfox for Thunderbird
  135. Mail filter not working
  136. Embedded images in html mail
  137. Downloading Attachments with html conversion turned on
  138. I don't understand this option.
  139. Yet another feature question
  140. Individual Use???
  141. A problem about the Search.
  142. Can't find the new filter.
  143. Help whitelisting one SMTP server
  144. About IM or Chat
  145. M2 Review
  146. Copy & Paste
  147. Transfering Email from Gmail
  148. Feature Queries
  149. A701
  150. thunderbird mail notifications in subfolders
  151. Multiple Attachments
  152. Tag based email list
  153. Adding an RSS feed of another users mailbox
  154. Are there any plans to support write to remote iCAL calendars?
  155. special characters in search?
  156. mass mail with individual greetings
  157. Email Address Auto complete
  158. Attachment Save As
  159. 3.2 (Network Edition) -> Thougs/Feedback/Wishes
  160. Zimbra "Documents" feature
  161. Save as file
  162. X-Originating-IP Header
  163. calendar alerts
  164. tomcat keeps shutting down...
  165. Directory integration
  166. Webmail client with minimal browser clutter
  167. Problem adding a Calendar from SVN.
  168. Trouble displaying mail in inbox
  169. list of .java files called durig mail exchange.
  170. Trouble sending mail from Outlook
  171. problem with admin page display.
  172. search content not working?
  173. outlook connector and Zimbra community edition
  174. Accessing GAL via outlook 2003
  175. Zimbra Shared Calendars
  176. How to do add mailing list with use of command prompt?
  177. Accessing GAL via Thunderbird
  178. Export Global Address List
  179. free Zimbra-Account with SyncML Connector ?
  180. sent a mail with chinese filename attachment to Gmail error
  181. Using Zimbra features
  182. Unable to arrow down drop-boxes
  183. Treo 700W OTA Sync
  184. Just a rave..
  185. personal Drafts-folder for each user
  186. A little PHP help
  187. conversation span: working if mails are sent from within Outlook?
  188. remove single recipients of a group from the To: - field
  189. Large number of attachments
  190. View User Calendar Without Information
  191. Cannot find new email message
  192. firefox under FC5 cannot access demo site
  193. select/toggle all messages
  194. Preview pane question?
  195. Usage Documentation
  196. Server components logs and web U.I.
  197. To remember me or not to remember me...
  198. Email formats on Distribution lists
  199. dragging a file to the calendar(day of the calendar)
  200. @ and euro signs
  201. Browsing LDAP Tree
  202. Too much recipients for POP3 users
  203. UK hosting partners?
  204. Error
  205. Message Formatting
  206. sending mail to a group of people
  207. Global address book
  208. All about Calendars
  209. Disappearing addresses
  210. Weird calendar
  211. Creating email error and server crash
  212. Handling multiple domains
  213. how to increase log levels.
  214. Folders and Tags
  215. RSS Feeds of the forums
  216. where is the reminder?
  217. Using SMTP or LMTP?
  218. more likes and wants
  219. Contact Display
  220. Check current logged on users
  221. HTML accent
  222. deleting user in admin console does not remove in distribution list
  223. Mass mailing
  224. Copied e-mail messages get current date/time
  225. Can't read mails from russia
  226. normal excel file treated as application/x-msdownload type
  227. postfix username check
  228. Hover over url does not work
  229. Global Catalog listing
  230. Alexa hover i18n problem
  231. Postpath=Zimbra?
  232. Remember me on this computer
  233. Zimbra "Away message" feature
  234. Server request slow when reloading remote calendars
  235. 3rd party antivirus program
  236. Calendar popups
  237. Distribution list problem
  238. Confused on PDA sync.
  239. No new mail alert in outlook
  240. View Forward Attachment Inside Forward Attachment not working
  241. i am not receving mails from other domains like yahoo, etc.
  242. Alias for Distribution Lists
  243. COS changed after add a alias
  244. Client Memory Usage
  245. Forwarding, and forwarding as Attachments
  246. Zimbra thinks things are links that are not
  247. Mail clients
  248. POP3 account
  249. Spell check not functioning
  250. Shared (or Public) Folders