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Thread: Zimbra users/LDAP auth/PO's

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    Default Zimbra users/LDAP auth/PO's

    I just installed Zimbra yesterday, and it looks pretty good. I really like the search feature. I am currently running a Courier mail server with an OpenLDAP backend and squirrelmail, and I'm just looking at what else is out there.

    I have a few questions though..

    Do the Zimbra users live in LDAP?
    I can only see the admin user zimbra.
    How can I use the Purchase Order Identifier?
    In cn=po,cn=object,cn=config,cn=zimbra, I can see it, do I just have to match it against a regular expression?

    I'd like to set up a filter so that Zimbra will authenticate against an external LDAP server, but I'm not sure where to start.

    I am using the 3.0.0_M2_746 FC4 release.


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    You should be able to see all the user's if you connect with an LDAP browser.

    The current PO demo has a regex like:


    Try one like: GR9328B2-3X499

    For an external LDAP you just need to write an LDAP filter. Use %s to match the user name.
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