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Thread: zmdisklog and XFS

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    Default zmdisklog and XFS

    I was looking thru the perl code in the zmdisklog program and i noticed that it's only looking for ext3 mounts. My /opt/zimbra ended up being on an XFS mount.

    so i have 2 questions for the zimbra-loving masses:

    1. is it bad to store /opt/zimbra on XFS instead of EXT3? and why/why not?

    2. is it ok to modify the zmdisklog script to look for XFS mounts?

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    There's no reason why you can't store it on XFS or ResiserFS, there just isn't a check for it yet. There's a bugzilla entry for the modification of the script, you can vote on it if you like. Yes, it's OK to modify the script.


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