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Thread: Redirect to https!

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    Default Redirect to https!

    Hi all,
    Zimbra have three mode for Zimbra Webmail Client la: http, https, mixed (both). Now, i want to use the mode which I enter http://, it will redirect to https:// permanently. Any solution for thing?

    I have tried "mixed" mode. However, when i login to mail account, it redirect to http:// again (not https).

    Please help me!


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    There's no such mode available in Zimbra.

    What you might want to do is to use apache with mod_proxy (check the wiki) to handle all connections to http and redirect them to https.

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    This is a bug, and we know about it.
    There is a workaround here in the forums. I'm pretty sure if you search on it, you'll find it.


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