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Thread: Does Upgrading always require deploying zimlets again

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    Question Does Upgrading always require deploying zimlets again

    Just curious but every time you upgrade is it required you have to go in and redeploy all the zimlets each time. Every time I upgrade I always have to go and redeploy the zimlets. They show up as deployed in the administration panel but aren't.


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    Zimlets can change from version to version. There is a bug open for another issue related to zimlets and upgrades, that kinda covers this issue:
    But in all honesty, it's a different bug

    See comment #1, then #2, then #5


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    I'm curious, was this ever implemented? I have the same question and was wondering if I'd have to re-install custom Zimlets after an upgrade. The bug report didn't indicate it was completed so I would assume it hasn't been added yet.

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