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Thread: Is there a calendar notification like toaster available

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    Default Is there a calendar notification like toaster available

    I searched through the forum on calendar notification and I havenn't found anything to help me out. I'm looking for something similar to the Zimbra toaster for new emails. The way that the calendar notification works now isn't all that great unless I'm staring at the current window that zimbra is opened in. Any help would be greatly appreciated and this is a great email soultion.


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    I too would like something like this, or even possibly a pop-up for notifications.

    RFE for popups:

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    Default zimbra notifier

    There is a nice software called Zimbra Notifier.
    You can get it from Habitech.
    Unfortunately it costs US$15 per user or US$100 for entire domain.
    I think we can vote to make Zimbra Toaster work- like Zimbra Notifier, for free!

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