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Thread: Trashed Message Lifetime - a few Q's

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    Question Trashed Message Lifetime - a few Q's

    Hi all,

    A few questions on trashed message lifetimes (sorry if these seem a bit dumb).

    I have users that frequently ask for old emails - even those they have already put in the trash (I know, it's a nightmare). To avoid having to restore all the time, I would like to change a few things with the trashed message lifetime. A few Q's:

    - If I set the lifetime to 0 - will this mean trash is NEVER purged? Just thinking...

    - Right now it is set for 30 days. If I change this today to say 120 days (COS) - will that "spill over" to older emails? In other words - emails from last week - will they still be tagged for purging after 30 days or 120?


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    The deletion of email in the Trash folder is done by a cron job therefore changing it to 120 days will not delete the mail until that day arrives.

    The simple answer to your users is not to put anything in the trash, there's no need and they'll have everything available to them and it can be searched. If there's a space problem just increase you HD capacity - it's cheap.


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    Sorry for thread necromancy, but I have a similar question:

    What can I do so that when a user "accidentally" deletes a message I can still retrieve or search it with Archiving and Discovery?


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