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Thread: Zimbra Open Source: Resources - Locations not showing in calendar

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    Quote Originally Posted by liverpoolfcfan View Post
    One last thing comes to mind. The resources/locations have to be in the same email domain as the users. There is no chance you set them up with a different domain, is there ?

    Other than that, it looks like you have done everything as you should. I am out of ideas. Sorry I can't help any further.
    Hi liverpoolfcfan,

    Yes the resources is in the same domain.

    my email:
    my resource:

    Thanks for your help so far, much apreciated!

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    Is it just a Web Client issue - or a server issue ?

    If you have enabled external users to invite the room (I believe you said you have this configured) and you login to a gmail account for example, open the Calendar app, create a new event, and invite and to the meeting - then you should get a response back from the server to say whether the boardroom has accepted/declined the invite.

    If that part works - then perhaps it is just a client issue.

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