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Thread: Zimbra 8 own Theme

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    Default Zimbra 8 own Theme

    Hi @all!

    We have Zimbra 8 and would like to change a theme to better fit our CI. However, I only found 2 sources with some explanations:

    This very extensive manual and this short one from the wiki

    Both of them are only for zimbra 7, I couldnt find something more up to date.

    My Problems beginn with contradictory infos. The "big" manual states the logo dimensons are 120x35 pixels while the wiki describes dimensions as 200x28 pixels. Furthermore has the whole skin ... or setup of the Interface changed. I.e. there is no "web search" or "quota" field anymore.

    Can anybody tell me
    * where to find more up to date infos
    * is there something like this for zimbra 8?

    Sorry if I missed some infos here or chose the wrong sub-forum.


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    The product documentation was very recently updated with the proper sizes. See:

    Including here for your reference [this info is for ZCS 8]:
    - Company logo that displays on the login and splash screens for ZWC and the ZCS administration console. The dimension of the graphic must be exactly 300 x 30.
    - Small company logo in the upper-left of the ZWC application and the administration console. The dimension of the graphic must be exactly 170 x 35.

    Indeed, the ZCS 8 skin changed a bit from earlier versions so there are parts of ZWC 5.0 Themes that are a bit outdated, but for the most part the document still stands for ZCS 8. I've not seen an updated graphic similar to what you referenced. As you noted web search is gone, but the user/quota info has moved to the top right section of the UI.

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