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Thread: Documents malfunction after upgrade

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    Exclamation Documents malfunction after upgrade

    I recently upgraded from 4.03 to 4.51 on FC4 (Only one upgrade performed-- not incrementals). Most data was intact post-upgrade, with a few problems that were fixable.

    However, before the upgrade, I utilized shared documents without a problem. These documents included tiered notebooks with "pages" created below the notebooks. After the upgrade, the documents all look fine when logged-in as the owner of the notebooks. But when they are internally shared, the recipients receive the tiered notebooks, however the pages of data below them are missing. Re-creating the notebooks and pages doesn't solve the problem.... Even new notebooks that are shared arrive with all pages missing. Rebuilding the wiki file, even with a new name, didn't fix things either.

    Any help available for this problem? Please advise me what further detailed info I should post to help troubleshoot this problem. Thanks.

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    Do you see anything in the logs?

    Also, can you look to see if it's reported?
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    I didn't see a bugzilla report that specifically addressed this problem.

    Which log files should I view to check on this?


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