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Thread: AFter migration inbox is empty

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    Default AFter migration inbox is empty

    Hello Friends.
    I did a migration from exchange 2003 to a Zimbra 8.0.5 NE.
    The problem I have is that after migration the Inbox appears empty. And renamed folders as Bandeja entrada_XXXX tray
    It had a bug with version 8.0.3 but happens to me with version 8.0.5 mails also are in the user's mailbox, but do not see, because the mailbox appear empty. However, in a search if they appear.
    Know someone like these emails makes them look?
    Greetings and thanks
    ZNE 7.1.3 +Ubuntu 6.14 TLS 32b+ZOC 7.1 + Outlook2010/outlook 2007/Outlook 2003
    ZNE 6.8.13 + Centos 5.5 ZOC 7.1 + Outlook2010/outlook 2007/Outlook 2003
    ZCS 7.1.3+ Debian 64bitsZOC 7.1 + Outlook2010/outlook 2007/Outlook 2003
    ZD 7.1+ win7 ZOC 7.1 + Outlook2010/outlook 2007/Outlook 2003

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    Are you passing the appropriate locale ID to the migration tool?

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