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Thread: Proper way to implement postfix changes?

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    Default Proper way to implement postfix changes?

    Being new to zimbra and postfix in general I've found myself having
    to make changes to postfix settings for various and sundry items.
    Adding in support for mailman, ensuring masquerading when using the
    postfix submission channel are a couple of examples.
    In order to make the first change I had to edit -
    file to add in the "hash" entries for mailman's aliases files.
    In the second change, I had to edit not only the localconfig.xml
    file but also add an entry for the masquerade entry in
    Are these the proper places to make such changes? Should I be
    doing them differently? Will they survive an upgrade?
    Just checking myself,

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    Hi Doug,

    Try modify all the settings using "postconf -e" command.

    After execute :

    zmmtactl stop


    zmmtactl start

    this will make that the settings are write in the ""

    PS : Sorry for my VERY BAD english. :-)

    Rômulo Giordani Boschetti

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    Default postconf edit

    Your English is great! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
    Ted Dargis

    Milwaukee Microbusiness, LLC
    We invented the Internet.

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    So, just to get this straight: if I make changes to postfix using postconf -e, the changes will survive an upgrade?? This is contrary to what I thought I had read on the forums.

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