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Thread: How to make domino read zimbra 's ldap

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    Default How to make domino read zimbra 's ldap

    Hi :

    I set zimbra and ldap query external domino ldap successfully . But on lotus side how to make to read the zimbra also ??

    as they are same domain if they cannot query then will reply no usernmae found in domino directory.

    I tried it may be use alias redirect ...but it need input one by one that a waste.

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    Let's start with the usual questions. Zimbra version & Release (you should always supply this information):

    zmcontrol -v
    There are several threads and (IIRC) wiki articles on how to authenticate against a ZCS LDAP, have you looked at any of those?
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    Could you please provide asked details and what you are trying to achieve by doing this kinda configurations.

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