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Thread: system update notify?

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    Default system update notify?

    How do you people get notified of system updates?

    On my other (Debian based) servers I usually just install cron-apt which will email me daily informing me of updates which I can then perform manually. But cron-apt relies on mailx and postfix which I don't think should be installed because Zimbra already has.

    I think ideally (Debian) Zimbra would include and install cron-apt but short of this, how do others handle it?

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    I subscribed to the security mailing lists of the OSes (and apps) I'm using.

    This way I'm quickly aware of the security issues and fix and _I_ choose what to apply (or not).

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    well RHEL has the RHN (red hat network) so that kinda solves it for me

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