I have Zimbra community 8.0 edition and trying to configure it for SSO so that the users on my site can take login seamlessly with it. For it I have referred instructions given at below location:
Configure the Cookie Authentication Single Sign-on Client plugin - Zimbra Community 8 Documentation - Zimbra Community 8.0+ Documentation - Communities at Zimbra

1. I had taken login with my admin's credentials to the community site and configured the client plugin for SSO and gave my site's login URL.
2. Then I wrote code in aspx login page to create cookie with username and email address as parameters (without encryption). Cookie got created successfully but it is not automatically logging in the user into Zimbra community site.
3. I tried to go back to the admin panel on zimbra site to revert my settings done but could not do so. Every time I try to login to Zimbra it is redirecting me to my site's login page.

Hence my question is that how can I go back to admin panel of Zimbra site. I hope I have given adequate details but let me know should further details are required.
Any help over this is deeply appreciated.