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Thread: Everything gets tagged as ALL_TRUSTED

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    Well we know in my environment, its not in zimbraMtaMyNetworks by the following logging:

    > SA dbg: netset: trusted_networks lookup on, 13 networks, result: 0, 0.359 ms

    So I think the only thing left is if $originating is set in one environment and not the other?

    My environment must be !$originating perhaps yours is $originating at the time of testing.

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    Yeah, I'm running 8.5.0 though, not 8.0.6.

    8.0.7 ships with 3.4.0 RELEASE (which is what I'm using in 8.5.0). I'd be curious to know if the problem is resolved once you can upgrade to 8.0.7.
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    Yes happy to try once 8.0.7 is available.

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