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Thread: sieve scripts

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    Question sieve scripts

    Guys, I have looking and looking in the zimbra directory and on this forum. Question: Where are the sieve scripts located? I found some examples of those scripts on this forum:
    zimbraMailSieveScript: require ["fileinto", "reject", "tag", "flag"];
    # jobs
    if anyof (header :matches "to" "job*@*.com" ,
     header :matches "to" "job*@*.uk" )
        fileinto "/jobs";
    But where do they go? Say, when I create a filter for any user account what gets created and where? I got references that a parameter is created in LDAP zimbraMailSieveScript. But how do I get it out of LDAP?

    Thanks for any help

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    Search the forums for 'zimbraMailSieveScript' or 'sieve' you'll find plenty of information about where/how to find them.


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    Check this:
    zmmailbox help filter

    to get all the filters for an account:
    as zimbra, run this command:
    zmmailbox -z -m account@domain gfrl

    will return all the filter rules for that account.
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