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Thread: impact of lookout (the outlook add-on indexer) on zimbra?

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    Default impact of lookout (the outlook add-on indexer) on zimbra?

    I'd like to have lookout as part of my standard install for desktops -- but, from looking at it, the default setting of "reindex from scratch every 7 days" sounds like something I don't want running against my server.

    I probably don't want to have all my machines hammering the server at the same time -- I'm guessing a full index has to download a copy of every mail each time. I guess I could stagger the scheduled times of when they index, but in the end, maybe it's just not something I should want as part of the standard desktop install.

    This really isn't a problem I have currently - just wondering what would happen...

    Any thoughts on this?

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    if you are using zco, this will have no impact on the zimbra server as the data is replicated to the local machine and the indexer is indexing the local store.
    Sam Khavari

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