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Thread: "Auto" LDAP Authentication

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    Default "Auto" LDAP Authentication

    I've set up the open source client for a group, which already has Active Directory domain authentication. I've set up zimbra to use external ldap authentication to AD and that's working fine.

    Is there a way I can go to the next level, and get the id for the user logged in, and 'auto-authenticate' them? What I mean is, they wouldn't have to re-enter their password, but someone else couldn't access their account unless they were logged into Windows as that user.

    So, I don't want the 'no-password' scenario, where anyone could access anyone's email, but if a user's logged in, there'd be a url they could use that would handle authentication step auto-magically.

    Has anyone tried or done this, and can point me as to how I implement? I couldn't successfully search forum for this, so a pointer would be greatly appreciated if answer's already out there.


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    Just to further clarify, as I realized I hadn't before, I wish to perform this 'auto' authentication when launching the zimbra ajax client through firefox. That's how the group will connect.

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