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Thread: DNS question

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    Default DNS question

    Running Ubuntu 12.04 in virtualbox and am not sure about the dns requirements for Zimbra

    Do I need to install bind and setup zones or can i do this in the Domain Control Panel ( from where I purchased my domain ( -- it allows DNS setup of A and MX records, etc??
    I am not very familiar with DNS setup and have never setup a dns server.

    I have DNS A records for *,@,www already setup for and pointing to my IP address of 184.71.71.x

    If I can use dns setup, then I need to setup an MX record for (i think).

    Not sure where to start


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    Always ready to help.

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    Okay, I was able to use my domain name providers DNS setup instead of having my own DNS server. Just added a MX record for
    I just needed to setup /etc/hosts and the interface eth0 to static

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