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Thread: Cant run postsuper

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    Default Cant run postsuper


    I've discovered that I've alot of emails in my queues – which makes the server go really slow.

    I cant delete emails from the queue in the admin interface since it hangs on me.

    Instead I tried to use the postsuper command to delete some emails. Doing so gives me the following:

    zimbra@mail:~$ postsuper -d XXXXXXXX
    postsuper: fatal: use of this command is reserved for the superuser

    I'm fireing it as zimbra user, I tried to fire it as root and postfix user as well but than it can even find the command postsuper..

    Anyone with any idea about how to do to use the postsuper command?


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    as root, /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postsuper

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    I think the questions to ask are: why do you have so many messages in the queues; why can't you manage the queues from the admin ui (doesn't that do what you need)?

    However, as the zimbra user have you tried 'sudo postuser -d xxxx'? Or try what dijichi2 said - both work.


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