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  1. Does/can Zimbra group incoming emails by recipient / company as per Goldmine?
  2. Reply with responses interspersed truncated
  3. iPhone compatibility? Push Email?
  4. Spam question
  5. Notebook and Documents
  6. Event Managment Software
  7. Calendar accessibility
  8. Improvements can be made in the web client
  9. User training experiences?
  10. [SOLVED] calendar day view start time
  11. Yahoo Skin
  12. vacation message only for mail ending up in inbox?
  13. list all contacts, not working?
  14. Web Client filter
  15. Non-Zimbra users writing to Zimbra calendar
  16. Distribution List not showing up
  17. Testing Zimbra web client using testing tools like Selenium
  18. How to select all messages in an imap folder
  19. How to handle mailto: URLS as webmail?
  20. Mass-emailing people?
  21. Images in webmail
  22. cannot reply or forward emails
  23. Changing Outlook From: address in Sent folder
  24. How to only search based on e-mail address and not aliases?
  25. How can I view more than 100 contacts when searching through Personal Contacts?
  26. [SOLVED] How do I get the Toaster for Mac?
  27. Contacts list Arrangement
  28. [SOLVED] Forward multiple messages
  29. Drag & Drop attachments
  30. [SOLVED] Back button!
  31. Personal Edition
  32. Cannot copy more than 2 contacts in web interface
  33. Appointment changes in web interface
  34. Mail Filters
  35. Some easy to add, key missing features
  36. Identities and Filters do not detect To: address properly
  37. [SOLVED] How do YOU create groups from your contacts?
  38. Location Decline issue
  39. [SOLVED] New themes broken in 5.0 beta 3?
  40. Foreign Language Spell Checkers?
  41. Column ordering?
  42. Any way to send/receive Zimbra mail using Gmail client?
  43. [SOLVED] Way to negate in search language?
  44. Archiving feature requests
  45. Forum Spell-checking Problem
  46. questions on couple things :)
  47. Question Marks Appear In Mail
  48. Composer break lines?
  49. iCalendar feature queries
  50. mail workflow history
  51. What forum software?
  52. Beta 5 Hosted Demo?
  53. Fields in the Contact address book
  54. Add/Edit HTML tags in the message body
  55. External email address into GAL
  56. ZWC 4.5.6 background colors missing from cvsspam
  57. Easy way to extract contacts from all emails in folder and group in address book?
  58. [SOLVED] Domain admins in open source edition?
  59. A Zimbra Toolbar?
  60. Getting Outlook to search Global Address List
  61. POP mail client authentication: Continuous prompting for password
  62. zmcontrol cannot start
  63. can anyone help with this?? :)
  64. Clamav is eating my harddrive
  65. GUI very slow
  66. Calendar Notifications
  67. Can you subscribe to free/busy?
  68. Support for Office 2007 file extensions?
  69. Conversations Problem
  70. Away Message not working?
  71. Clarification about wikiwords ability to form a link
  72. Move Reading Pane?
  73. Zimbra e-mail with Homestead
  74. delete mail in a folder after x days
  75. ISO 26300 support
  76. Help needed for search related features
  77. User directly changing password: Possible?
  78. Exporting Tags
  79. searching for messages and junk button
  80. Accessing the Zimbra Client features
  81. calling custom webApplication from zimbraWebClient
  82. Blocking particular email address
  83. Show birthday from address book in calendar
  84. Filter logs?
  85. Select "Email 2" when composing email
  86. 5.0 Beta zmstat don't work on openSUSE10.2
  87. Cannot add email address to Distribution list
  88. Bulk moving of contacts
  89. "Pattern" reference?
  90. More questions/requests about calendar reminders
  91. Query for feature - "Export messages as ZIP file"
  92. Date AND Time in received column
  93. [SOLVED] Default Identities
  94. I am not able to configure Thunderbird...
  95. read and delivery receipt on zimbra webmail?
  96. Please Help - Importing Lotus Notes address book
  97. Color themes, new messages, messaging...
  98. Text of mail sent by Apple Mail.app may be truncated in ZWC
  99. Can you set Zimbra as the Default Mail Application in Windows?
  100. Bug in Appointment attendee list entry
  101. Normal URL or with Secured Port?
  102. Zimbra insecurities out-of-the-box
  103. merge emails into conversation?
  104. Show whos accepted/not meetting request
  105. ToDo requirements of a large corporation / pls vote for 18626
  106. if external DNS fails: internal mailing still possible?
  107. Disable Empty Trash?
  108. Password rejected- then accepted - then rejected
  109. Download with pop still marked as unread
  110. user created "ContactGroups" available for all users?
  111. IO Exception when sending (some) email
  112. Fwd form Thunderbird
  113. Printing slow
  114. delete default Notebook
  115. IMAP parse error: command not implemented
  116. Filters and Paging Feature Requests
  117. should Find "textstring" in "All Item Types" search text in ALL
  118. AddressBook: building AddressGroups with Drag&Drop / pls vote for 184933
  119. Email catch-almost-all?!
  120. Calendar entry no more viewable
  121. Bugs/features to be fixed in version 5?
  122. Line Spacing Issue
  123. Creating a new Profile for a user
  124. Copying and Pasting Phone Number Data in ZWC
  125. Firefox printing problems
  126. Full header
  127. Cannot login to Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5.5 on Mac OS X using Safari 3.02 beta
  128. Collab Docs Password Protectio
  129. error in calendar resource Auto acceptdecline FALSE
  130. only one AddressGroup in the AddressBook possible ?
