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Thread: Problem send single zimbra mail server

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    Default Problem send single zimbra mail server

    Please Help Me Friend,

    I have a problem can not send email to yahoo, gmail, etc. Zimbra is single server, and DNS is single server.but when I disable DNS lookups, Zimbra can receive emails from yahoo, gmail, etc. as well as send and receive email zimbra local. Zimbra problem now I can not send email to yahoo, gmail, etc. please solution Problem Zibra Server me. thank a lot..

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    There's a lack of information in your post, do you have a Split DNS (you need one if you're behind a NAT router), are you actually behind a NAT router, which version and release of Zimbra? Did you search the forums for an answer to this question and have you tried some of the forum solutions - this question has been asked and answered many times.


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    I've tried a few forums, but have not been successful.
    I've created Split DNS on a separate server, and has been created ​​NAT ip public to ip local zimbra in mikrotik router
    I use zimbra 8.0.4_GA_5737.FOSS and linux centos version 6.4 64 BIT
    The following setting my zimbra:
    / etc / hosts: localhost mail / / ip local zimbra
    / etc / resolv.conf:
    nameserver / / DNS1
    nameserver / / DNS2

    The following setting my dns server on ISPConfig:
    A mail 0 3600 / / ippublic
    MX 10 3600

    is there any settings that need to be added? thank you

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    Is Zimbra Primary or Secondary.

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