Hello Zimlets,

I'm trying to configure Zimbra and Mailman with DKIM signing.
I have a small production server that I recently installed and everything works peachy.
Now I installed Mailman list manager and configured the base postfix installation on CentOS to listen on a different port to avoid conflict with Zimbra.
So Zimbra receives mail, then forwards it to :5025, to the "other" postfix.
Also the other postfix sends mail via Zimbra server.
All works well so far.

Now I'm trying to get Zimbra to DKIM sign outgoing mail for this domain.
Of course I had to create the Domain in Zimbra to create the dkim keys which broke my mail relay setup as expected.
So now I'm wondering if I should just install another instance of DKIM and configure the other postfix to use it. Seems like a lot of redundancy.
Or do I want to hack Zimbra some more to try and get it to work?
The question is can Zimbra sign outgoing mail for a non-local domain?
Anyone got this working?