  131. Duplicate emails being sent
  132. iPhone Features???
  133. Zimbra vs. KMS
  134. Web Client - HTML Message Formatting
  135. Filter rules for chinese content
  136. how to add skype-contact to a user
  137. Cannot connect to Zimbra on Windows mobile device
  138. Address Book in Open Source edition
  139. Zimbra 5 fails to start.
  140. incorrect mime type when attaching pdfs
  141. Single Users
  142. how to build a DL from a search
  143. RSS for tags
  144. will there be a ZCS outlook connector Standalone product in the future?
  145. Poor Cursor Behavior Makes For Bad First Impression
  146. web mail - multiple accounts
  147. RSS feeds automatic checking or "check all"
  148. Display Problem
  149. Recommended Host?
  150. Spellcheck before send?
  151. Extending the Calendar
  152. Duplicate emails when moving (OSE, Beta5)
  153. message encryption
  154. end user docs/tutorials
  155. How to setup shared mailboxes
  156. Double click on email with preview pane visible
  157. Private calendar events
  158. About address books and Thunderbird
  159. subscribed to zimbra cals in ical has timezone problem
  160. [SOLVED] Saving Archived Messages onto Hard disk
  161. Is This a bug ?
  162. side pane skinny
  163. Wrong "unread" count for Drafts
  164. auto create Rss feed folder in each zimbra account
  165. In Filter Rules, what is significance of 'My Contacts'?
  166. About Zimbra page needs improvement
  167. Spell Checker with personal word list
  168. Safari 3 beta for windows
  169. personal dirstribution lists: can every user?
  170. Hyperlink in Email Body
  171. group calendar
  172. VMWare Appliance
  173. CRM functions
  174. To-Do items
  175. colorblind user/accessibility
  176. Outlook Idle Timeout
  177. Creating Temporary Mail ID
  178. Sending Mailto: links to the web client in OS X
  179. sort by file size
  180. distribution List
  181. Inserting a link to a file when composing a new mail
  182. Calendar features we'd like
  183. Zimbra 5.0 First Blush Impressions
  184. [SOLVED] Searching message headers?
  185. Calendar folder through IMAP? (KDE Kontact)
  186. Trouble with Documents Upload feature
  187. intro... hi all/ rpath storage/ authentication
  188. sharing resource calendar
  189. moving incoming mails with attachments to a special folder
  190. Recurring appointments
  191. Auto forward for Sent and Forward
  192. "Convert to..." function when composing mail/appointment
  193. import Thunderbird email-addresses into ZCS
  194. Strip attachment and save to file server
  195. Username Alias
  196. virtual address groups (pls vote for RFC 17118)
  197. Zimbra adding http:// and /
  198. Blacklisting by the user; why not possible?
  199. Sceduling the sending date/time of a mail / pls vote for RFC 17059
  200. Quick templates (inserting predefined text strings) pls vote for RCF 17058
  201. existing duplicates: mass remove / pls vote for RFC 17057
  202. List everyone in the GAL when clicking TO
  203. Huge Contact Group Prevents Scrolling and Edit
  204. ZWC "search folder and subfolders"?
  205. zimbra east coast conference
  206. Allow all Images ....
  207. Links into Zimbra for Meeting Invites for mail-only client
  208. simple CONCISE end user documentation
  209. Distribution list to all users at domain
  210. Looking for ZWC "cruise mode" productivity
  211. Blackberry synching
  212. Removing attachmets in replies
  213. Editing the subject line
  214. Send message as "Urgent"
  215. How can i replicate zimbra's LDAP
  216. iCal calendar
  217. Calendar Alerts/Alarms
  218. exclamation point on a meeting ?
  219. Which pda works best with Zimbra ?
  220. Feature Request: Ability to change the "From" address
  221. suggestions
  222. New mail notification
  223. Trying to understand Zimbra's anti-spam system
  224. Sharing....
  225. Mailinglists internal/external possible?
  226. Document Mangement in zimbra?
  227. Zimbra Documents & Tags
  228. Marking External POP3 mail as junk...
  229. To column in the mail list
  230. Editing Saved Searches
  231. Enable/Disable calender sharing
  232. Remember Me
  233. Limiting access to GAL and Calendar
  234. Suggestions and Impressions
  235. WebUI not displaying correctly
  236. Windows Mobile 5 , 6
  237. defalt mail client
  238. How to add google analytics to Zimbra?
  239. [SOLVED] detach on dbl click
  240. toaster startup
  241. Automatic reload of inbox?
  242. Calendar Day of the Week
  243. Auto-Archive of messages
  244. Zimbra and Sharepoint together?
  245. Forwarding Email
  246. zimlet javascript errors IE7
  247. [SOLVED] Reject SPAM
  248. How to choose local calendar to accept to?
  249. SOAP API get contacts matching given phone number
  250. Wrong time in Parallels Virtual machine