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Thread: Attachment size issues + send mail failed

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    Default Attachment size issues + send mail failed

    So, this is the second server we have had issues with attachment sizes. When changing from the default size of 2mb, I followed this information: Zimbra 8 ? Adjust max attachment size for email | Blog
    so it now allows me to upload a file as an attachment, but when i click send, it says mail.SEND FAILURE with the following error info:

    Could not send message: mail.SEND_FAILURE
    method: [unknown]
    msg: SMTP server reported: MESSAGE_NOT_DELIVERED
    code: mail.SEND_FAILURE
    detail: soap:Sender

    is there anything missing in the above guide? if so, what, if not, any recommended troubleshooting steps? PS: im trying to make the limit 20mb for attachments

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    Well, those commands seem to be the ones that you have to excecute but for bigger sizes.

    Could you please copy/paste the commands you used? You could try to use those very same commands but for 1024MB attachments and THEN try to send a 20MB attachment.

    This way you'll make sure that:
    1) The commands are all right
    2) What you need is to adjust the "overhead" for transporting the message (at least a 10% more).


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