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Thread: Print/Export Distribution List Membership

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    Default Print/Export Distribution List Membership

    Is there an easy way to print or export a text list of all the distribution lists and members on a Zimbra server?

    We migrated from a legacy system of hundreds of distribution lists, many nested quite deeply, and in the process of setting up all the new lists on Zimbra, it is likely that some errors were made.

    We'd like to be able to display all the list memberships as they currently exist, so that users can check the lists. How could such a thing be done?

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    The 'zmprov gadl' CLI command will give you a list of all your distribution lists.

    The 'zmprov gdl' command will list the members for a given list.

    The 'zmprov gdlm' command will tell you what list(s) that particular list is a member of.

    Hope this helps.

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    It's been a while, but has anyone managed to do this for every distribution group? We have quite a few that we want to map out.

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    for list in `zmprov gadl`; do zmprov gdl $list >> /var/tmp/ZimbraGroupListMembers.txt; done

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